What is Pharmaceutical Packaging? How to start Pharma Packaging and Promotional material Manufacturing?

Pharmaceutical sector is vast sector. Many non pharma businesses also depend at pharmaceutical sector and companies. Pharmaceutical Packaging Material suppliers are one of the important non pharma businesses that are reliable at pharmaceutical companies. Most of pharmaceutical companies outsource its packaging material. Even MNC companies also outsource when it come to packaging material.

Packaging material manufacturing business is more profitable than pharma business. Not only for pharmaceutical sector, same material could be supplied to ayurvedic, herbal, cosmetic, nutraceutical and food-feed supplements companies.

Packaging material manufacturing is a costly project and requires latest machinery and equipment to start. In this article we will discuss about machinery required, technical skills, procedure for printing etc.

Along with packaging material, promotional material is also essential part for pharmaceutical sector. Packaging material supplier also deals in promotional material inputs like visual aids, reminder cards, product cards etc. But few manufacturers manufacture only packaging material and few only manufacturer promotional material/inputs.

What is Packaging material in Pharmaceutical Sector?

Pharmaceutical preparations are used to cover in paper or any other material which contains complete detail about product along with attractive out look like outer box, label, foil etc. Packaging material fulfills two purposes. One it prevents preparation from damage and second it gives attractive look to preparation.

What is promotional inputs in Pharmaceutical Sector?

Promotional inputs are used to promote medicines and generate sale for company. Promotional material also create company brand value. Most commonly used promotional inputs are visual aids, reminder cards, order book , product list etc.

Two type of printing machines are commonly used. One is Digital Printing Machine and Second is Offset Printing Machine. Digital Printing machine is mostly used for preparation of promotional inputs who require in small quantities. This is not generally used for printing of packaging material like box, labels etc.

For printing of pharmaceutical packaging material, offset printing is better way. Mostly printing presses uses offset printing procedure for printing pharma packaging material.

Machinery and Equipment:

  • Offset Printing Machine
  • Digital Printing Machine (Not Compulsory)
  • Printing Down Frame
  • Computer Sets with Printer and Software
  • Software i.e. Coral, Photoshop, MS office, Page Maker etc.
  • Paper cutting machine
  • Binding and Measurement equipment
  • Lamination Machine .i.e. Gloss and met lamination
  • Drip off Machine
  • Embossing Machine
  • Paper Creasing
  • Paper Stapler

Raw Material Required:

  • Paper Sheet
  • Card Sheet
  • Aluminium Plate
  • Ink
  • Developer
  • Gum
  • Colors
  • Staple Pins

Technical Skills Required:

Either you or your employee require few technical skills to easily set-up and run a printing press for pharmaceutical packaging material.

  1. Designer: Designers should have good knowledge of Coral Draw, Photoshop, MS Office, Page Maker etc. He should have good innovative, imaginative, creative sense of humor to create new and attractive designs.
  2. Machine Men: Different type of machines require different type of technical skill to run efficiently. Until you will have persons who make sure to print design as it was designed, you can satisfy your clients.

Printing Process:

Printing procedure is a semi automatic process. You need to prepare aluminium plates to print paper in offset printing. In digital printing, no aluminium plate preparation required. We can directly give command of print from computer to print any paper as in case of simple printers.

Process of offset printing is something complex compare to digital printing but offset printed packaging material cost less as compare to digital printed. Below we are discussing process of offset printing.

Make a Design using software we have discussed above. A design may be small or large as per need. But we need to print a sheet of fixed size (19*23′ generally) to prevent process cost and other factors. Suppose we have box design whose size is 5.2*2.3′. Then we have to adjust it at complete sheet by placing number of times to fill complete sheet. We also can use different designs to complete a sheet. This sheet is known as plate.

Now this plate is sent to produce a film using a camera. This film is called negative. Thereafter this negative film and a aluminium plate is put into printing down frame for preset time for printing image of negative film onto aluminium plate which is called positive. After that developer is spread at plate followed by washing with fresh water. By this process matter get printed at aluminium plate automatically.

After that this plate is fitted into printing press. Paper after cutting in proper size is also fed into offset printing press.  The paper is printed as per required design and color.

Investment Required:

Now companies started to ask for latest packaging material like drip off, emboss, die cut packaging. Conventional lamination packaging is going out of market. So there is need of latest machinery to fulfill demand of market. That’s the reason investment for packaging material manufacturer has been increased.

