Top Five Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in United States Pharmaceutical Market

India is the one of the biggest supplier of generic medicines to USA. India and USA are strong relationship while we talk about pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. India is second largest supplier of generic medicines to USA where as USA add 40 percent in total revenue of top four Indian Pharmaceutical manufacturers.In recent time, due to change of US import policy has impacted Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter to USA. US administration’s policy of reducing import has created trouble for these exporters. Although these manufacturers have their own plants in USA but there major revenue portion come from importing medicines from India. After change in import policy of USA, Indian Pharmaceutical Companies has to change its policies and has to increased acquisition and merger of USA Pharmaceutical Companies or setting-up more manufacturing facilities in USA to keep their presence into US pharmaceutical Market.

Top Five Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers who has their own plants in USA:

1. Sun Pharma
Sun Pharma is 4th largest Speciality Generic Pharmaceutical Company in world having its operation in More than 150 countries and 5 continents. Sun Pharma is also largest Indian Pharma Company in the US. The Company was established by Dilip Shangvi in 1983. The company has strong presence into American Generic Market and has become Brand in US. Sun Pharma has 45 (API and Finished Goods) manufacturing unit across world. These manufacturing units are located in India, the US, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Bangladesh, Mexico, Romania, Ireland, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and Malaysia. In US, Sun Pharma has 7 own finished goods manufacturing units and one API manufacturing unit. These units are located in Philadelphia, Detroit, Wilmington, Chicago, Cranbury, New Brunswick, North Brunswick and API unit is located in Chattanooga. Sun Pharma first created its presence in US pharma market in 1996.

2. Lupin

Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. entered the U.S. generic pharmaceutical market in 2003 with the ANDA approval for Cefuroxime Axetil Tablets. Since then Lupin has received more than 75 FDA approvals and have become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the US. Lupin Limited, has its headquartered in Mumbai, India founded by Desh Bandhu Gupta.
The United States remains Lupin’s largest and most important market with 48% share of total revenues. In March 2016, the Company completed its acquisition of US-based GAVIS Pharmaceuticals LLC and Novel Laboratories Inc. (GAVIS). The Somerset, New Jersey is the Company’s first manufacturing site in the US. In FY 2017 Lupin’s US revenues surpassed the USD 1 billion mark, closing at USD 1,207 million, a growth of 37% over FY 2016 revenues of USD 883 million. The revenues from Lupin’s Brands business were USD 78 million, while the Generics business clocked in revenues of USD 1,129 million.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a Hyderabad, Telangana based Indian multinational pharmaceutical company founded in 1984 by Dr. K. Anil Reddy. Dr Reddy’s supplies Generic medicines to more then 80 countries world wide. In the year 1997, Dr. Reddy filled first ANDA with the United States Food and Drug Administration for Ranitidine. Dr. Reddy became the first Indian company to win 180-day exclusivity for a generic drug in the US. Also, Dr. Reddy launched their first generic product, Ranitidine, in the US market. In the year 2003, Dr. Reddy launched Ibuprofen, first generic product to be marketed under the ‘Dr. Reddy’s’ label in the US. During the year 2010-11, the company acquired GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) oral penicillin manufacturing facility located in Tennessee, USA. Dr. Reddy has its three manufacturing units in USA located at Shreveport (Louisiana), Bristol (Tennessee) and Middleburgh (New York). Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Inc. has its American office located in Princeton, New jersey.

4. Cipla
Cipla is an Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical having its headquarter in Mumbai, India founded by Dr. Khwaja Abdul Hamied as The Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories in 1935 which is then shorted to Cipla ltd in 1984. Cipla has its presence in more than 100 countries. Cipla USA Inc., the US subsidiary of Cipla Limited, is based in Miami, FL. Cipla started US market in 1985, when Cipla became the first Indian company to receive US FDA approval. Cipla has place in top fifteen generic pharmaceutical companies in USA. Cipla completed acquisition of InvaGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Exelan Pharmaceuticals Inc. in USA to increase its presence.  InvaGen has 3 manufacturing units with ~350,000 sq.ft. manufacturing and R&D area and about 500 employees specialized in different fields.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited is an Indian Pharmaceutical having its headquarter in HITEC city, Hyderabad, India founded in 1986 by P.V. Ramprasad Reddy and K. Nityananda Reddy. Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Limited manufactures generic pharmaceutical drugs. The company was incorporated in 2004 and is based in Dayton, New Jersey.  Aurolife is a 100% owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc (APUSA) has 100,000 square feet state-of-the-art US FDA approved cGMP compliant manufacturing facility.

