How to start and From where to start Pharma Blogging?


I read your blogs today. Those were very informative.
We are using techniques to get good franchisees but as you mentioned about the importance of blogs. I also want to write those. Please suggest me from where to start.


Blogging is best way in today’s internet era to capture much attention whether you are individual or a business. People are seek of finding information free of cost and bloggers provide them that information.

Starting a blog is as easy as Facebook ID or Twitter ID. Two most famous blog plate farms are Blogger and Word Press. You can use either of both. Both are easy to use. Both are free of cost. If you want to use as free then your blog address will be like or respectively. There is one another option if you want to redirect your blog at your own domain name like we redirect it at both plate forms.

For, you need gmail account. Visit You have to sign in with your gmail id. After that you will see window indicating no blogs. Left side you will find option of New Blog. Click at it. There will be option of choosing blog name. Choose name related to what you want to write. In starting you can choose domain name like After some time when you feel, your blog is getting attention, you should redirect it to domain name. After that choose template from options given there.

After completing all these you will have many options. Clicking at New post icon, you can start your first post. You can write your knowledge or views there and after completion of post, give it particular heading. And click at Publish at submit your article. There will be many other options, you can give a label indicating a category to your post. You can also manage title link by clicking at permalink option.

Same in case of Word press. In work press you have to register your self with word press. Visit: . Click at sign-up botton at right side. Follow 1 to 6 steps. 
Step 1: choose blog category
Step 2: Choose Home Page
Step 3: Theme
Step 4: Blog Name ( You can choose free option in starting)
Step 5: Plan (Free)
Step 6: Create your account
After sign in Create new post and follow all processes….

Few tips about Pharma Blogging:

  • Best way to write a blog is that you should write what you know and in which you are master or you have good knowledge.
  • You can become good blogger if you could provide value to your readers and what they are looking for. Start with what you know.
  • Leave a e-mail id or contact box, so reader can interact with you.
  • Reply to all readers queries and place it as blog article if it is information for your readers.
  • Be patience, It takes time to show result in Blogging.
  • Give your best and make it your home business too.

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Hope above information was useful to you…

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