Investment depend at many factors. There are two type of investments required.

  • Fixed Capital Investment
  • Working Capitals

Fixed Capital Investment:

Fixed Capital Investment is calculated by addition of following aspects:

  • Premises and building Cost (if owned)
  • Machinery and Equipment Cost
  • Computer, software and other accessories
  • Plant Set-up etc

Working Capital Investment:

Working capital includes

  • Raw Material
  • Rent (if rented premises)
  • Salary and wages of workers and employees
  • Electricity and water bill
  • Other miscellaneous expenses

Business Plan:

  • Search for premises and plant if you don’t have own
  • Search for investment source if you don’t have own arrangement of money
  • Search for machinery and equipment suppliers
  • Set-up Plant and install machinery and equipment
  • Search for trained employees and workers
  • Search for raw material supplier
  • Take order from pharma companies
  • Start printing packaging material and promotional inputs.

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Most Highest Profitable Business Opportunities in Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Food Sector!

Pharmaceutical Business is one of most profitable business throughout world. Main problem that is faced by most of person are from where to start, what are the legal and documentation formalities whether they are from pharma background or from any other background. Here we are going to prepare a list of businesses that are highest margin business in pharmaceutical business opportunities along with Ayurvedic and Food Sector:

1. Pharmaceutical Marketing/Distribution Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

3. Carrying and Forwarding Agent (C&F)

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

  • Supply to Distributors and Stockists
  • Supply to Wholesalers
  • Institutional Sales

4. Wholesaler/Distributor/Stockist
Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

  • Supply to Retailers/Pharmacies/Chemists/Druggists
  • Institutional Sales

5. Pharmacy/Chemist/Druggist

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

6. PCD Pharma and Pharma Franchise Marketing and Distribution

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Wholesale Distribution Agency; or/and
  • Appoint a Wholesaler or Distributor

How to Sell?

  • Prescription Marketing
  • Generic Marketing
  • OTC Marketing
  • Institutional Sales (Hospitals, Tenders etc)
  • Export

7. Pharmaceutical Raw Material Supplier

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Wholesale Bulk Drug License Number
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number
  • Shop Registration (if Applicable)

How to Sell?

  • Supply to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Institutional Sales

8. Pharmaceutical Raw Material/API Manufacturing

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Bulk Drug Manufacturing License Number
  • Bulk Drug Wholesale License Number
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

  • Supply to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Institutional Sales


Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

  • Prescription Marketing
  • Generic Marketing
  • Pcd/Franchise Marketing
  • OTC Marketing
  • Institutional Sales (Hospitals, Tenders etc)
  • Export

10. Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Ayurvedic Manufacturing License Number
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

  • Direct Marketing ( Marketing type mentioned for marketing/Distribution company)
  • Third Party/Contract Manufacturing

11. Food and Dietary Supplements (Nutraceutical) marketing Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

  • Prescription Marketing
  • Generic Marketing
  • Pcd/Franchise Marketing
  • OTC Marketing
  • Institutional Sales (Hospitals, Tenders etc)
  • Export

12. Food and Dietary Supplements (Nutraceutical) manufacturing Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

13. Cosmetic Marketing/Distribution Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

  • Prescription Marketing
  • Generic Marketing
  • Pcd/Franchise Marketing
  • OTC Marketing
  • Institutional Sales (Hospitals, Tenders etc)
  • Export

14. Cosmetic Manufacturing Company

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing License
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

  • Direct Marketing ( Marketing type mentioned for marketing/Distribution company)
  • Third Party/Contract Manufacturing

15. Printing and Packaging Material Manufacturer and Supplier

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Any Legal Requirement for setting-up printing industry
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

16. Machinery/Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier
Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Any Legal Requirement for setting-up machinery or lab equipment industry
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

17. Consultancy and Legal Service Firm

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Firm Registration
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number
  • Legal Qualification (If required)

How to Sell?

  • Plant or/and New Company Set-up
  • Legal matter Consultancy
  • Placement and Man Power Provider
  • Marketing, advertisement and administration Support etc

18. Blogging and/or Industry Informational Website

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

How to Sell?

  • Write information articles, Videos, designs and/or News
  • Share through Social media, Website, Blog
  • Earn through Adsense or other online advertising tools

19. Pet/Glass Bottle, Cap Manufacturer and Supplier

Licenses and Legal Formalities:

  • Company Registration
  • Any Legal Requirement for setting-up these industry
  • Goods and Service Tax Identification Number

How to Sell?

