How to Attract Pcd/Franchise Parties to join Company?

I am working in a pharmaceutical company as s sale executive.. I am new in marketing.. Please help me how can I attract parties to join pcd in my company.. Some parties says that Rate is high so how can I attract?



If you are facing price problem, you need to re-check rates of price list. Possibility is there, you rates are higher than that are provided by other companies. You should consult your higher staff members regarding this problem. Check rates at which other companies are providing goods to parties. One more thing you can do. Tell to the party that rates are negotiable, ask them to send there order along with required rates. This will help you to understand the requirement of party and rates also.

Higher rates are most common excuses for parties if they don’t want to take any company franchise. You should not discourage by this. Out of 100, average conversion rate is 4 to 5. You should continue your effort to join new pcd companies for your company.

Now discuss what a party look in company when party select a company.

A pcd party attract toward company due to following reasons:

  1. Product Range
  2. Party’s Need (Product party need present in your list or not)
  3. Packaging (Atleast average)
  4. Company Reputation
  5. Price/Rate ( If Reasonable)

Above five factors play important rule in attracting Parties. Price or rates are not primary thing that most of parties are look for. There are chances to attract parties through discussions and conversations but that is possible through personnel meet in most of cases. Through telephonic discussion, there are less chances if don’t fulfill first two requirements. Last three could be ignorable but first two is compulsory. We can’t attract pcd parties, we have to fulfill there requirements.

We have written two article related to finding pcd distributors. These two articles will help you to attracting pcd distributors:

Best ways to attract pcd/franchise distributorsHow to Find Pcd/Franchise Distributors?

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Secrets behind selling by Appointing Franchise Distributors


I am a regular reader of blog and I am highly thankful for the valuable information you put over there. We have started a small franchise/PCD company. Now we are having 15 products. We are already working in 5 districts. We now plan to expand in other areas also. We will be adding more products accordingly as per demand. Can your team help us in getting more customers/franchise?
We will be happy to work with you and will also pay for your services on share/fees basis as per your comfort level.
Looking for a positive response.


We can help you to provide you best possible ways to get more franchise customers for your company. We are explaining in brief in this mail. Complete details you can read at our article: How to get Franchise/Pcd Distributors for your Pharma Company?

Read also similar article to your query: How to find Pharma Franchise Distributors?

Above linked articles will provide you basis things to search for Franchise queries.

For adding more franchise customers in your company, you need to generate franchise queries. For generating franchise queries either you can take promotional package of any online promotion agency or promote your company through building your own website…
Other than website promotion, you can use common marketing tools like as below:

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How Pharma Companies generate Franchise queries and Boast Business?

We are having a range of more than 130 products in dermatology . We are looking for franchisee offer all over India.
We are already giving advert. in ———- newspaper. Suggest other newspaper which are having ample of distribution . South is good for marketing. Can you suggest any paper there?
What is best in Digital marketing ? Agencies experience is not good.


Advertisement is essential tool for getting franchise query but accurate & useful advertisement tool is essential for getting maximum benefits. Instead of giving ads in others news papers and online portals, you should think about promoting own company through your website, blog, facebook, youtube videos, twitter and other means. These promotional activities is not only applicable to derma franchise but for all franchise companies. At present online query generation is useful tool for business development. Online promotion will be better medium for query generation as compare to medical news papers. Medical news papers covers mostly retailers, distributors and c&f only. In some cases, doctors or hospitals. But they are not targeted audience for us. Our targeted audience is marketing & sales professionals like medical representative, asm, rsm, zsm etc. They are potential customer types who build company reputation along with providing sales. They don’t prefer much about medical news paper advertisements. Even if anyone show interest in paper advertisement, he will check company’s online reputation.
All sales professionals are used to with internet. They send their reporting and other activities details online to company. There is much more chances he will search online for franchise company. For creating online presence, you have to make a plan.
You need to make two plans:One Short Term Plan and second one is Long Term Plan.


What we are going to explain come under Digital Marketing? These plans will cover all over India includes South India.

