How to Start Pharmaceutical Company (Marketing & Manufacturing)?

Starting a Pharmaceutical company is a dream project for every pharma professional. But most of us haven’t start own pharmaceutical venture due to lack of knowledge and procedure to start pharmaceutical company. Here we will try to help you to start your own pharmaceutical company. This article we cover complete detail that is necessary to start pharmaceutical company.

We can divide pharmaceutical companies in two parts:

  1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company
  2. Pharmaceutical Marketing Company

These are two basic types of pharmaceutical companies. These can be further divided into following parts based upon their marketing, sale and work basis irrespective of marketing and/or manufacturing type.

  1. Pharmaceutical Branded/Ethical Company
  2. Pharmaceutical Generic Company
  3. Pharmaceutical Franchise Company
  4. Pharmaceutical Pcd Company
  5. Pharmaceutical Specialty company e.g. Derma, ophthalmic, cardiac etc
  6. Pharmaceutical Export Company
  7. Pharmaceutical Import Company
  8. Pharmaceutical OTC company
  9. Pharmaceutical Distribution Company
  10. And many more

A manufacturing company can be marketing company at same time if they are doing own marketing also along with manufacturing. Manufacturing company also require to fulfill marketing company licenses and requirements to market, sell and distribute products.

There are different procedures to start marketing and manufacturing pharmaceutical company. In this article we will cover licences, procedure, documents, qualifications and requirements to fulfill criteria for marketing company and manufacturing company. First we will discuss about requirements, licenses required and Licencing authority for granting licenses for manufacturing company. Later in article will discuss about marketing/distribution/trading company.

How to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company


  • Plant and Building (As per WHO:GMP and/or Your Country Law like in India, As per Drug and Cosmetic Act)
  • Technical Staff i.e. Approved Manufacturing Chemist and Approved Analytical Chemist
  • Machinery and Lab Equipment
  • Office Accessories
  • Machine Men and Workers
  • Electricity Supply
  • Water Supply
  • HVAC unit
  • List of medicines to be manufactured
  • Non Objection Certificate if required

Licences Required:

  • Company Registration (in case proprietorship you may skip this process)
  • Manufacturing License
  • Laboratory License
  • Wholesale Drug License
  • Goods and Service Tax Number

Licensing Authority for Manufacturing License:

Licensing Authority is a department and/or authorized person by government to grant, renew, issue and suspend license for any manufacturing unit. In case of manufacturing unit Drug Control Officer of concern state is a licensing authority for pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. Licensing Authority office is generally located at State Capital and/or Zonal basis for big states. You have to apply to licencing authority for granting of manufacturing license.

For new drugs, blood and blood products, IV fluids, vaccines and sera in India approval and licensing, Licensing authority is Drug Controller General of India.

How to apply?

Once you have completed all requirements and documents, you can visit to state drug control office for submitting your file for granting of manufacturing license. Most of state has started online application submission and/or some states still use manual file submission. You may have to visit number of times to licensing authority for it. Once you have submitted your application. Licensing Authority will intimate inspection schedule for your manufacturing unit through mail, phone and/or manually as applicable.


Inspection is conducted by joint team of State Drug Control Office and District Drug control office and/or with central drug authority. All facilities, technical staff detail, machineries and particulars are inspected according to submitted application and as per Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules.

In case, all requirements and documents are find to be satisfactory, a license is issued by concerning drug authority for manufacturing of medicines in enclosed list with manufacturing license application.


Only Manufacturing License and Laboratory License processes are different for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company from Pharmaceutical Marketing Company. Remaining processes are same for both types of companies. Manufacturing Company also require wholesale drug license. Wholesale Drug License Procedure we have discussed in how to start pharmaceutical marketing company section below.

Remaining processes we will discuss later in article. Documents also we will discuss in end. You can skip to end to read documents required for each process. One of main critical step is trade mark registration. Trade Mark registration is important for protection of company name and brand names.