  • Supply bottle and caps to Manufacturing Companies
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Which are the unique products in Pharmaceutical Sector?

Kindly suggest some unique products as starting new Pharma company…. since doctors were asking for unique combination rather than common available drugs


Easy way to find unique by asking to doctor which molecule he needs. Launch as per his need will be better for you. In case you launch new combinations but he don’t want to prescribe it. First do market survey about new combinations which are good running in market and then launch it.

Few new combinations are:

  • Boswellia Serrate+ Chondroitin Sulfate+ Collagen Peptide Type-2 +Diacerein + Glucosamine Sulphate + Hyaluronic Acid +MSM
  • Cissus Quadrangularis+ CCM + Vitamin K2 7
  • Etoricoxib 60mg + Thiocolchicoside 4/8 MG
  • CCM+ Calcitriol+ Vitamin K2 7+ Omega-3 Fatty Acids+ Folic Acid+ Methlcobalamin+ EPA +DHA & Boron
  • Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acid -Flax Seed Oil 500mg
  • Evening Primrose Oil 500mg+ Natural Vitamin E 25 I.U.

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How to start Medical Device Manufacturing Company?

In India import, manufacture, sale and distribution of Medical devices is regulated under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940; and Rules, 1945.

What are Medical Devices?

Medical Devices is referred to any instrument, appliance, material, machine, apparatus, implant or diagnostic reagent  etc and/or any part or accessory which is used or intended for

  • the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, cure, monitoring or prevention of disease, physical  or mental condition, or abnormal physical or mental states or symptoms etc.; or
  • As notified in Gazette of India

Most commonly used medical devices manufacturing in India are covered in this article:

  • Cardiac Stents
  • Drug Eluting Stents
  • Catheters
  • Intra Ocular Lenses
  • I.V. Cannulae
  • Bone Cements
  • Heart Valves
  • Scalp Vein Set
  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Internal Prosthetic Replacements


  • Factory Premises (As per WHO:GMP and/or Schedule M-III)
  • Competent Technical Staff i.e. Manufacturing Chemist and Analytical Chemist
  • Machinery and Lab Equipment
  • Office Accessories
  • Machine Men and Workers
  • Electricity Supply
  • Water Supply
  • HVAC unit
  • Sterilization Unit
  • List of medical Devices to be manufactured
  • Non Objection Certificate if required

Licences Required:

Documents required for applying for Manufacturing License of Medical Devices:

Application is to be submitted to Licensing Authority appointed by the State Government or Center Government.

Below we are listing detail of documents that will be required for applying for grant of licence in form-28 for Manufacture of Medical Devices in India:

  • Covering Letter including details and address of plant, list of documents and duly signed by authorized person.
  • Prescribed Forms duly filled and signed by the Proprietor / Managing Partner / Managing Director/authorized person
  • Fees challan in original remitting the required amount of fee in the Head of Account or Original Treasury Challan
  • Documents related to ownership of firm (Proprietorship/Partnership/Company)
  • Blueprint of Approved Manufacturing Premises Plan/Layout .
  • Full particulars of competent and regular technical staff for manufacturing and testing of Medical Devices along with the copies of Educational Qualification, Experience Certificate, Appointment Letter, Acceptance Letter, Joining letter etc.
  • Affidavits
  • Site Master File
  • List of Medical Devices intend to be manufactured
  • List of machinery and equipment
  • Electricity Connection Documents
  • NOC if required
  • Permission from Health Department/Pollution Department etc.
  • Certificate in conformity with Factories Act if any
  • Any other approvals (e.g. US FDA)
  • Any other documents asked by Licensing Authority

In case of New Devices/not yet approved in India, the applicant has to submit a copy of necessary permission/NOC from the Drugs Controller General (I) along with the application.
All certificates submitted should be within the validity period.

