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Difference between pcd work and prescription work. (What app Chat-4)


Difference between pcd work and prescription work. Two type basically wholesaler work. I just give wholesaler in net rates. He handles all the marketing stuff by himself


In pcd work you have to sell your goods at net rates after fixing your margin.
While in prescription work you sell your products at ptr/pts basis as per prescription generated from doctor. In PCD your costumer is distributor or franchisee where as in prescription, doctor is your customer. In PCD work, distribution or franchisee will generate prescription while in prescription or ethical work companies MR will generate prescription. In both cases business will come from prescription but person or way of marketing will vary. That is PCD marketing.


So till now I did business like pcd base. I sold him in net rates with my margin. If I go for prescription base. Then I have to appoint my company MR for that distributor or wholesaler


Right! For doing prescription you to handle at your own or have to appoint MR.
You can search distributors, MR, area manager whole over India, who can handle your products marketing for spreading your business


From where to get pcd queries. I can’t found any proper way.


By advertising at Pharma portals, drug books, india mart, pharma news paper etc


Ok sir
Please send me some links for pcd
So I communicate and try to do business like small wholesaler



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  1. Khalid Karim says:

    i planning to start a small wholesale business in medicine, initially investment would be RS-1,500,000 then either need to go for pcd, what are the process to get the pcd franchise or distributionship of reputed drugs like cipla ranbaxy etc
    please guild me

    i will be thanksfull of yours

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