How to Start Pharmaceutical Marketing Company


  • Premises (Cemented and well furnished floor and walls, concrete roof etc)
  • Competent Person i.e. Pharmacist or Experience Person
  • Office Accessories
  • Freeze and Air conditioner if asked for
  • Electricity Supply

Licences Required:

  • Company Registration (in case proprietorship you can skin this process)
  • Wholesale Drug License
  • Goods and Service Tax Number
  • FSSAI Registration (In case of selling Food and Dietary Supplements also)

License Authority for Wholesale Drug License:

Licensing Authority is a department and/or authorized person by government to grant, renew, issue and suspend license for wholesale drug licence. In case of wholesale drug license Senior Drug Inspector and/or Drug Inspector of concern district is a licensing authority for pharmaceutical marketing company. Licensing Authority office is generally located at District Head quarter and/or combined for two or more districts in some regions. You have to apply to licencing authority for granting and issuing of wholesale drug license.

How to apply?

Once you have completed all requirements and documents, you have to visit District drug control office in your district for submitting your file for granting of wholesale drug license. Most of state has started online application submission and/or some states still use manual file submission. You may have to visit number of times to licensing authority for it. Once you have submitted your application online, you still need to submit your uploaded documents physically at licencing authority office . Licensing Authority will intimate inspection schedule for your premises inspection through mail, phone and/or manually as applicable.


Inspection is conducted by District Senior Drug Inspector and/or Drug Inspector. All facilities, competent person details and other particulars are inspected according to submitted application and as per Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules.

In case, all requirements and documents are find to be satisfactory, a license is issued by concerning drug authority for sale, stock, exhibit and distribute of medicines for wholesale.

How to Register Company in India (Company Registration)?

There are four types of pharmaceutical companies mostly registered under Company Act.

  • One Person Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Public Limited Company

Each type of company has different requirements and eligibility. There are certain criteria fixed by Government of India for registration your company in any type. Ministry of corporate affair regulated company registration through Company Act 1956, 2013 and allied Acts. You can register your company through ministry of corporate affairs website.

Most of us will not take burden to apply for company registration by own self if we can get company registration consultants easily. Most of Chartered Accounts and Sale Tax/income Tax Advocates do this work with small consultancy fees. Search for CA and other agencies that deal in company registration nearby you and apply for company registration.

If you want to apply your own then you can visit at and follow the process to apply for company registration.

How to apply for Goods and Service Tax Identification Number:

GST is essential in India for doing any type of business/trading but below 20 lac annual turnover, there is no requirement of GSTIN registration. GST registration is compulsory to obtain within 30 days after exceeding turnover above 20 lac. Unlike VAT, GST is valid in all states. It can be applied through portal provided by state government and/or center government.

Like company registration, you can outsource work of for GSTIN registration through CA and other agencies. If you want to apply for GSTIN by own then Go to There will be the two options: New User and Existing User. Click at New User, Enter your detail for apply GST, Enter you mobile number and Email Address of the authorized signatory of the business entity. This number and e-mail will be used for all future communication from the GST portal.

You will receive a OTP at mobile number and e-mail id you entered in previous step. Enter this OTP. After that follow all steps and enter information and scanned images of documents as mentioned in Provisional Registration form. After completion of this process, you have been successfully applied for GSTIN registration.

We will recommend you to let your CA do this work for you. They will charge some fees but it worth for work, they know better than you and us.

How to apply for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Registration

If you want to market food and dietary supplements along with medicines and drug then you also have to apply for FSSAI registration. This is a simple registration process which you need to apply online by visiting at FSSAI website. After applying application online, you also have to submit your documents manually at FSSAI officer’s office appointed by FSSAI department at district head quarter or at specific location. Office detail can be found at FSSAI website and/or contact number provided at their website.

This is applicable for marketing and selling of food & dietary supplements only. If you are a manufacturing food & dietary supplements then you have to apply for Food and Dietary Supplement manufacturing license at FSSAI website. This process is also online and has to submit documents at food officer’s office.