Competent Technical Staff:

Medical Devices manufacturing shall be conducted under supervision of whole time technical staff who may be

  • A graduate in Pharmacy or Engineering (in appropriate branch) from a University recognised by the Central Government for such purposes and has had at least eighteen months practical experience in the manufacturing or testing of devices to which this licence applies after his graduation; or
  • A graduate in science, from a University recognised by the Central Government for such purposes, with Physics or Chemistry or Microbiology as one of the subject and has had at least three years practical experience in the manufacturing or testing of devices to which this licence applies after his graduation; or
  • A diploma in Pharmacy or Engineering (in appropriate branch) from a Board or Institute recognised by the Central Government or the State Government, as the case may be, for such purposes and has had at least four years practical experience in the manufacturing or testing of devices to which this licence applies after his diploma; or
  • Having a foreign qualification, the quality and content of training of which are comparable with those specified in clause (i), clause (ii) and clause (iii) and is permitted to work as competent technical staff under this rule by the Central Government

Labeling of Medical Devices:

Medical Devices should be labeled as per requirements prescribed in Drug and Cosmetic Act and Rules along with Indian Standards Specifications laid down from time to time by the Bureau of Indian Standards

Sections for Manufacture of Medical Devices: –

Medical Device can be manufactured only in a Licensed Premises. A Medical Devices manufacturing unit can be divided into following sections/operations:

  • Moulding (The molding section should have proper exhaust system if necessary)
  • Assembling (include cutting, washing and drying, sealing, packing, labelling, etc.). The assembling area should be air-conditioned provided with HEPA filters
  • Raw Materials
  • Storage Area
  • Washing, drying and sealing area (wherever required
  • Sterilization
  • Testing facilities

Minimum Recommended Area:

  • Moulding: 30 square meters
  • Assembling: 15 square meters
  • Additional Area: 20 square meters if any more than one type of medical devices is manufactured in same premises
  • Raw Material: 10 Square meters
  • Storage Area: 10 square meters for each facility i.e. intermediate and finished product
  • Washing, Drying and Sealing: 10 Square meters
  • Sterilization: 10 Square Meters
  • Testing Facilities, Records and Miscellaneous works: As per Need

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How much investment required to start Pharma Company?

Kindly send us the full procedure and amount that is to be invested for starting the pharma marketing company as we are are also dealing in Ayurvedic soap.

Full about procedure read by clicking: How to start Pharma Company?

Bout Investment Read in details at: How much investment required to start Pharma Company?

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Pharma/Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)! How can Group Purchasing be helpful for small and start-UP companies?

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is the Organization which is formed by a group of persons, companies or institutions of similar interests to purchase a good or number of goods in bulk to reduce the purchase cost and total investment. GPO may be formed at nonprofit basis or commission basis or profit basis.In American Healthcare system, 90% of purchase is done through group purchasing. Group Purchasing can be beneficial in all sectors. In Indian healthcare system it may also be very beneficial e.g. one of the important benefits of group purchasing is that it increases bargaining power whether it is Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, distributors, retailers/pharmacies etc. In today’s competition time purchase cost can make the difference. Group purchasing makes it easy for small enterprises to compete with big enterprises.

First discuss about pharmaceutical companies. Both pharma manufacturing companies and pharma marketing companies can get profit from group purchasing. Raw material cost matter when it comes to manufacturing cost. A small Pharma company purchase raw material in Kilograms where Big Pharma companies purchase raw material in quintals and tans. Purchase cost difference in that cost may vary from few hundreds to few thousands rupees per kilogram depend at molecule cost.

Suppose a molecule actual manufacturing cost is 2000/- per kg. Raw material manufacturer/importer doesn’t sell material in loose and minimum quantity should be 500 kilograms. Big Pharma Company will have power to purchase in bulk and can get it supposed at rate of 2400/-. Small manufacturers have less demand and need only 50 kg of raw material. In that case he will go to the dealer and stockiest of raw materials and will purchase it supposed at rate of minimum of 3200/- per kg.

If small manufacturer create a group of other small manufacturers who need similar raw material and purchase 500 kg of raw material directly from manufacturer or importer. Every manufacturer will be benefited with 800/- per kg of raw material purchase. In case manufacturer feels he don’t have time to manage group purchasing, they can appoint any third party to make group purchasing after discussion with all group member and get his commission or profit at each purchase done.

Small marketing companies can also beat competition of big companies by purchasing at group. Suppose a marketing company need 30000 tablets of Aceclofenac with Paracetamol. Manufacturer quotes 45/- per 100 tab for 30000 batch size, 43/- per 100 tab for 50000 batch size, 40/- per 100 tab for one lakh batch size and 38/- per 100 tab for two lakh batch size. Small marketing company purchase cost will be 45/- per 100 tablets where big companies suppose to sell it at 46/- per 100 tab while getting 20 percent profit. Small company can sell it at 54/- while getting 20% margins. If small marketing companies make a group and quote for 2 lakh tablets. Batch will be taken of 2 lakh. Only difference in packaging of different brands has to done. That doesn’t cost much. Only 1 or two rupees difference will occur.