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List of WHO-GMP Certified Pharmaceutical manufacturing Units in India

Indian Pharma market is estimated 36.7 billion US dollar in size and growing at speed of 15% annually and expected to reach 55 billion US dollar till 2020. As industry is growing, regulation are also changing to meet quality standards as per international norms. Drug department also enforcing Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to complete infrastructure and facilities as per cGMP and WHO-GMP standards. But in vast Indian Pharma Manufacturing market, only limited manufacturing units compile with WHO-GMP standards. Below is list of WHO-GMP certified units in India:Below is the list of WHO-GMP certified Pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

Disclaimer: List is for informational purpose only, WHO-GMP certification validity may be expired or subject to renew or may be cancelled for some plants. Please confirm from other sources also about WHO-GMP status of below mentioned plants before reaching any decision.

Download : State-wise list of WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units in the India by clicking here


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry


I am Dr. ——, psychiatrist from ———, Tamilnadu. With my friend orthopedic Surgeon, we are planning to start a drug marketing company at a small budget level (app 5,00,000) . I went through your website which gave me almost complete insight regarding starting a drug company. We are planning to start with maximum of ten products includes vitamins and iron supplements, anti ulcer, analgesics, cough formulas and amoxy-clav antibiotics. We need your kind help to find out drug manufacturers list in Chennai and pondychery. We already have license and place.



Lists of manufacturers in Tamil Nadu check by clicking at below link:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu state of India

Lists of manufacturers in Puducherry check by clicking at below link:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units in Puducherry U.T. of India

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How to start Ayurvedic Company in India?

We have read your article: How to start Ayurvedic Company in India?
we want to marketing Ayurvedic /Unani medicines with 3rd party productions all over india or state.
my questions are as:
  1. Is require any further licences for above works?
  2. If yes, what are those and from where will i get?
  3. Can we label and repackaging of these products?
  4. Can i market by own brand?
  5. We don’t want to manufacture but repackaging and private labeling with own brand as—– ?
  6. If we work with good grade products what others documents require?


1. For marketing of Ayurvedic products, you don’t need any license. You can do marketing all over India with your existing firm by manufacturing your products at third party manufacturing basis.
2. You can work with only sale tax number.
3. You can’t label and repacking of any of these products without manufacturing license. You can only get manufactured products in your own brand name from any Ayurvedic manufacturer.
4. You can market your own brand as marketing by getting manufactured your products and supply all over India.

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POP Bandage Company in India


I am looking to start a POP Bandage company in North India. In the initial stages, I do not want to manufacture the bandages myself. I am looking to get the bandages manufactured as third party contract. Do you think its a good idea?
If you can help me, then I will be really thankful.


Definitely it is good idea. By means of third party manufacturing, you can prevent large amount of your investment and can focus at sales and marketing with more concentration.

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Surgical Dressing and Bandages. Type of Surgical Dressings. Manufacturers of Surgical Dressings.

Surgical Dressing:

A dressing is like a gauze pad or cloth or pouch which could be sterile or non sterile and applied directly to wound or injured area to promote healing and prevent it from any further harm and infection. Benefits of sterile dressing is that it is free of any contamination or infections.

Surgical Bandage:

A bandage is supporting element in dressing which is often used to hold dressing at its place.

Qualities of Dressing Material Should be:

It should be free from any contamination and infections.
It should not leave any particles or fibers at wound site.
It should have optimum PH value.
It should not get macerated i.e. neither too much dry nor too much wet by wound’s exudate.

Types of Surgical Dressings:

  • Wet to Dry
  • Chemical impregnated 
  • Foam 
  • Alginated
  • Hydrofiber 
  • Transparent film
  • Hydrogel
  • Hydrocolloid
  • Tape
  • Wound Closure material
  • Binders etc.

Wet to Dry Dressings:

In this type of dressing, a saline absorbed gauze or cotton sponge is used to pull out exudate from wound. This absorbed gauze or cotton is applied to soak exudate and then remove ti dry wound. It is simple type of dressing which is inexpensive. After drying wound medication is applied and put absorbent gauze or cotton and  cover it with the help of supporting bandage.

Chemical impregnated Dressings:

This type of dressing are treated with chemicals like povidone-iodine, antibiotic etc for faster healing of wound. This is used for wounds that accepts this chemical and doesn’t show any allergic or chemical reactions.

Foam Dressing:

Self adhesive foam sheet is used to cover wound area.

