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What is Order Book? Types and how to prepare Order Book?;
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What is Order Book? Types and how to prepare Order Book?

Order book As name indicate, Order Book use to note down the order receipt from customer. It is an important accessory carry by sales and marketing professionals in every sector and medical representative, office executives, marketing staffs etc in pharmaceutical sector. It may be manual, printed and/or electronic. Definition of Order Book: It is defined …

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What are the promotion materials required by Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Companies?

Promotion and advertisement is an important aspect of any type of business. In pharmaceutical sector it also plays an important role but pharmaceutical market is different in all aspects from other markets. In pharmaceutical marketing, a product can be sold out from many types i.e. Ethical/Branded, Generic, Pcd/Franchise, OTC etc. Each type of marketing will …

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What is Pharma Visual Aids? Features that a pharmaceutical product or brand’s detailing visual aids/literature should Contains

an item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily. What is a Pharma Visual Aids? Pharma Visual aids is referred as a document which is used to promote pharmaceutical product/brand to healthcare professionals and illustrate molecule or …

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How to Design & Procure Company Logo, Company Profile, Brand names, Trade mark, Packing and promotion material?

Query: Thanks for the valuable articles on “How to Start Pharmaceutical (Marketing/Trading) Company in India?” I am ————-, completed my Master of Pharmacy in pharmaceutical Management & Regulatory affairs(PMRA), in 2013,having 1 year experiance in pharma maketing & 1 Year in Pharma Regulatory affairs too. Two of my friends and me want to Start Pharmaceutical …