Major problem that is faced by small hospitals is purchasing of it equipment, devices and other substances. Big hospitals make tie-ups directly with companies to purchase anything while small hospitals have to rely at dealers or distributors. It increases the making and maintenance cost of small hospitals. Suppose a single in-door patient bed cost is 4500/- per piece quoted by distributor. Hospital can’t purchase it from manufacturer because of transportation cost and number of beds. Hospital needs only 5 beds. Purchase cost will be 22500/-. Manufacturer’s rate is 4000/- per piece for five beds with 600/- per piece transportation. If other small hospital also requires beds, then group purchasing can reduce the purchase cost at large extent. 40 or 50 bed definitely will cost less and transportation cost will also be reduced to major extent.

Distributors and retailers can also follow the above methods to reduce their purchasing cost and decline the competitions. No matter how big is seller, quantity always bargains it to minimum level. Not just in Pharma, every sector can get benefits from group purchasing.

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Query Related:

We are pleased to introduce our group Kansons Overseas Ltd., to your office. We are five decades old family run business house established in North India. We have business interest spanning from manufacturing, exports, distribution, to warehousing and others.

I am a follower of your blogs and let me acknowledge that they have been of great help to people who want to get into healthcare business.

Our group is planning to start a GPO (group purchase organization) for hospitals in tier 2/tier 3 towns in North India and believe that we would benefit from some guidance from you.

Pl let us know if you can provide business consultancy services for the same?


As you mentioned you want to start GPO ( Group Purchasing Organisation) for hospitals in North India in small towns. Group purchasing is well known in American/European countries & Metro cities in India but in case of small towns, it is not so much popular. You could be benefited with it. There may be two types of group purchasing, you can involve.

  • Medicines and Drug Group Purchasing
  • Hospital Devices, Equipment and related Products Group Purchasing

In case of Medicines and Drugs, there is minimum possibility of Group purchasing because market in India is so open and there is large number of manufacturers available that everyone can purchase medicines from manufacturers directly at minimum cost. This concept is very popular in USA but it is very difficult in Indian Market.

In case of Hospital Devices, Equipment and related products, you can get strong presence if you plan it successfully. Small towns have small hospitals and clinics only. Very rarely we find any corporate hospital in these towns. There is much chances of success in medical device and equipment sector.

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

What are the pharma business opportunities in India?


We have prepared a list of businesses. Click here to read about all pharmaceutical business opportunities in India.

There are many opportunities available in Pharmaceutical Sector. We will mention opportunities below with link. Click at link to read in detail. After visiting link, you can read complete detail about particular option. We will mention according to your preference and will explain few lines for more informational purpose:

Retail/Chemist Shop: Profitable business but success is granteed at two conditions: 1.) Area potential’s 2.) Sitting Capability i.e. minimum 12 hour time a day require for retail shop.

Wholesale/Distribution/stockist ship: It is also good business. Network and relationship with chemist matter most. For being successful in distribution, you have to build a strong supply and payment collection network. Time is not much matter. You can work less than 4 hours daily.

Carrying and Forwarding Agent ( C&F): C&F is also like distribution or wholesaling but area is bigger. C&F has been appointed at state level basis or region wise basis. Company supply material in bulk and C&F agent has to repack it according to stockist/distributor’s need.

Above three work is related to distribution channel. If you want to enter at company level stage following opportunities will be best suitable to you. Click to read in detail:

Hope above information is useful to you…
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Top most Business Opportunities in Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Sector

If you are worrying about what are the pharma business opportunities available in India?

What business can you start in growing Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic sector?
Here we are providing few quick businesses in these areas:

Pharmaceutical Business is one of most profitable business throughout world. Main problem that is faced by most of person are from where to start, not matter whether they are from pharma background or from any other background. Here we are going to prepare a list of businesses that you can start in pharmaceuticals sector. Only marketing company or manufacturing company is not a single option in pharmaceutical sector. You have number of business opportunities available. Click at option name to read in detail about mention opportunity.

