How to search for marketing persons as commission basis ?


Dear sir,

we are newly stared  nutraceuticals ingredients  company need help for marketing as for it commission basis agent . could  you tell me how to search 
for agents. 
Thank you 


Thanks for your valuable mail:
As you mention, you want to market your ingredients through commission basis agent. There is no particular way to search for commission basis agent. You can advertise like medical books or medical news papers for requirement of persons at commission basis. Most of persons who will work for you at commission basis, do work in somewhere and for part time income they start at commission basis. You have to build relationships to the marketing persons who are already working for other nutraceutical ingredients company. You have to offer them good profit and secret their privacy. Few independent commission agents you can find but they will not help you lot because they work for many companies.
Better way to market your products is appoint experience person at regular basis but if want only commission agents then you have to convince already working marketing/sales professionals. They give you a good business…..

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