Why content marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Why content marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Why content
marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Content marketing has become important marketing
tool in most of business sectors. As number of internet users is increasing,
number of persons using internet for information are increasing. Once there was
time when people used to discuss queries, check books/news papers and other
resources to find out solutions and information. But now information is
available at just a click away. We want any information, we search it through
internet. This internet base information habit creates demand of content
marketing in every sector.
Yesterday, we are searching for a new phone.
Before buying, we want to compare and check everything about phones and want to
choose best possible phone at particular budget for us. For that we study phone
reviews, article related to that, comparison between phones etc. Actually we
don’t know whether it was true or not, what was written in reviews and articles
but we believe at it. We believe at sources that have created these contents.
That’s our psychology. We believe at, what we read.
Social media and blogs/contents are major source
of affecting our decision when we go for purchase anything. Not only buying habits
but also it has been started to affect our daily routine, our political, social
and psychological thoughts and thinking. That’s affecting our faiths also. It
is the power of content marketing.
What is
content marketing?
Content marketing is broad term which covers creating
articles, images, videos and other means & providing valuable information,
sharing information through social media platforms, e-mails, massages and much
more. Content marketing may be in form of a post, image, video, gif, printed
material etc.
Basic motive of content marketing is to provide
information and spread awareness at any particular issue and topic. As your
content spread awareness and information, it spread your brand value along with
tools for Content Marketing:
Choosing any content marketing tool depends at
audience type. First we need to know about our target audience. What are the
tools that are mostly used by our target audience and so called future customer
is best for starting content marketing by a brand. In pharmaceutical sector,
our target audience is an educated and elite category. Doctors, Distributors
and chemists are basically targeted by pharmaceutical companies for
prescription products. OTC products content marketing could be different
consumer type and targeted audience. Choosing a perfect marketing tool is most
important aspect of success in content marketing.
A brand can create content and share information
through following means:

  • Written Content (Blogging): Creating post and written contents are one of the
    most used content marketing tools by brands. A blog creates trust in readers
    about brand. A trust is most important thing that differentiates a Brand from
    other similar products. Providing regular and unique information related to
    product category is important for building brand value. Every brand should have
    a blog along with website.
  • Social Networks: Social Networks like facebook, Youtube, twitter,
    instagram, pinerest, quora, linkedIn,raditt, tumblr etc are few most used
    social networks by people these days. Social media is playing very important
    tool in changing the traditional methods of brand building. Social media has
    made it easy to reach at targeted audience in much affordable price through sponsored
    post. Content marketing in form of post, image, video, gif etc are much used
    types at social media.
  • Banners and Postures: Banners and Postures are one of the old methods to
    spread brand awareness through content marketing. These can be used online as
    well as offline to spread information along with brand awareness.
Why does Pharmaceutical
Sector need Content Marketing?
In Pharmaceutical sector, tradition tools for
doctors to get information were literatures, drug related books and magazines,
conferences, educational seminars, information provided by company
representatives etc. But now doctors and all other pharma professionals are
connected through social networks and internet. Every person use to like and
follow some reliable knowledge providing pages and social media accounts.
Research suggests that a person spend a handsome time at social networks and
internet for finding and searching information.
Along with searching for information, a person checks
a company online profile before associating with it. Online presence and
valuable information provided by any brand can create the difference. Changing
habit of people to search information creates the need of emphasis at content
marketing for getting best results from technology.

Google and Facebook dominate that internet for
providing information in world along with India. Blogging, Quora, Linkedin and instagram and
other platforms are also valuable tools for information generation.
Content marketing could be cheap and easy way to reach doctors group and other healthcare professionals at minimum time. 

Common used forms of Content Marketing:
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Slides/Presentations
  • Images/Pdf files
  • Videos
  • Awareness Campaign     

Content marketing is easy way to spread brand awareness but it takes time to build trust in audience and supposed customer’s mind set about content and brand so content marketing takes lot of time to start producing results. It’s not overnight process. We have to be patience and regular for generating good results from content marketing.

Hope above information is useful to you…
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