Documents and requirements are different for license and registration process. There are three type of categories under FSSAI.

  • Central License
  • State License
  • Registration

You can apply as per your need. If you are marketing, only registration could be ok but if you have large turnover you have to take state license from FSSAI. For manufacturing, you can opt for state license and/or central license as per your requirement.

Note: For granting FSSAI manufacturing license separate building and premises is necessary.

What will be Procedure and sequence to proceed for Starting Pharmaceutical Company

Important Step in starting Pharmaceutical Company

  • Taking Experience in pharmaceutical sector by doing job and/or indulge with any already established company/firm.
  • Take training if you don’t have experience in pharmaceutical sector
  • Choose Location of Business. Search for shop/building/premises for office, licenses and stock. It may be rented or owned but there should be adequate space as per government norm.
  • Research and Prepare list of all molecule and combinations, you want to manufacture and/or marketing.
  • Finalize Company Name and Brand Names of all products. Be sure these don’t resemble to any other company or brand already working in Market. Due to presence of thousand of brands and companies, it becomes difficult to choose unique name but you should try your best. Already registered or in process Trade Name and Company Name you can search at Trade name in class 5 and Company name at class 35.
  • Appointment of Technical and competent staff

Now we will discuss about documents required for licenses we have discussed above.

Documents Required:

Documents Required for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing License:

List of Documents required to obtain pharmaceutical manufacturing drug license: (May vary state to state):

  • Covering Letter including introduction of applicant with address of the Plant and Administration office
  • Prescribed forms duly filled and signed by the Proprietor / Managing Partner / Managing Director
  • Fees challan in original remitting the required amount of fee in the Head of Account or Original Treasury Challan
  • Documents related to ownership of firm (Proprietorship/Partnership/Company)
  • Affidavit of Proprietor / Partners / Directors etc (Notarized)
  • Address Proof copy duly attested
  • Attested copy of ownership proof/rent agreement/lease deed
  • Affidavit of applicants, manufacturing chemist and quality control chemist
  • List of all technical staff along with photocopy of educational qualification and experience.
  • Blue print of Plan and layout of the premises showing the installation of Machinery and Equipment.
  • Design and layout of HVAC systems if applicable
  • List of medicines intend to be manufactured in manufacturing unit
  • Water Analysis Report
  • Electricity Connection Documents
  • NOC from competent Local Authority like Gram Panchayat , Nagar Nigam or Nagar Palika if applicable
  • Detailed list of Manufacturing Machinery and Lab Equipment with copies of purchase Bills. (As per Format)
  • Permission obtained from the Municipal Authorities/ Panchayat authorities / Certificate in conformity with Factories Act for construction and starting the Unit
  • Permission from the Health Authorities / Pollution Control Board clearance of the area for setting up the manufacturing facility
  • Clearance from Drugs Controller General (India), New Delhi in case of new drugs (Either Bulk drug or Formulation)
  • Site Master File. (Refer para 29 of part I of Schedule M)

Affidavit formats, blue print format and other formats you can ask from drug control office

Documents Required for Wholesale Drug License:

Senior drug inspector and/or Drug Inspector can provide you full details of requirement for a whole sale drug license. Procedure and details for applying for D.L. number can be change according to government policies. Important documents are:

  • Application will be submitted in form no. 19 with other detailed information forms.
  • You or your partner (if any) either should be a registered pharmacist or Experienced Person or competent person. If you don’t have any of above qualification than you can appoint or hire a registered pharmacist or EP (Experienced Person) and make him authorized to handle all work on your behalf (Appointment letter will be submitted with application)
  • Premises size should have minimum of 10 square meter area (requirement of area may vary) and should have single premises.
  • Affidavits
  • Fees ( mode of fee and prescribed fee may vary)
  • Blue print or layout of Premises
  • Freeze purchase bill copy with complete address
  • Air Conditioner if applicable
  • Ownership or Rent agreement deed of premises.
  • Electricity bill of premises.
  • Affidavit of proprietor, partner, pharmacist, EP etc.
  • Firm registration receipt in case private limited firm. List of directors, address proof, article of association etc is also to submit with application form
  • Partnership deed if any
  • Any other documents as asked by local drug controller etc.