Alginate Dressing:

This type is used for moderate to high wound drainage.  Alginated dressing is composed of calcium or sodium salt or seaweed within a gel dressing.

Hydrofiber Dressings:

This are similar dressing as of Alginated dressings but this are composed of the polymers of Carboxymethylcellulose (Heavy good absorbent property). These are manufactured in sheets to place in wounds that have considerable exudate.

Transparent Film Dressings:

These dressing types are non absorbent in nature. These are a layer of plastic which prevent wound from outer environment. These allow only some exchange of oxygen and moisture between wound & outer environment.

Hydrogel Dressings:

This type of dressing is costlier one and promote the body’s own natural function of removing necrotic tissue. It works by manitaining a moist wound environment. It is used for wounds with no excessive fluids, necrotic wounds, pressure ulcers etc.

Hydrocolloid Dressings:

This Dressings are used on burns, lightly draining wounds, ulcers etc. It has some absorbent nature and also promote autolytic debridement. It has major disadvantage of anaerobic bacterial growth.


Tapes are used to provide strength and fix dressings at its place. Tapes are self adhesive or non adhesive in nature which are available in paper, plastic or cloth varieties.

Wound Closure Material:

Material that are used to close the wound after dressing is known as Wound Closure Material.


Binders are a form of bandaging that provide support to the body area they surround.

List of Surgical Manufactures in India:

