Hospital Pharmacist and his key Responsibilities

‘Hospital Pharmacist’ mean a person who is a registered pharmacist as defined in Pharmacy Act, 1948 and who are working in a hospital pharmacy service (Public/Private sector) as a pharmacist.


  • Hospital Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring the safe, appropriate and cost-effective use of medicines.
  • Hospital pharmacists use their specialist knowledge to dispense drugs and advise patients about the medicines which have been prescribed in Registered Medical Practitioner’ prescription.
  • They work collaboratively with other health care professionals to devise the most appropriate drug treatment for patients.
  • Some pharmacists are also involved in manufacturing required drug treatments.

Minimum Qualification (Either of):

Scope of Hospital Pharmacist:

  • Senior Pharmacist
  • Chief Pharmacist

Salary Structure:

Salary Based upon experience.

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How can a B. Pharm Student Start Small Scale Manufacturing Unit?


I am a final year B. Pharmacy student. I am willing to start a small scale manufacturing unit related to food or cosmetics but I don’t have a clear idea regarding it. Please help and suggest me in what areas I can startup my business in food or cosmetics and also how much time and money will all this process need.Waiting for your reply. Thank you.


Starting own business without any prior experience is not a good idea. You should first take some experience in food or cosmetic industry before starting own manufacturing unit.There are lot of challenges, works and experiences that can’t be learnt during education, that could only be acquired by industry exposer.

Money and time needed depend at your experience and knowledge. Few person start own business with negligible amount and few start with huge amount. So we will recommend to get some exposer of industry after your education and then go into business.

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Can Registered Pharmacist of ‘X’ state, apply for drug license in ‘Y’ State?

Query:I have few queries, would appreciate your help
1) One of proposed Director of the company is working with a Pharma Company. He is a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science – My question is which state can he register himself as a Pharmacist? Is there any guideline on this
2) And if Say he registers himself in his home state “X”, can he apply for wholesale drug licence in different state “Y”
3) Also, Since he is working. Is he entitled register himself as pharmacist and be a director in newly formed company without quitting the job?



He can register himself in any state under pharmacy council of concerning state. He can be registered in only one state. In state he is registered , he will consider Registered Pharmacist there. If he want to do business in other state, he has to quit pharmacist registration of that state and has to apply for registration of pharmacist of state in which he want to do work as a pharmacist.

Also he can’t continue his job while working as a pharmacist. One person can do permanent job at one place only


But for obtaining drug licence you don’t necessarily need to be pharmacist. You can be a B. pharmacy with relevant experience to apply for it.


You necessarily need to be pharmacist or competent person to apply for wholesale drug license.

I mean to say qualification is b.pharma but not registered as pharmacist but have 3 yrs experience in pharma company

He has to be registered pharmacist.
Without registration, qualification has no meaning for licensing procedure.

Is it so? Was not aware of this that registration with pharmacy council is mandatory for obtaining drug licence.

If he is b. Pharma
Why he didn’t register himself under pharmacy council. That should have his first work after completing his graduation. He still can apply

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Who is a Pharmacy Practitioner? Difference between Community, Hospital, Drug Information and Clinical Pharmacist

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Pharmacy Practitioner is an individual (Community Pharmacist/ Hospital Pharmacist/ Clinical Pharmacist/ Drug information Pharmacist) currently licensed, registered or otherwise authorized under the Act to counsel or otherwise and administer drugs in the course of professional practice.

Query Related to Pharmacist:

Query 1:

I am Rohit, a Registered Pharmacist. I want to do business please guide me


But you will have to take license for every business, you will do.We always recommend business on the basis of person’s experience and market exposer. You can choose any type of business on the basis of your experience and knowledge. Y
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What is the difference between Pharmacy, Pharmacist and Chemist/Druggist?

Chemist, druggist, Drug Store, Pharmacy and pharmacist are common words in Indian Pharmaceutical sector. Most of persons who are not used to these word, feel confused.
Here we are going to describe the main difference between these terminology. Which retail shop could mention or use which word from above mentioned words.

According to Drug and Cosmetic Act following words can be displayed by completing following conditions:

  • The description “Drugstore” shall be displayed by such licensees who do not require the services of a qualified person.
  • The description “Chemists and Druggists” shall be displayed by such licensees who employ the services of a Registered Pharmacist but who do not maintain a “Pharmacy” for compounding against prescriptions.
  • The description “Pharmacy”, “Pharmacist”, “Dispensing Chemist” or “Pharmaceutical Chemist” shall be displayed by such licensees who employ the services of a Registered Pharmacist and maintain a “Pharmacy” for compounding against prescriptions.
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For the purpose of the rule under drug and cosmetic act the term ‘Pharmacy’ shall be held to mean to include every store or shop or other place :
  1. Where drugs are dispensed, that is, measured or weighed or made up and supplied ; or
  2. Where prescriptions are compounded; or
  3. Where drugs are prepared; or
  4. Which has upon it or displayed within it, or affixed to or used in connection with it, a sign bearing the word or words “Pharmacy”, “Pharmacist”, “Dispensing Chemist” or “Pharmaceutical Chemist”; or
  5. Which, by sign, symbol or indication within or upon it gives the impression that the operations mentioned at (1), (2) and (3) are carried out in the premises; or
  6. which is advertised in terms referred to in (4) above.

