How can a Doctor Start Pharma Company?


I’m looking to start my own pharmaceutical marketing company and I need your expertise in clarifying few areas of concern.
1. I am a doctor by profession and I run a nursing home in my home town so if I am looking forward to start a new company can I start in my own hospital premises preferably top floor or do I need to find a new place/rented one i.e is it okay to start in hospital premises (note:I don’t have any other office space as of now)
2. Can the ownership be made in my name or do I need to nominate any other person since I am a doctor

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1. There is condition for Drug License (Wholesale/Distributor/Stockist Drug License) that premises should be a separate and independent. You can start your company at Top floor (preferably first or second) and take drug license but that floor should fulfill minimum requirement for wholesale drug license.
2. You can be owner of pharmaceutical marketing company irrespective of your Doctor profession but you will need to hire a registered pharmacist for taking wholesale drug license.

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How to start Pharma Marketing Company?


I am a doctor by profession and I have been working in pharma sector for the past 5 years. I am interested in starting up a new marketing company with a 3rd party GMP certified manufacturer. I am looking forward to your help in resolving few queries of mine. I have around 2000 sq ft of space available at my residence which can operate as my office location and warehouse at least initially. I hope you could possibly help with my queries.


Are there any benefits (financial or non-financial) under any schemes of Govt of India? (eg START UP INDIA)

Query: 2

What are the mandatory documents/clearances required to initiate a company

Query: 3

What is the minimum capital required in INR?


Query 1: Most of scheme in Start-UP India is associated with Manufacturing and Service Sector. In marketing company, this is not going to help you more…

Query 2: For Pharma marketing Company following licenses is mainly required:

Wholesale Drug License

GST number

Company Registration (Voluntary for Proprietorship Firms)

Query3: As we have discussed in our article: How much investment is required to start Pharma Company?, there is no fixed capital investment required. It varies according to factors like number of products, cost of products, marketing type, your experience in pharma sector etc.

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Whether to take drug licence in all states for Starting Pharma Marketing Company?


Want to start pharma marketing company, kindly let me know whether I need to take drug licence in all states or some other way to do this? Please confirm whether I need to take wholesale license or distributor license? Please confirm how to get pharma Company auditor ? Please confirm whether I need to take drug license or wholesale/ distributor license or both at once? Thank you in advance Please contact me and reply to my queries on my email.

For starting Pharmaceutical Marketing Company, you can read our article: How to Start Pharmaceutical Company?
You will need to take drug license at premises where you are stocking, receiving, billing and dispatching medicines and drugs. In other states and districts, you can appoint distributors who have wholesale drug license. Wholesaler and distributor license are same. You will need to take wholesale drug license for starting pharma marketing company. You will not need of pharma company auditor in start. As your sale will increase, you can take service of auditor.
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How to Start Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in United State of America (USA)

Starting a company or business involve few essential step in every field. Same for pharmaceutical company.
Here we are going to discuss about setting-up pharma marketing company in USA with minimum investment and time through out sourcing from India.
For starting company in united state, first you have to fulfill company registration, product registration and licensing formalities in America.


Steps involve in start a Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in USA:

  • Get Pharmaceutical Business Assistance, Experience and Training
  • Write a Business Plan
  • Choose Location of Business
  • Finance Source (Own Saving, Bank Loan, Investment etc.)
  • Choose Company/Business Name (Doing Business As)
  • Registration of Company (Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, corporation, non profit or cooperative)
  • Registration of State and Local Taxes
  • Apply for EIN (Employers Identification Number)
  • Apply for License and Permit for conducting Pharmaceutical Business
After complete Business registration, you are eligible to start Pharma Marketing Company in USA. Now you will need to procure Medicines with Marketed by Name of your Company. Here we are going to tell you low investment method to procure medicines by your marketed by Name. India is one of the largest manufacturer of medicines in world and it could be helpful in starting Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in USA. For outsourcing pharmaceutical products from India, following steps has to be followed:

Read How to export pharmaceutical products from India?

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How to start Pharma Company from less than 10 Brands?

I do have experience as a Medical Representative in 4 years and as a area manager in 5 years. I do have experience in general and cardiac segments. I am planning to start one pharma company with launching of 3 head quarters by taking the stocks from manufacturers. For that i need your guidance as following things…
1. Give me suggestion that in company name.
2. With which brands, I can built min 1 lakh pcpm in 4-6 months
3. Can u help that am I doing right thing.
4. If yes,what are the instructions I have to follow
5. If no,what things I have to learn for how long.
I am planning to do focus on 2-3 brands for diabetic segment, 2-3 brands for ortho & Gyn, 2-3 brands for nerve pain management. Totally i want to launch 8-9 brands with limited customers in every hq. So can you help me please , Is there any better idea which is useful to me.