Short term plan is executed to get paid queries by means of advertisement online through Google Ads and other online portals. These will provide quick queries for follow-up by your staff and maturing ratio is also good if you or your staff take regular follow-up to queries. One of the best way to implement short term plan is to promote through Google Ads. Google Ads is Google’s Advertising business. It is easy to use and you don’t need to hire any agency or person for it. You or your staff can do it by yourself. Read in detail about Doing promotional through Google Ads and Knowing more about Google Ads by clicking here .

Through Google Ads, you can get good number of queries based upon your budget. You can also use promotion through other online portals by giving advertisement to them but we will recommend first start with Google Ads. We are sure if you will use it properly, money that you will spend, give you good return.

In long term plan, your prime focus should be at promoting your website at good ranks at search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. Along with website promotion, build a healthy and good reputation at social networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, you tube etc. We have to make a short term plan along with this because these types of promotion takes time to show results. Results can take time to show as long as one year or more, till then we need queries for business promotion. We are providing few links below that will help you in your long term strategy.

1. How to get Good Ranking at Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc?

2. What is content marketing and how it can help Pharma Company to boast sales?

3. Importance of Website Building and Promotion in pcd company

4. Important tools for Business Generation in Pharma Franchise Marketing

5. How to find Pcd/Franchise Distributors in Pharma Sector?

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How to Find Pcd Distributors?


I have recently joined a company which is into manufacturing a range of unique ingredients (nutraceuticals mainly) which include unique Probiotics that are patented, naturally derived Vitamin K2-7, unique dermatology range of products, oral health products etc. Most of these products are innovative and for the first time in India.I would like to explore the PCD pharma path to sell my products. The company will be ready to offer the ingredients in a formulation (syrup/tablets/capsules/gel/cream/lotion etc) as a ready to market product with a brand name or without. Many unique products are in the pipeline.

I need your valuable guidance to proceed in this matter.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Read our below linked article to get complete knowledge how you can proceed to appoint pcd distributors for your company. In this article, we have covered method to find out franchise, pcd and third party clients:

How to Find Pcd Distributors? by clicking here

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How to start Franchise/Pcd Based Pharma Company?

We are intend to start franchises pharma company. Can you extend your support for companies who want the business.


You can start franchises pharma company. There are two type of pharma companies present in India who provide franchises.
1. Pharma Manufacturing Companies
2. Pharma Marketing Companies
(Read about complete procedure for starting company by clicking at these links)

You can choose either of above option to start with. You need to make a good number of products list for starting franchise based company. You can’t start with one or two products for franchise company. Most of franchise base start-ups start with at least more than 60 products in their list. List having more than 100 products in franchise market is considered to be good. So there is require more investment in franchise base company as compare to other types of company but one major advantage in franchise/pcd companies is that you doesn’t need marketing/sales staff to sell your products; you only need to appoint pcd/franchise distributors state/district wise to sell your products. You distributors/franchisee will act like your sales force and market your products to doctors and healthcare professionals.

If you are worrying about how to sell through franchise marketing, you can read in our article: How to sell through franchise/pcd marketing?

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How to start Pcd Pharma Franchise Company?

I want to start my own Pcd Pharma Franchise Company but facing problem in deciding allopathic Medicines Composition. I don’t know about market Trend. I don’t have any knowledge about Medicines and there composition. How can i learn all these things easily.
Having knowledge & experience is key in success and failure of your venture. To over come this problem, either you can hire any experienced profession or you can study product list of other companies and decide which products are beneficial for you. With deciding of pharma combinations, you also need to learn how to sell them.For learning these things, best way to do job for some time in any franchise company. Learn all aspect like how they work, how they decide new product range and how they sell products there.

For pcd pharma marketing company, you will require same procedure as you need for simple pharma marketing company: Read full detail by clicking at link:How to start pharma marketing company?

Documents and procedure will be same. Only way of marketing will be different. Read about How to sell through Pcd/Franchise? Expand your Pcd/Franchise/Third Party Business in Pharmaceutical Sector by clicking here

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How to start own Pcd/Franchise Company?


I want to start my own pcd company . can you tell me how to start.



You can Choose all formalities of starting Marketing Company. Read all formalities by clicking at: How to start Pharma Marketing Company?In pcd company, you can’t start with one or two molecule or combination. You need at least 45 to 60 molecules or combination to start pcd company. Select molecules you want to launch in your pcd company. Probably you should select all new and latest molecule to beat the competition provided by other company. Launching latest molecule will create good image in market and will help you in establishment.