Documents for Company Registration:

  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card
  • TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Number)
  • Identity Proof (Electronic ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
  • Passport Photo
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Mobile Bill / Telephone)
  • Rent Agreement (Notarised: For rented property) or Ownership proof
  • Latest Electricity Bill
  • MOA(Memorandum Of Association) or/andAOA (Article Of Association)
  • NOC if required

Documents required for applying for GSTIN:

  • Digital Signature Certificate (Class II)
  • Address Proof of Business Entity
  • Proprietor/Partners/Directors Address Proof
  • Aadhaar Card, PAN and Image etc
  • Ownership Proof or Rent agreement
  • Partnership deed or memorandum of association/certificate of incorporation
  • Back Statement and Bank Detail

Qualification for Competent/Technical Staff:

Qualification of Technical Staff for Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Chemist:

Minimum of Bachelor in Pharmacy with one and half year of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing unit under supervision of approved manufacturing chemist


Minimum of Bachelor in Sciences with three year of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing unit under supervision of approved manufacturing chemist

Analytical Chemist:

Minimum of Bachelor of Pharmacy


Minimum of Bachelor in Science with three year of experience in Laboratory of pharmaceutical manufacturing unit under supervision of approved analytical chemist.

Qualification and Eligibility for EP or competent person for Marketing Company

Person should have one of the below qualification or eligibility to be EP or competent person:

  • Registered pharmacist under state pharmacy council or
  • Minimum of one experience at registered wholesale drug licensed firm after graduation with salary in bank account and appointment letter, resignation letter & experience letter at firm’s letter head with duly stamped and signed

If you want to know about Investment then Read our Article: How much Investment requirement required to Start these Companies?

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How can a Doctor Start Pharma Company?


I’m looking to start my own pharmaceutical marketing company and I need your expertise in clarifying few areas of concern.
1. I am a doctor by profession and I run a nursing home in my home town so if I am looking forward to start a new company can I start in my own hospital premises preferably top floor or do I need to find a new place/rented one i.e is it okay to start in hospital premises (note:I don’t have any other office space as of now)
2. Can the ownership be made in my name or do I need to nominate any other person since I am a doctor

P.S: kindly revert to me back via mail and I ask you not to disclose my query in any other forum/3rd party clients


1. There is condition for Drug License (Wholesale/Distributor/Stockist Drug License) that premises should be a separate and independent. You can start your company at Top floor (preferably first or second) and take drug license but that floor should fulfill minimum requirement for wholesale drug license.
2. You can be owner of pharmaceutical marketing company irrespective of your Doctor profession but you will need to hire a registered pharmacist for taking wholesale drug license.

We don’t disclose our any reader information to any third party or forum. We only use our reader’s query (without disclosing identity or personnel information) to post at our blog with answer so our other readers can be benefited with it.

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How to start Pharma Marketing Company?


I am a doctor by profession and I have been working in pharma sector for the past 5 years. I am interested in starting up a new marketing company with a 3rd party GMP certified manufacturer. I am looking forward to your help in resolving few queries of mine. I have around 2000 sq ft of space available at my residence which can operate as my office location and warehouse at least initially. I hope you could possibly help with my queries.


Are there any benefits (financial or non-financial) under any schemes of Govt of India? (eg START UP INDIA)

Query: 2

What are the mandatory documents/clearances required to initiate a company

Query: 3

What is the minimum capital required in INR?


Query 1: Most of scheme in Start-UP India is associated with Manufacturing and Service Sector. In marketing company, this is not going to help you more…

Query 2: For Pharma marketing Company following licenses is mainly required:

Wholesale Drug License

GST number

Company Registration (Voluntary for Proprietorship Firms)

Query3: As we have discussed in our article: How much investment is required to start Pharma Company?, there is no fixed capital investment required. It varies according to factors like number of products, cost of products, marketing type, your experience in pharma sector etc.