1. Pharmaceutical Marketing/Trading Company:

Most profitable and easy to start if you have sales and marketing experience but don’t worry if you don’t have. You can also start after developing few qualities in you. How many types you can sell your products in marketing companies are:

  • Branded/Ethical Marketing 
  • Generic Marketing 
  • Pcd/Franchise Distribution ship
  • OTC marketing
  • Institutional Sales 
  • Export 
Click to read in Detail

2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company:

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is base of all pharmaceutical marketing companies. It requires some what more formalities and documentations to start manufacturing company but it is also one of the best option to make profit and establish pharma business. You can sell your manufactured products as per below marketing types:

  • Direct Marketing ( Marketing type mentioned for marketing/trading company) 
  • Third Party/Contract Manufacturing
  • Loan License Manufacturing

Manufacturing types you can choose from:

Click here to read in Detail

3. Carrying and Forwarding Agents (C&F):

Carrying and Forwarding agents are those who receive products from company godown and after repacking, they distribute it to stockists or distributors. They get their fixed percentage margin. Every type of marketing, there is need of C&F. C&F could be appointed at area, state, region basis depend at sale of company. Read in detail

4. Wholesaler/Stockist/Distributors:

Pharmaceutical products distribution is also good way to start own pharma business. Wholesaling/Distribution is good margin able and profitable business. There are different types of distributors present:

Click here to read in detail

5. Retail/Chemist/Pharmacy:

Opening a chemist shop could be one of the best option for doing pharma business. It needs less investment and more margin as compare to above mentioned pharma businesses. You have to consider only location of chemist shop. Retailers/Pharmacies/Chemists are placed at ground level in pharma distribution chain. One has to make sure about availability of all running products. Online pharmacy concept is also getting popularity day by day. It could be leading business opportunities in coming future in pharmaceutical sector as use of internet & online sale is increasing. Read in detail

6. Pharma PCD/Franchise Marketing:

For marketing and sales professionals in pharmaceutical sector, pcd pharma franchise is one of the best suitable work with minimum investment and maximum profit. If some one has good hold in market and number of doctors in his circle who can prescribe his products, then pcd franchise marketing is best option. You can associates with any Pharma or Ayurvedic Pcd Franchise Company for starting pharma business with low investment. Main advantages are:

  • Minimum investment as it can be started with less than ten thousand. 
  • Easy availability of pcd/franchise companies
  • Number of options in company selection and product list selection 
  • Highly profitable etc 

Click to read in Detail

7. Pharmaceutical Raw Material Supplier:

As number of pharma manufacturer is increasing, there is also increasing the demand of Raw material suppliers. Most of pharma raw material suppliers in India is trading or marketing nature. They depend at import or few big raw material manufacturers for procurement of raw material. Big pharma companies deal directly with manufacturers for raw material procurement or involve in direct importing of raw material whereas small manufacturers have less demand and can’t indulge in getting direct supply from manufacturer or importer. They are dependent at Raw material suppliers. It could be great of option for pharmaceutical business to start with.

8. Food and Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical) Marketing Company:

Food and Dietary supplements has huge demand in healthcare and pharma sector. Most commonly used dietary supplements are protein powders, vitamins like B-complex/D/D3/A/E/C, minerals like iron supplements/calcium supplements, lycopene preparations, DHA, Methylcobalamine preparations etc. Every doctor’s prescription has one or more food and dietary supplements in it. Due to high demand, it could be highly profitable business. One can market these products for Human purpose or Veterinary purpose or both. Veterinary supplements has also huge demand. One has to register under FSSAI to start marketing of Nutraceuticals. Read procedure in detail

9. Food and Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical) Manufacturing Company:

Due to less regulation and easy to start, we recommend start with food and dietary supplements manufacturing company if you want to enter into manufacturing sector. As we have discussed, there is huge demand and every pharma company has a large portion of its product list as food & dietary supplements products. One can get number of third party or contract manufacturing orders or start own marketing of food and dietary supplements. One has to take license of manufacturing from FSSAI to manufacture Nutraceuticals. Read procedure in detail

10. Cosmetic Manufacturing Company:

Cosmetic and Beauty products manufacturing is also popular among pharmaceutical professionals. For starting manufacturing of cosmetic products, one need diploma in pharmacy or equivalent education and should be registered under state pharmacy council. Or you can appoint person with above qualification. It requires less investment and less requirements to start cosmetic and beauty products manufacturing company. Read in detail

11. Consultancy and Legal Firms:

You don’t know about manufacturing and marketing/sales. You also don’t want to go into distribution channel. But you have experience of administration, regularity affairs and setting up plants, launching of new company divisions, brands, export etc. You can start your consultancy firms to provide all documentation and services support to new pharma set-ups or existing pharma set-ups. Even persons having sale, marketing or manufacturing experience can provide consultancy to specific firms on basis of their experience in sales, brand promotion, formulation developments etc. and help them grow & get paid for your knowledge and experience.

