SMS or text or massage or what’s app Marketing

SMS marketing has been used from long time. It is as effective today as it used to be. One hundred sixty word’s sms provide long lasting and potential effect at receiver’s mind set. Studies show that reading impact more than as compare to listening. Listening could be easily forgotten but reading can’t be forgotten easily. If you send sms or text to any person, he/she remember it more as compare to your call. Whats app is new form of massages or sms.

For doing sms marketing, you need contact numbers and contact number could be find out by ways we have discussed in our article: How to use Telemarketing as great tool for your sales and marketing. Complete you can read there. In brief we are mentioning here:

Along with sms marketing, you should also conduct telemarketing. Combination of both provides great results. What’s app marketing could be done in same way as sms marketing. In recent and coming time, what’s app is going to crucial. We are including what’s app with sms marketing because it is also a form of massage or we can say it is a substitute of massages in mobile world. For sending bulk sms, bulk sms sending service could also be hired. You can start sms marketing at small level or in starting through your sms pack but if you want to do it at large and big level, bulk sms services could be best option.

How to start sms marketing or Whats app marketing?

  • Collect all your contact number data. Organize it according to state wise, district wise or territory wise.
  • Make an excel sheet containing whole detail of party, date of massage, status, remark etc. You can form separate sheet or maintain it in telemarketing sheet.
  • Send massage through text or whats app. Maintain whole record.
  • Note down responses from persons and their queries or questions.
  • Separate positive and negative responses. Remove negative from excel sheet.
  • Add new contacts in sheet and sent massages.
  • Follow-up all queries but don’t waste unnecessary time.
  • Repeat the process again and again.

SMS marketing could be great tool. Impact of reading and saving at phone will attract customer toward you. Even if you don’t get maturation of queries through sms marketing, you will get advertisement at lowest cost. Like telemarketing, it also doesn’t cost much and could be handled from anywhere.

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