1. Name should be decent, attractive, simple, easily pronounceable, technical and suited to pharma etc. read in detail about Name selection by clicking here
2. Its not possible to make 1 lac income in 4-6 months with any brands. It takes some time to establish a newly launch company, so be patience in your journey. About Product selection (Brand), you know better than us because you know better which products you can sell into market.Read in detail product selection in pharma sector by clicking here
3. Thinking and planning about brighter future is a right thing. But you should prepare for all situations during your entrepreneur journey.
4. First few years is crucial for any new start-ups. You should first create some financial resources for living expenses before leaving your current job. read related article to check few more facts here
5. You have to learn many aspects that are mandatory for establishing any type of business. Selling products of a established company and newly launched company is different things. You have to build confidence in yourself. Read in detail about how to start business by clicking here
Documents related query read at our article:
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Secrets behind using wholesale drug license and Pharma Company Name

I want to start a pharma marketing company(OPC). I had a wholesale drug license and a GSTIN. Please suggest me either the company name should be same as the name mentioned in the wholesale drugs license or any other name I can choose for the company. Hope your kind help will pave the way to proceed further. Anticipating your response. Thanks and regards



There could be both way, you can start by name as mention in drug license number and also by having other name but ethical way to start company is to start with name as mention at drug license number. You should discuss with concern drug authorities in your area before taking any step in this matter.

For more information, read below articles:

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Can a Doctor Start Pharma Marketing Company?


Sir I am final year medical student…I want to start my own pharmaceutical marketing company in India…as a doctor what are the rules? Can I start my company on my name?



As a doctor, you are free to open pharma marketing company but you have to complete minimum requirements as specified in our article: How to start Pharma Marketing Company?

what are the documents required to start own drug company through contract manufacturing?

Query:Your article at was immensely helpful. thank you!

I am a resident of Patna, Bihar and currently i am in the lookouts to start my own drug manufacturing. I intend to avail contract manufacturing facility for products that I can sell.
In addition to that helpful article of yours, i would be immensely grateful if you can help me with the below mentioned queries as well.
What are the documents required to start my own drug manufacturing company (manufacturing here refers to getting medicines manufactured through contract manufacturing )?

What are the approvals ,I need to get before initiating the manufacturing of a particular composition?
Already, thankful for your efforts.


You will need whole sale drug license number and Goods & Service Tax Number of your company to start company through contract manufacturing. Read in detail about starting company through contract manufacturing by clicking here

Regarding approvals read our article: How to get approval of pharma products?

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Important aspects of Starting Pharma Marketing Company?

Now i have some more questions related to Pharma marketing company {own brand}.
I want to know about Drug License number registration for marketing company. And other documents require for this process. What about premises of shop for this type of business. And what are the process for GST registration? For whom I will have to contact. Kindly guide me.

For drug license number, you will have to visit drug inspector office. Complete all requirements of drug license as mentioned in our article: How to start pharma company? and visit to district drug inspector office.

GST can be applied online and check how can you apply for How to apply for GST?

Shop you required should be at least 10 square meter in space and shouldn’t be occupied by any other work. Area doesn’t impact more, it could be area where you can easily do work.Hope this information will be helpful to you…

Can a Proprietor Ship Firm start marketing of the Pharmaceutical Products with own name?


I have seen your valuable comments on “pharma marketing related queries” on
Please share your valuable comments on the following queries: –
1. Can a Proprietor ship firm having GST and wholesale DL in Jhansi (MP) and office at Chandigarh can keep their “marketed by” address of chandigarh office on pharmaceuticals products. but the Chandigarh office have no GST and DL itself. only office.
2. Can a proprietor ship firm market the pharma products or Pvt. Ltd./Ltd./ LLP Registration is essential?
Response:1. You can place marketed by office address from Chandigarh if you have office there. Your marketed by address could be your sales office, administered office or any other office which don’t require any drug license or tin no. Role of drug license is to receipt, stock, exhibition and sale of medicines and pharmaceutical preparations. And role of tin number is for sale and purchase of any goods. You can show it as your marketed by address but You can’t stock, receive, sell or any other medicine related thing from your Chandigarh Office. Read more about Marketed by address here

2. A proprietor ship firm can market products. You don’t need to be a pvt. ltd/ltd/llp company. If you want you can register your proprietor firm as One person Company Registration read here

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