15 most effective methods for Finding Pharma Franchise Distributors

If you are running franchise company, you may know more than us. But that’s our work to write and create information for new comers and start-up pharma franchise companies. These tools are also applicable for Ayurvedic and Food Dietary Supplement Companies. At present all franchise companies are following ways to attract and get more customers. Following discussed ways can be useful for getting pharma franchise/pcd parties as well as third party manufacturing parties:

These are presently as effective as these were in past. Click at particular link to read in detail about above methods. If we talk about new methods to attract customers are as follow:

  • Medical Representative Support 
  • Social Media 
  • Blogging 

Lets talk about above three. There may be many more but I have these new idea’s. I think very rare companies are using these medium to attract customers. I am not confirmed whether first two will be successful or not but I am sure about third one. It will definitely work as it does for me.

Medical representative support:
Here I don’t mean to your representative to search customer for you. Here I am saying about medical representative support. You need to appoint your medical representative for distributors area. You provide medical representative, take control of their activities. You have to do work as ethical companies do. Only difference will be that salary and expenses will be paid by your distributor. You can somewhat increase in net rates because you are doing more work.

You can get many advantage with it.

  • One and main – Big distributors will attract easily. They won’t have to train and recruit medical representative. They can cover more area without thinking of man power. They will have to invest money only that they have. Work will be totally ethical, so there will be negligible chances of defame of company name. They will have complete team to promote company. 
  • Second one: Medical Representative will be in your control regardless of you are paying them or not. You won’t have to pressurized the distributor only. You can pressurized medical representatives and distributors both for sale and target.
  • Third One: Unlike simple franchise marketing, you will have full control at your sale and target. You won’t be depend at single distributor, you can change your distributor also because medical representatives at your control.
  • One main disadvantage of this will be – you have to invest at staff. You will be requirement of Area manager, HR department, trainer etc. 

Social Media: In today time social media is powerful tool for branding. Everyone use social media and its easy to reach to your targeted customer through these sites. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, slideshare, linkedin, Instagram etc may helpful in attracting customers. Others social media sites may fail but I surely say, every pharma franchise distributor or marketer will have a facebook account. Facebook provide facility of sponsored post. You have to pay for your advertisement. You can easily adjust it according to locality, profession, age etc. You can run your ad to pharma marketing persons, doctors, distributors etc only. It runs control ad. This will be helpful for you to attract attention of distributors and doctors. Now doctors are also interested in taking franchise of companies and most of companies are focusing at doctors directly. Facebook and twitter is best and economical tool to reach out doctors and distributors whether paid or organic. No one can ignore power of social media in present time and in 2016, it is becoming more powerful tool for attracting customers and generating sales.

Blogging: First one may be I didn’t apply till ( because of finance problem or any other ) but social media power and blogging power, I have experienced. I started my blog in nearly September, 2014 and now is starting of January, 2016. In these few months, I have experienced the rise in branding of Pharma Franchise Help word. Now many persons call me before taking franchise of any company. They address me – “Are you calling from Pharma franchise Help”. Pharma Franchise Help was nothing but only a blog name. It was my dream only. Now readers trust me. They ask me for franchise company suggestion. They join me only because I advice them without any return. This is called branding. My blog is not big name but who read, they revert back to me if they require any suggestion and query’s answer. Blog is very powerful tool for branding. Branding is nothing but a trust. When people starts to trust you, they will automatically join with you. They will want to work with you. Only condition, don’t try to sell them. Wait for their purchase requirement. Once they will need any thing, you will be first person whom they will contact for fulfillment. Write blog and use social media to promote it. One another benefit of blogging is that person start to consider you as expert and expert never cheats. This faith generate leads. People start to believe at you and your company.

Blogging and social media is very slow process techniques. Require time and patience. it takes to build trust and faith. But with time they pay. If you don’t believe power of trust and faith in marketing and sale, then just study the marketing strategy of Baba Ram Dev. He creates his above 2000 crore company only after building trust and faith in mind of people that he can’t sell any thing wrong. He cares of human being.

Now time has been changed. You have to make yourself a brand to attract customers. Just provide profit and knowledge to people, they will start to trust in you and your company.

That was our point of view to attract customer in today’s time.

Hope you have found this article helpful to you. For any query and suggestion, you can mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp@gmail.com

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