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How to get Pcd/Franchise Distributors for your Pharmaceutical Company?

Query 1:
Searching Franchisee Distributors for our company product’s selling and prescribing.


You can study and apply ways to get franchisee distributors, we discussed in below linked article. Click and know about method to get distributors:

How to get Pcd/Franchise Distributors for your Pharmaceutical Company?

Visit above link and check for better way to generate business in franchisee.

Query 2:

Let me know more about franchise


To know in detail about Pharma Franchise System, you can read our article:

What is pcd Pharma Franchise? How it works?

Visit above link and find out complete about pharma franchise.
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How to follow-up for finalizing new clients?

Finalizing new client is one of the difficult thing for a franchise company. It needs a lot of follow-up and concentration to finalize the deal. A single query may have more than five companies price list and offer. It makes deal more complex and tough. But with proper follow-up and satisfaction, you may close the deal.Query generation is an easy process while convert them into sale is difficult. More difficult is to distinguish interested queries from fake queries. In modern ways of marketing in pcd/franchise companies, there is maximum chances of fake queries from online business portals. Percentage of fake queries depend at portal you use. Promoting your own website and get queries from it is best way to get convertible queries.

Main problem that are faced during follow-up is that executives generally forget to collect data of queries that may be interested in their company. Executives spent more time to make follow-up to fake queries rather than interested one. If you receive 3-4 queries daily, you have to prepare a excel sheet containing all detail of query you received.

Here we are going to provide easy way to collect all data and take proper follow-ups.

Prepare an Excel sheet like we shown in snap shots. It’s an easy and effective way for proper follow-up. You have to add queries at regular basis and delete non-interested queries from it. You should save all queries at a particular place for future purpose but in this list, update regularly all queries and their status.

We are supposing, you receive 3-4 query daily. Note down or copy these queries into this sheet. Same day talk to each one. You can get positive or negative response in first call. Note down it in status column. Interested one may ask for price list or sample etc. Some fake queries will do the same by asking detail but after two to three follow-ups, you can get exact status of query. Don’t waste time at non interested queries and delete them.
Send price/product list to interested queries. Send samples also which one ask for it. Update it in status column. Every status should be updated in your sheet. Regular follow-up doesn’t mean, you will irritate your query. Respect person’s privacy. Don’t be spammy and leave query for certain period of time. Wait for his response, if he will interested, he will definitely revert to you. Otherwise call him for final time and delete the query. Concentrate at new one.
In your follow-up sheet, you could have following columns:
  • Date
  • Party Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail ID
  • Query Detail/Requirements
  • Status 1, Status 2, Status 3 etc(Mention Date also)
  • Any other detail as per your need

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How to increase existing pcd business?


I have been involved in Pcd Pharma Franchise work since last 2 years in U.P as earlier my father was running this business and now m trying to take it to the next level but i have done MBA and not having enough knowledge about this field, kindly suggest me some tips to understand the pharmaceutical sector and how can I increase the sale.
Please suggest some techniques so that i can bring some increment in sale.


Pharmaceutical sector is different from other sectors in term of that it is prescription base market. Doctor’s prescription is key of sale in pharmaceutical market. For understanding pharmaceutical sector, you first need to know, How many types you can sell your pharma product. Read in Detail about Types of Marketing & Sale in Pharma here

In pcd marketing, you are not always depend at doctor’s prescription. Some time you supply medicines directly to big distributors or nursing homes/clinics etc. So you need to know all marketing type.

You also need to understand advantage and disadvantage of all marketing types. Read in detail: What are the drawbacks/advantages of generic/Prescription/pcd/Franchise marketing ?

For increasing sale, you have two option, Either you can generate prescription from more doctors or you can broad your area of work by appointing sub pcd/franchise distributors. Read here about: Types of pcd/franchise distributors.

Purchase from company at net price basis and add some percentage of your profit and supply to your sub distributors and they will generate prescription from doctor’s.

One more option to increase your sale. You can build-up sales team or either appoint number of medical representatives in different territories and launch your company in other districts also.

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