According to Pharmacy Practice Regulation Act, 2015, A Registered Pharmacist is:

“Registered Pharmacist” means a person whose name is for the time being entered in the register of the State in which he is for the time being residing or carrying on his profession or business of pharmacy under the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

Now Come to the Difference

What is the difference between Pharmacy, Pharmacist and Chemist/Druggist?

As per above definitions of using a particular word, we can differentiate between Pharmacy, Pharmacist and Chemist/Druggist.

1. Pharmacy is a medicine retail shop which is carrying out activities like compounding and preparation of dosage form and/or medicines along with Dispensing against Medical prescription of Registered Medical Practitioner

where as Chemist/Druggist is a retail medical shop which is involved only in dispensing medicines (Not compounding) against prescription of Registered Medical Practitioner only.

2. Both Pharmacy and Druggist/Chemist are medical retail shops who deals in medicine’s retail business whereas a Pharmacist is a person under whose supervision and direction all activities of a Pharmacy or Druggist/Chemist can be carried out.

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Is Indian Pharmacist is valid to open Pharmacy in western Countries?

Hello, i have B. Pharma Degree. Have medical stores in Mumbai,. I wish to expand my business. Can I start my same medical store in foreign country like London ? Will this degree help to open shop in country like London ? And if not what are requirements. what degree, documents etc. are require for shop ? And what can be the future in foreign countries ?
You can’t open pharmacy in other countries with this degree alone. Before starting pharmacy there, you need to register yourself in concern company. In some country, you can registration only based at your current education. Some can conduct any test or put a condition of any further diploma or vocational course for registration as pharmacist. That depend at country policy which type of formalities you require to get yourself register in concern company.
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Can I change my college after my 1st year in B. Pharmacy?

I was a bright very bright student from beginning. I got –% in 10th SSC and –% in 11th. But this time my luck wasn’t with me. And unfortunately i scored only –% in 12th HSC and 91 in CET. Because if this low marks I wont get admission in good collages like Mumbai university.
So for now I am taking admission in ——— pharmacy college. Sir, i wanted to ask that, can I change my college after my 1st year in pharmacy if I score 90%+ in my first year ? Or i have to continue in same college for 4 year and complete my full course in same collage ??
Thank you. Waiting for your wise advise.
P.S. I loved your blog.


You can’t change college after first year based upon your percentage marks or any other reason. In one condition, you can change college if your current college is ready to give migration certificate and joining college has vacant sheets in 2nd year. You should confirm to your college whether you can get migration after 1st year or not. Possibility is there you couldn’t get migration. But you shouldn’t care about which college you get admission. You need to concentrate at your your study and career.

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How many Chemist Shops could be opened with a Pharmacist License?


I am a B pharma student after my graduation can I start multiple medical store on basis of my licence


One Pharmacist can open only one Chemist Shop. You can’t open multiple medical store on the basis of your license. At one license, one shop could be opened….

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How can One state Pharmacist apply for License in Another State?


I am B. Pharma graduate from Andhra pradesh. Can I start wholesale distribution of medicine in Maharastra state. Please let me know regarding license registration



License is not depend at from where your B Pharma graduation is completed. License depend at in which state you have registered as pharmacist. If you have been registered yourself as a Registered Pharmacist in Andhra Pradesh then you have to migrate your registration in Maharashtra state before applying for wholesale license in Maharastra State.

After becoming registered pharmacist in Maharastra, you can start pharmacy related business in Maharastra.

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22 most commonly written code at Doctor’s Prescription

Common codes to be used at medical prescription
Rx = Prescription
q = Every
qD = Every Day
qOD = Take every second day
qH = Every Hour
S = Without
C = With
SOS = Only when needed
AC = Before Meal
PC = After Meal
BID = Two times in a Day
TID = Three times in a Day
QID = Four times in a Day
OD = Once in a Day
BT = Before Going to Bed
BBF = before break Fast
BD = Before Dinner
Tw = Two times in a Week
QAM = Every Morning
QPM = Every Night
Q4H = Every Four Hours
HS = before going to Bed
PRN = When needed

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