12. Pharma Printing Material Production:

It may be out of matter but it is most demand able business type in present time. In pharma production, procurement of printing material takes most of time. Every company faces delay in printing material problem. Every pharma printing material supplier has more work as compare to its capacity. It requires less documentation and formalities and it is margin able too. Main printing material supplied to pharma companies are:

  • Box 
  • Label 
  • Foil 
  • Catch covers 
  • Visual aids 
  • Promotional inputs e.g. leaf lets, reminders, pads etc. 

13. Pharmaceutical Machinery Business (Manufacturing/Marketing):

With growth of pharmaceutical sector and increase in pharmaceutical units, there is huge demand of machinery that are used in manufacturing plant. There may be three way of supplying machinery to units:

  • Own Manufacturing Units of Machinery and its parts 
  • Trading/Marketing of Machinery 
  • Import/Export of Pharmaceutical Machinery 

Main machinery used in pharmaceutical units Tablet punching rotary, capsule filling machine, blister, grinder, mixers, liquid filling machine, cap sealers, alu-alu machine, analytic instruments etc.

14. Pharmaceutical Blogging and News Website:

Blogging is one of the business that could be started without any investment and infrastructure. You can start blogging or website related to pharma, ayurvedic, health, pharmacy etc. Only one condition is required, you should have good knowledge of subjects, you are writing for. Write good content. After six months of blogging, you can apply for Google adsense. Adsense is google advertising business. If Google approves your account. You can show google ads at your blog. Google pays at PPC (Pay Per Clict) Basis. Provide information to your user & Readers and google will start to show your blog page at good rank. Many SEO agencies will tell you many lies about how to take your blog page at google first page but google hasn’t disclose its way for search to any one. Read here: How to start Blogging?
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Others opportunities are:

  • Pet bottle manufacturing 
  • Cap manufacturers 
  • Electrician/Maintenance service provider 

These are few business opportunities in pharmaceutical sector. We will try to update it with more to provide you more opportunities.

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What are business opportunities available in Pharmaceutical Sector?

I am stock market investor. I want to get in Pharma sector . What are business opportunities available? I am looking at Wholesale Business as possible candidate. Kindly advise how to go about it?


In pharma sector, there are many business opportunities available like chemist/retail, wholesale/distribution, c&F, pharma marketing company, own marketing at franchise/pcd basis, consultancy etc. You can research about at what type of business you want to go.

For starting wholesale license, you need following documents and formalities to apply. Read here whole process for Wholesale/Distributor/Stockist License

In pharmaceutical market, there are different type of wholesaler/Distributors present. Some deals in Prescription Drugs, Some deals in generic medicines, few deals in OTC segments and some specially work at franchise/pcd basis. Before starting you should research which type of distribution you want to start. Every type has its own advantages and drawbacks. Read about different type of marketing in pharma sector here.

Read What are the drawbacks/advantages of generic/ethical/pcd/Franchise marketing here

Above articles are related to marketing types but these will also help you in understanding distribution level of each type of marketing. Each type of distribution is different to other type. In branded/ethical distribution, you only have to handle distribution and collection of payment. Products are sell out by companies medical representatives. You have fixed margin i.e. mostly 10%.

In generic distribution, you have main role in sale also. Company representative do work but your face value also matters. Generic market is rate based market. You have to play game at rate. How much you can give low the rate, is the main thing of your sale.For Franchise/Pcd marketing, you should have good knowledge of sale and marketing in pharma sector. But you can do one thing, you can become distributor of marketing persons who don’t have own drug license number and doing own marketing of pcd/franchise company. At that time you can take same percentage of margin as you are getting in branded/ethical distribution. OTC products segment is also good option in pharma distribution.

We recommend you to conduct research which one will be better option for you to start. In wholesale and distribution, you have to invest in both to chemist and in products. Collecting payment from market is key at success in pharmaceutical wholesale market. Multinational companies stockist ship and distribution provide advantage in market. They have good and regular sale.

Search for good companies distribution ship and start at small level. If possible, look for experienced person in pharma sector. Start with Partnership or at commission basis with him. Get tie-up with few pcd/franchise marketing persons also. They also provide good margin. Meet few distributors in your area and understand their method of work.

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