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Food Supplements

How to Start Food and Dietary Supplement Company? FSSAI Registration and Licensing for Food business Operators.

FSSAI has made mandatory for all food business operators whether they are manufacturer or marketer or distributor/supplier/retailer to take license or register them online under FSSAI portal. Manufacturing companies have to take license of manufacturing under state licensing or central licensing system. Marketing companies need to register only under their portal. If pharma companies or …

How to start Manufacturing of Multivitamin Capsules?;
Food Supplements

How to start Manufacturing of Multivitamin Capsules?

Query: Hi m —- I want to manufacture multivitamin capsules in India which are having us formula. How can this possible please give me information how I get permission and expenses for that  Response: Multivitamins could be manufactured in Pharma as well as Food/Dietary Supplements. If you only want to manufacture single product then manufacture …

List of FSSAI approved products in Food and Dietary Supplements (Nutraceuticals);
Food Supplements

List of FSSAI approved products in Food and Dietary Supplements (Nutraceuticals)

Query: We want to launch a dietary supplement product in the market.However we don`t have an manufacturing facility of our own and hence want it manufactured at an third party manufacturing unit. How do we get the FSSAI approval for the product in our name? Please provide a list of FSSAI approved list of third …

Food Supplements

What does it mean of green dot and brown dot sign at Food/Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics and Household products?

When you purchase a food and dietary supplement from retailer or chemist. Have you noticed some sort of sign that indicate it comes under food and dietary supplements or medicine. Every thing you purchase from chemist or prescribe by doctor is not medicine. It may be food supplement. Every food supplement has a dot sign …