  • Alfa Surgicals 25, Vanashree Society, Karandwadi, Post. Degaon, Taland Dist. Satara
  • Amritsar Surgical Inds Verka Bye Pass Chowk, Amritsar
  • Assam Surgical & Pharmaceutical s (Pvt.) Ltd. “Akash Deep”, Police Reserve Line, Lakhtokia Road, Guwahati-781 001
  • Bengal Surgicals Ltd. D/38-C Industrial Area, Kalyani, Mumbai
  • Bengal Surgicals Ltd. D/38c, Industrial Area, Kalyani, Nadia
  • Bharat Remedies (P) Ltd. B-9, Sports Goods & Surgicals Complex, Basti Bawa Khel, Jalandhar-144 021. 2251592, 2201339.
  • Bliss Infusion & Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 104; 19th Street; Midc;Satpur; Nashik-422 007
  • Bliss Infusions & Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 104; 19th Street, Midc, Satpur, Nashik
  • Brisk Surgicals Gidc C 1 B 3 Kalol ,Gandhinagar 3231362
  • Century Surgical & Pharmaceutical s Village Kyarda, P.O. Puruwala, Via Nahan, Distt. Sirmour
  • Champion Surgical Works P.Ltd. V.V.Nagar,Tal.Anand
  • Chatterjee Surgical 1323, Purba Sinthee Road, Kolkata-30 Loan On Nicco Corpn. Ltd., Kolkata
  • Cheema Surgical Ind. B-12 Sports Complex, Jalandhar
  • D.P.Surgical 838, G.C.Dutta Road, Sainpala
  • D.P.Surgical Gopal Ch. Dutta Road, Basirhat
  • Delux Surgical 11, S. N. Complex, Behind B.P.L Show Room, Vastra Sq, Amraiwadi Highway, Ahmedabad.
  • Doc’s Surgical Cotton A / 146 , Midc , Phase I , Dombivli ( E ).Thane
  • Durgapur Surgical Works P-28/1, Durgapur Industrial Estate, J.P. Avenue, Durgapur-713212
  • East End Surgical Ghoshl Para, P.O.Taki, Dist. 24-Parganas
  • Ethical Surgical & Dressing Co. Bhatchalla Burdwan
  • Fine Surgical Dressing Mfg. Co. 15,16,17 Indl. Area, Bathinda
  • Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd. Plot 21, Achhad Industrial Estate, Village Achhad, Taluka Talasari, Thane
  • Himalaya Surgicals Shed No.20, Baddi, Solan
  • Hrj Surgicals 8, Shivshakti Estate, Vadkun, Dahanu,Thane
  • Icon Pharma & Surgicals P. Ltd. Plot No. 128-B, Phase I&II, GIDC Estate, Naroda, Ahmedabad-382330 079-2812780 iconpharma
  • ICON PHARMA & SURGICALS PVT. LTD. Plot No. 128-B, Phase I & II, GIDC, Naroda, Ahmedabad-382 330. 2812780, 2817362.
  • Indian Surgical Emporium 12, Indra Biswas Road, Kolkata
  • Indian Surgical Emporium 12,Indra Biswas Road, Kolkata -37
  • Indian Surgical Mfg Company R. No.2, 1st Floor, Maharashtra Lodge Bldg, Amaravati.
  • Indian Surgical Mfg. Company Premises Address Plot No. 31,32,33, Bhivapurkar Colony, Badnera Road, Amravati
  • Iris Surgical Vill And P.O. Nalkuri, Tamluk, Dist. Midnapore
  • Keep Clean Surgical, Cotton Product Pvt.Ltd. At.Birdewadi Tal.Hatkanangale, Kolhapur
  • Konark Surgical Pvt. Ltd., Toopran Pet; Distt. Nalgonda
  • Kumar Pharmaceutical D-88 Sports & Surgical Complex, Jalandhar
  • Life Line Surgicals & Chemicals Co. (P) Ltd. 22/1/1a, Raja Manindra Road, Kolkata-37 Loan On Nicco Corpn. Ltd.
  • M.B.Surgical Enterprises 65/1, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Kolkata -59, Loan Upon Nicco Corpn. Ltd.
  • Martine Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. Maheshpur, P.O. Birshibpur, Howrah
  • Medico Surgical Industries Sk Puri, Patna
  • Modern Surgicals (P) Phase VI, Mohali
  • Moti Surgical Udyog (P) Ltd., C-28 Panki, Site-I Kanpur Nagar.
  • Narmada Surgicals A-5 M.I.D.C., Yavatmal.
  • National Surgical Company Tulin, Plot No. 3694, P.S.Jhalda, Purulia
  • National Surgical, 80,M.M.Road,Khurja, Bulandsahar
  • Nimish Pharma & Surgicals 103, Vellala Street 1st Floor, Puducherry-605 001. 0413-231940 Fax: 0413- 222968.
  • North East Surgical Appliances 99/124, Jessore Road, Kolkata -28
  • Orient Surgical Basirhat, Chowmatha (Taki Road)
  • Prasad Pharmaceutical s & Surgical Works Research (P) Ltd. 5, Russa Road (South) 3rd Lane Kolkata-700 033. 24733021.
  • Reliable Surgical Pvt Ltd 305 First Floor Mid Town Udiapole, Udaipur, 2420457
  • Rexan Laboratories Ltd. B-5,Sports & Surgical Complex, Jalandhar
  • Royal Surgical Industries Vill. Khera, Laxmipur, Thakurdwara Road, Jaspur, U.S. Nagar 05947- 222622
  • Ruby Surgical & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd. A-43/44,Midc Indl Area, Ajinta Rd, Jalgaon
  • Runnex Surgical Industries Velpur Road Tanuku ,East Godavari West Godavari
  • Ruthe Surgical Dressings House No : 51, Nandanvan Colony, Nagpur
  • Shanti Surgical (P) Ltd., G-28,29,Panki Indl. Estate,Site-I, Kanpur Nagar.
  • Shivani Surgical (P) Ltd. Bengre, Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada
  • Softex Surgical Cotton 6-B, Industrial Area, Kala Amb, Tehsil Nahan, Distt. Sirmour
  • Solar Surgical &Pharmaceutic als 6&7, Marudhar Industrial Estate, Navghar Vasi (E), Thane
  • Standard Surgical Industries F-17, Industrial Ariea, Haridwar
  • Surya Surgical Pharmaceutical s Ltd., 5; I.E.; Mancheswar; Bhubaneswar; Distt. Khordha.
  • Swapan Surgical & Dressing 30n, Harey Kristopher Sett Lane, Kolkata-50
  • Thiruthuva Surgicals Maruthathoor Desam, Neyyattinkara Thiruvananthapuram
  • United Surgicals D-128, Phase Iii, Ida Jeedimetla, Dist. Rangareddi-500 055.
  • V.K. Surgical Pvt. Ltd. D-8, Industrial Area, Bhadrabad, Haridwar
  • Vandana Surgicals Cotton Industries GA-24-25, RIICO Indl. Area, Viaynagar, Ajmer
  • Vardhman Surgical Cotton C-18 I.A. Hanumangarh Junction, Sgnr Hanumangarh
  • Venkatesh Surgical Cotton Industries, Vill- Ajania Chhindwara
  • Vijaya Chemical And Surgical Dressings Plot No42, IDA., Jeedimetla, Hyderabad- 500855
  • Wilson Tapes Pvt Ltd., 866, Vishwakarma Shopping Centre, Sector – 21, Gandhinagar – 382021, 02712- 231957/2388 88 Fax – 225769 wilson@ice net.netWeb sitewww.wilson m
  • Zest Surgicals 3F-Industrial Area, Bhadrabad, Haridwar