What does it mean door of door marketing or company representative in pcd Pharma franchise?

As we have discussed in our previous articles, pcd franchise marketing couldn’t successful until you have any query from any interested person or distributor who want to associate with you or who want to start own marketing for Pharma company. Unless this all your marketing and promotional efforts are useless.

Here Door to door marketing meaning is not to wonder door to door of all pharmaceutical distributors and marketing professionals. Door to door marketing meaning is to send company representative at interested parties or person or distributors door to grab the deal. Personnel marketing are most important aspects to remove all queries of your future customer at minimum time.

We all will be agreed in one thing and that is every person send query to more than 2 or 3 companies, in case he directly send queries to companies. If he sends query through business portals then there is maximum chances, that query will be sent to all paid member within a day and will be send to all member in many ways after a week or 10 days.

That makes it necessary to finish query by personnel meeting with customer. We can also give name to this as sales representative or sales executive but in pharmaceutical marketing we only consider medical representative as sales representative. So we are not defining it as sales representative, only company representative we are mentioning here.

Benefits of door to door marketing:

  • Deal can be finalized easily
  • Better communication and removal of communication gap
  • Term and conditions could be settled by mutual discussion
  • Company can see the actual position and status of party
  • Build trust between both parties. This trust create better business possibilities between both parties
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