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Export Pharmaceutical products

How to export medicines from India?

If you want to export medicines from one country to another, you have to compile with both countries rules and regulations. Medicine is a sensitive product and movement of it is restricted with rules and regulations. Every country has different laws and regulations regarding importing and exporting of pharmaceutical products and medicines. Before Start: For …

Queries Related to Ayurvedic Export;

Queries Related to Ayurvedic Export

Related Query: I want to deal in ayurvedic products like shilajit, salam, panja garlic.I want to export. Can i get registration to export these productsResponse: For exporting Ayurvedic products, you need free trade export license. read documents and procedure for export of Ayurvedic  You can read general requirements for exporting Ayurvedic medicine in this article. You …


Few reputable exporters of drugs to US and or Canada from India

Query: I got your name from web search. May I inquire a few recommendations of reputable exporters of drugs to US and or Canada In particular I am looking for ED drugs. Response: Few reputable exporters of drugs from India are as below: Sun Pharmaceutical Lupin Ltd Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Cipla Aurobindo Pharma Cadila Healthcare …

Export/Import Procedure and Tax Structure;

Export/Import Procedure and Tax Structure

Query:Kindly suggest me regarding the import and export procedures, Customs , tax structures . Response: Read in detail about your queries by clicking at below links: For import procedure click here For Export Procedure click here For tax structure click here The duty that is levied for goods manufactured inside the state is called excise …

How To Import Medicines and Food Supplements in India?;
Food Supplements

How To Import Medicines and Food Supplements in India?

Query: I want to know about the import procedure for veterinary feed supplements and antibiotics, kindly help me. Response: You can procure all antibiotics and feed supplement in India then why do you need to import these products. You can contact third party manufacturers in India for your need. It will be less costly and …

licenses required to export Ayurvedic Medicines;

licenses required to export Ayurvedic Medicines

Query:Any licenses required to export like moov, tiger bam, iodex, vick vaporub, crack cream from india? Response: These are Ayurevedic Preparation, You need only IEC number (Importer/Exporter Code) for exporting these preparations along with free trade license for commerce industry. Read here: How to export Ayurvedic Medicines Hope above information is useful to you… For …