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Whether to take drug licence in all states for Starting Pharma Marketing Company?


Want to start pharma marketing company, kindly let me know whether I need to take drug licence in all states or some other way to do this? Please confirm whether I need to take wholesale license or distributor license? Please confirm how to get pharma Company auditor ? Please confirm whether I need to take drug license or wholesale/ distributor license or both at once? Thank you in advance Please contact me and reply to my queries on my email.

For starting Pharmaceutical Marketing Company, you can read our article: How to Start Pharmaceutical Company?
You will need to take drug license at premises where you are stocking, receiving, billing and dispatching medicines and drugs. In other states and districts, you can appoint distributors who have wholesale drug license. Wholesaler and distributor license are same. You will need to take wholesale drug license for starting pharma marketing company. You will not need of pharma company auditor in start. As your sale will increase, you can take service of auditor.
Hope above information is helpful to you…
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How to start Cosmetic Marketing Company and Sell Products Online?

You can start Cosmetic products Company in Two ways:

  • Cosmetic Products Marketing Company
  • Cosmetic Products Manufacturing Company

About cosmetic products manufacturing company, we have discussed in our article: How to start cosmetic product manufacturing unit?

In this article, we will discuss about how to start cosmetic marketing company. For selling and purchasing of cosmetic product, No Need of Drug License. You can register your company and get manufactured your product at third party manufacturing, contract manufacturing or loan license basis and start marketing of cosmetic products.

 Step wise Procedure to Start Cosmetic Marketing Company:

For Cosmetic Products marketing Company, company has to deal in sales and purchase of cosmetics only. For selling and purchasing of cosmetics, no drug license is required. One can get manufactured his brand name cosmetic products from cosmetic manufactured company.


How to sell Online?

For selling online, first requirement is Goods and Service tax Number. You can sell in local market without GSTN if your turnover is less than 20 lakh rupees but for online selling you will need of GSTIN to register your firm with any online websites ( like amazon, flipcart, snapdeal etc) for selling your cosmetic products.

First you need to make a seller account at any online selling website. Add your product and inventory to list your product in specific class at which your product fall under. You need to provide your GSTIN, PAN and account number for creating a seller account.

After making seller account and listing your product at online selling portals, you can start selling your products online.

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How to Start Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in United State of America (USA)

Starting a company or business involve few essential step in every field. Same for pharmaceutical company.
Here we are going to discuss about setting-up pharma marketing company in USA with minimum investment and time through out sourcing from India.
For starting company in united state, first you have to fulfill company registration, product registration and licensing formalities in America.


Steps involve in start a Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in USA:

  • Get Pharmaceutical Business Assistance, Experience and Training
  • Write a Business Plan
  • Choose Location of Business
  • Finance Source (Own Saving, Bank Loan, Investment etc.)
  • Choose Company/Business Name (Doing Business As)
  • Registration of Company (Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, corporation, non profit or cooperative)
  • Registration of State and Local Taxes
  • Apply for EIN (Employers Identification Number)
  • Apply for License and Permit for conducting Pharmaceutical Business
After complete Business registration, you are eligible to start Pharma Marketing Company in USA. Now you will need to procure Medicines with Marketed by Name of your Company. Here we are going to tell you low investment method to procure medicines by your marketed by Name. India is one of the largest manufacturer of medicines in world and it could be helpful in starting Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in USA. For outsourcing pharmaceutical products from India, following steps has to be followed:

Read How to export pharmaceutical products from India?

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How to Start TV Shopping Channel Business Model Ayurvedic Company?


