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Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit

How to Start A Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit?

Cosmetic and Beauty industry is one of the biggest industry in respect to sale and turnover. As purchasing power of people is increasing, awareness about personnel hygiene and beauty is also increasing. We received lot of queries related to starting cosmetic product company at home. Number of persons wants to start homemade cosmetic products. Here …

Food Supplements

How to Start Food and Dietary Supplement Company? FSSAI Registration and Licensing for Food business Operators.

FSSAI has made mandatory for all food business operators whether they are manufacturer or marketer or distributor/supplier/retailer to take license or register them online under FSSAI portal. Manufacturing companies have to take license of manufacturing under state licensing or central licensing system. Marketing companies need to register only under their portal. If pharma companies or …

How can a BAMS Doctor Start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company?;

How can a BAMS Doctor Start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company?

One of our youtube viewer asked us about How a BAMS doctor can start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company. Requirement for starting a ayurvedic manufacturing company is same as we have discussed in our article: How to start Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company? but this article is specific for Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) doctors. An Ayurvedic Manufacturing …

Requirements for Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani Quality Control Section: Equipment, Area etc.;

Requirements for Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani Quality Control Section: Equipment, Area etc.

Every Ayurvedic, Sidha and Unani manufacturing unit is required to set-up own quality control section or testing should be done through government approved testing laboratory. Tests should be conducted at per Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani pharmacopoeial standard. If tests are not available, tests should be performed under in-house specification or other information available. Work of …

Medicine Manufacturing Company

How to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in South Africa?

In this post, we will discuss about how to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in South Africa. Topics Cover in this post are Steps before Starting Requirements Sections Procedure Documents Required Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit/Company Licensing and Registration is covered under MEDICINES AND RELATED SUBSTANCES ACT, 1965. Medicines Control Council Handles all process related to registration and licensing …

How to Start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in Pakistan?;

How to Start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in Pakistan?

Procedure for Grant of Drugs Manufacturing License in Pakistan In this article, we will discuss about how to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit in Pakistan. The Drugs Act, 1976 of Pakistan regulates the import, export, manufacture, storage, distribution and sale drugs in Pakistan. The grant of licenses to manufacture drugs is regulated by Central Licensing Board …

Site Mater File
Start Manufacturing Company

Site Master File for Manufacturing Units for Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturer Licensee has to submit site plan of manufacturing premises to drug authority along with application form for granting of medicine, medical devices and related products manufacturing license. Site plan has to be submitted in a form “Site Master File”. this may be applicable for Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit, Homeopathic manufacturing unit, cosmetic manufacturing and Nutraceutical …

Factory Act, 1948
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How to start Factory in India?

If you are going to start any Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Cosmetic and Food & dietary supplements manufacturing unit and that requires more than ten workers then you have to register your manufacturing unit under Factory Act, 1948 also along with required licenses and documents required for starting pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit, Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit …

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WHO Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products

GMP is that part of quality management which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the marketing authorization, clinical trial authorization or product specification. GMP is concerned with both production and QC. GMP is aimed primarily at managing and minimizing …