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Queries Related to Ayurvedic Export;

Queries Related to Ayurvedic Export

Related Query: I want to deal in ayurvedic products like shilajit, salam, panja garlic.I want to export. Can i get registration to export these productsResponse: For exporting Ayurvedic products, you need free trade export license. read¬†documents and procedure for export of Ayurvedic¬† You can read general requirements for exporting Ayurvedic medicine in this article. You …

licenses required to export Ayurvedic Medicines;

licenses required to export Ayurvedic Medicines

Query:Any licenses required to export like moov, tiger bam, iodex, vick vaporub, crack cream from india? Response: These are Ayurevedic Preparation, You need only IEC number (Importer/Exporter Code) for exporting these preparations along with free trade license for commerce industry. Read here: How to export Ayurvedic Medicines Hope above information is useful to you… For …

How to export Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbs from India?;

How to export Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbs from India?

Query: Kindly help to under the process for getting an ayurvedic product license and the associated free sales certificate for export of the product to other countries from india. I understand stability studies are required for product license application, please advice on the duration of study required and how many batches will be required. Is …