First of all, I would like to thank you for the information provided in your article on How to Start Ayurvedic Marketing Company?We are very interested in starting an Ayurveda medicine marketing company. For this we have few queries:

1. Our business model is based on TV Shopping channels. We have extensive experience in this business with mostly electronic products. Is there any legal issue, if we want to get into Ayurveda medicine selling on TV shopping channels?
2. We do not want to get into manufacturing so we are looking at third party manufacturers. Will these third party manufacturers have any issues if we sell their product on TV channels?
3. Can you help us connect and meet with third party Ayurveda medicine manufacturers in Delhi or other parts of the country?
Your response is awaited!


1. Most of Ayurvedic Products are sell as a Over the Counter Products. you can sell these through TV Shopping channel but you can’t claim any treatment or cure from these products in advertisement. You can use Useful or Helpful words while claim any indication. There are certain laws and regulations for Ayurvedic Products advertisement, you have to follow them only. Few Ayurvedic Products are required use under medical supervision, only these products can’t be sell through TV Shopping Channel. If you can arrange any BAMS doctor to solve the problems of patients through TV as many channels and advertisers do, then it will be much better.

2. Through Third Party manufacturing, manufacturer will manufacture products with your brand name. In your brand names and company name, manufacturer will not have any objection where you sell your products.
3. We can contact you many ayurvedic manufacturer near Delhi. We have very strong links with Ayurvedic Manufacturers.

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What is Recall in Pharmaceutical Industry? Procedure involved in Product Recall

Product Recall means any action/procedure taken by the manufacturer, importer, marketer, supplier or registrant or enlistment holder of a product to remove it from the market or to retrieve from any person to whom it has been supplied because of the reason that the product;-
  • may be hazardous to health; or/and
  • may fail to conform to any claim made by its manufacturer, importer, registrant or enlistment holder relating to the quality, safety, efficacy or its usefulness; or/and
  • may not meet to the Quality Requirements;
Factors affecting Product Recall:
A pharmaceutical product may be recall from many reason as discussed above and other than discussed above. Due to complex distribution system and time taken process, 100% product recall from market is not possible.
How much product will be received back depend at many factors like:
Types of Product Recall:
  • Voluntary
  • Requested by Authorities
Voluntary Product Recall:
If Product’s Manufacturer, importer, marketer, supplier or any other person involved in product distribution channel recall the product by itself  by finding product of inferior quality in re-checking, re-testing or any other way then it is Known as Voluntary Product Recall.
Requested by Concern Drug Authority:
If any Government Authority at concerned country responsible for pharmaceutical products standards and quality measures, finds product is not of standard quality (Failing of samples taken time by time) may request to concern person, institute or organisation to recall that product from market in Public interest.
In case concern person, institute or organisation don’t recall product at concern authority then concern authority may use its power to recall or force manufacturer or any other concern person to recall that product from market
Procedure of Product Recall:
When a product is identified as of inferior quality or not of required standards, a product is recalled by its manufacturer, importer, marketer, supplier or any person involved into distribution channel. A product recall procedure involve following steps:
Step 1: In case of product recalled on request by Authority, Authority issue a letter confirming that product found of inferior quality or may not comply with standards as prescribed to the manufacturer, importer, marketer, supplier or any person involved into distribution channel. Involved person has to reply this letter at specific period of time. This letter may contains other required documents or details by drug authorities. Generally this letter asking the details as follow:
  • Confirmation of supply to whom sample taken
  • Source from where you obtained product (If you are not manufacturer)
  • Detailed Distribution report of that product along with invoice number, date and quantity
  • Issuing Recall letter to concern persons to whom you supply that product
  • Stock present at you
  • Attached list of test report issued by Authority Laboratory confirming found specification during testing
  • Any other detail if required
In case of Voluntary Recall this step doesn’t involve. Internal test laboratory or any other laboratory confirms about product inferiority or lack of specific standards and starts recall procedure itself.
Step 2: Receiver has to reply the letter issued by concern drug authorities and Issue Recall Letter to all concern persons, firms, institutions or organisations to whom product has been supplied.
If you are a Pharmacy, then mention source of product as distributor or Stockist. Your customers to whom you supplied will be patients. If you are a Distributor or stockist then mention source of product as C&F or Manufacturer or Marketer or Importer. Distribution report will include all pharmacies chemist/retailers. If you are Carrying and Forwarding Agent (CNF) then mention source of product as Manufacturer or Marketer or Importer. Distribution list will include Distributors and Stockist detail. Marketing Companies or Importers will have to mention manufacturers from which to get manufactured or imported that product. Its Distribution report will include CNF or Stockist or Distributors. Manufacturer has to submit his own Certificate of Analysis reports and other testing quality procedure details carries during manufacturing of that product. And distribution report.Step 3: A Recall letter has been issued by Manufacturer, importer, marketer or any other concern person. A manufacturer will issue Recall letter to CNF or Marketer or Importer. A CNF or Marketer or Importer will issue recall letter to Distributors or Stockists or CNF. A Distributor or Stockist will issue Recall Letter to Pharmacies/Retailers/Chemist. Further Pharmacy/Chemist may ask for return of product to patients but it’s practically not possible. Either patient may have consume it or it is difficult to locate patient easily.

