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Telemarketing is being used as an important tool for marketing in nearly all sectors. Pharma sector is no exception. At ground level it has not major role but as per concern in Pharma franchise or pcd marketing it is used as an important tool for the marketing. Although it is a marketing tool, it is irritational one also.

Here we will try to find out, how you can use tele-marketing as main source of sale generation. For doing telemarketing, you need contact numbers of franchise and pcd distributor or marketing persons. You could have hundreds of phone numbers. You have contacted them number of time and you always find same answer – we don’t have space for new company. As we have discussed in our previous posts also, only needy persons or distributors could be your future business associates in franchise or pcd marketing. So, you need contact numbers of only needy ones.

Now question arises, from where you can get these contact numbers. Internet is great tool for new queries currently. Out of 100, 95 queries come through internet. You should concentrate at your online strategy for getting contact numbers of interested parties. You can use below mentioned tools for queries and contact numbers through internet:

From online business portals, you get recent queries from needy persons. Genuineness of these queries is matter of concern but you can get good number of genuine queries from them. Queries you receive through these sites have contact number.

SEO is great tool for promoting your website for getting first page rank at google. Interested person searches online for his queries. If he finds your site at first page and he visited your site and leave query along with contact number at your contact box or he call or sms at number provided at your website.

Google adwords is Google products. It is google advertisement product. By using google adwords advertisement, you can get your website at google’s search first page, above and sides of organic search results in form of ad. Persons click at these and redirect to your site. They fill contact form at your website and you receive queries from them.

You can search at facebook or LinkedIn and other social site for pharmaceutical sales professionals and could get their contact number from their profile if they have provided. LinkedIn is professional’s network. Almost all pharmaceutical and sales professional, you can find there.

Job Portals have medical representatives, area sales manager and other level manager’s profile at their data base. You can find good number of contacts there.

Blogging is good tool but it takes time in producing results. If you write for any subject, people consider you expert. They ask from your advice about their queries. Along with query, they may also leave their contact number. Other than this blogging is also good source for traffic generation to your company website.

Above we have discussed, contact number generation methods from internet. If you have more way to find contact number, you can share it with us through comment box or mail. Other than these, you will also receive queries directly from persons by seeing your advertisement at medical, health and drug books. Now come to – How we can do telemarketing as advertisement tool:

  • Collect all data. Arrange it accordingly e.g. State wise, District wise or territory wise etc. 
  • Separate contacts from areas where you already have distributor.
  • Prepare excel sheet having name, address, contact number, e-mail ID, status, date of call (DOC) and remark etc. Name it Tele-Marketing.
  • Fix schedule for calling. You can distribute area to your team or appointment particular person for calling. Person who will handle your telemarketing should have complete knowledge of drugs, rates and MRP. Otherwise your telemarketing could not be successful. It will annoy opposite person and deals will not go for finalizing.
  • Try to call as number of persons as your team could handle. Don’t rush to call all numbers at once. For example, if you call to ten persons per day for five days. You will have fifty ongoing queries.
  • Note down responses from all. Separate positive queries from negative one.
  • Delete negative responses from your Telemarketing Sheet. But these queries should be save at any other file for future reference.
  • Add new queries in this sheet. Call them.
  • Fulfill all requirements of positive queries. Send them price list, sample etc.
  • Follow-up them for particular period of time but don’t waste time if anyone is not saying yes or No.
  • Repeat this process. 

Telemarketing could be great tool for sales and marketing if done properly. Telemarketing could be used alone or along with sms marketing. Combination of both could save your time and money. Before stopping, have look at advantage of telemarketing:

  • Cheap and inexpensive
  • Remove communication gap
  • Personal interaction provide solid business relationship
  • Prevent time and could be easily implemented from any where
  • Also helpful in market research and customer’s need
  • Highly effective

Hope above information was useful to you. For any Query and suggestion, you can mail us at

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