What is Google Ads? How to use it at marketing tool for pharma franchise/pcd company?

Google Ads (Previously Adwords) is a google’s product. It is main income source for google. It’s a common word in pharma franchise marketing also. Really interesting fact about Google Ads in pharma franchise marketing is that it was used by only few companies four years back. Now most of franchise companies use Google Ads for attracting customer. If you don’t know about Google Ads, here we are explaining it:

Google Ads (AdWords) is an online advertising service that provide advertiser to display its ad at google first page for any keywords and group of keywords predefined by the advertiser. It also provide facility to displaying your online advertisement to google’s network websites and partners. Google’s network websites are the websites those allow google to show these ad’s at their websites. you have to pay for advertisement only when someone clicks at your ad. Here’s we are displaying screenshot for explaining google’s adwords:
Google show three ad above search results and five to eight ads at right side of search results. This is very good paid method to get your web page at google first page. It is also known as pay per click method. You pay to google for your advertisement only when you get clicked at your Ad. Otherwise there is no charges of displaying advertisement.
Adwords also work for google’s channel partners and networks website. One example you can see at our website. Advertisement displaying at website is provided by google. Google provide sixty percentage of advertisement cost paid by advertiser if someone click at advertisement showing at website. This is known as display network of google. Like wise number of websites show google advertisements at their websites to earn money and advertiser provide their advertisement to generate leads. At www.pharmafranchisehelp.com , a large number of visitors visit those are looking for pharma franchise of a company or want to start his own marketing company. Google automatically provide advertisement based at your browsing history or search history at website. For example see screenshot:
Adwords can also work as e-mail marketing. Google send your ad to all account according to their industry, occupation and gmail account key words. Look below screen shot:


AdWords may be in text, picture, video, audio etc. You can choose your advertisement type and advertisement landing page. You don’t need to be expert to run your adwords campaign. You should only have a gmail account.

Sign in with your gmail account.
Go to tool and click at keywords planner
You can select keyword for advertisement in keyword planner by selecting one of three option. This will provide you idea about keywords related to your website or field and approximate cost for your campaign.
Then add keywords to click at arrow. You can select number of keywords at same time. Then click at review plan at right side. Enter bid amount and daily budget. Then click at save and continue.  After saving, click at create advertisement for new campaign. Creating google adwords for your website is simple. You can do it yourself.
First time I heard about google adwords in 2011. At that time, it was not so popular for pharma franchise companies. But now it become very important marketing tool for franchise marketing. You should try Google Ads for generating business.
Now question is that how can we use it effectively to get most from your ad campaign. Here we are describing few as per our experience:

If you use Google Ads effectively, it can be great tool for you but if it’s not use effectively it can sink all you money.

Hope you have found article useful for you. For any suggestion and queries mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp@gmail.com

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  1. Wow! Excellent tips for me. Because recently I have launched a new eCommerce website. Now I want to start a new adwords campaign for my business. Have you any effective idea or suggestion for me?

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