Step 4: Receiving of Recalled Stock and Destroyed by Manufacturer in presence of Concern Authorities.


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Will it be wise to start pharma company from small state?

I’m 12yrs experience in this pharma field, working in reputed company, in a SMALL STATE, now I am thinking to start a pharma marketing company. under my brand name and all. I have read your article regarding this.
I have a few question, that,
1. being in my current company if I want to start a new company in my wife’s name, ( proprietor name), How to manage all registration process.
2. Will it be wise to start from small state, because in the PRODUCT packaging box Company address will be written.
3. Can I directly bill the product to a stockist (I appointed) from contract manufacturer?(without having a Cnf)
4. Will it be wise to think that, I will be able to give my company a ethical look later on, and to expand it in across country? (Please consider current market scenario of marketing)


1. You can start your company from your wife name. You can take all registration at your wife name. You can manage side by all registration process along with your current job.
2. Its not problem to start from any small town. Only thing you need to check is your marketed by address. Read our article: Marketed by address and what is importance of it?
3. You can directly bill to stockist without involvement of cnf.
4. Every big thing start from small steps. Pharmaceutical sector is growing with high speed and there are lot of opportunities for new start-ups to be successful. Prescription base marketing will able to give you ethical look.
Hope above information is helpful to you…
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How to start Pharma Company from less than 10 Brands?

I do have experience as a Medical Representative in 4 years and as a area manager in 5 years. I do have experience in general and cardiac segments. I am planning to start one pharma company with launching of 3 head quarters by taking the stocks from manufacturers. For that i need your guidance as following things…
1. Give me suggestion that in company name.
2. With which brands, I can built min 1 lakh pcpm in 4-6 months
3. Can u help that am I doing right thing.
4. If yes,what are the instructions I have to follow
5. If no,what things I have to learn for how long.
I am planning to do focus on 2-3 brands for diabetic segment, 2-3 brands for ortho & Gyn, 2-3 brands for nerve pain management. Totally i want to launch 8-9 brands with limited customers in every hq. So can you help me please , Is there any better idea which is useful to me.


1. Name should be decent, attractive, simple, easily pronounceable, technical and suited to pharma etc. read in detail about Name selection by clicking here
2. Its not possible to make 1 lac income in 4-6 months with any brands. It takes some time to establish a newly launch company, so be patience in your journey. About Product selection (Brand), you know better than us because you know better which products you can sell into market.Read in detail product selection in pharma sector by clicking here
3. Thinking and planning about brighter future is a right thing. But you should prepare for all situations during your entrepreneur journey.
4. First few years is crucial for any new start-ups. You should first create some financial resources for living expenses before leaving your current job. read related article to check few more facts here
5. You have to learn many aspects that are mandatory for establishing any type of business. Selling products of a established company and newly launched company is different things. You have to build confidence in yourself. Read in detail about how to start business by clicking here
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Hope above information is helpful to you…
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