How to get First Rank in google search first page ? New Marketing tool for Pharma franchise companies

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):
Search engine optimization may be very unique word for you. You may be wondered – is this can be used as marketing tool for pharma franchise marketing. Remember when last time a online portal representative visited to your office and was trying to convince you that he can take your company website at google first page for particular keyword or you recieve mail or call to get your ranking at Google’s first page.

He was not talking about any other thing, he was talking about search engine optimization. This is technical word used by internet marketer and agencies, Online portals, e-commerce sites etc for getting first page rank at search engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to rank your website at search engines first page for particular keyword by altering, modifying and changing in your website.

Now question arise whether SEO will be helpful for you or not?
This question’s answer is yes. SEO can change your company marketing strategy. Among all search engines, google dominates others. It captures share of more than 90% of all searches at search engines. But we can’t neglect search engines like yahoo, bing etc also. Google is a very good source of traffic and leads to your website.

At monthly basis more than twenty thousand searches are done with keyword pharma franchise only. This searches doesn’t include keywords like pharma franchise companies in india, list of pharma franchise company etc. These searches also has very large share in search for pharma franchise companies. You can check keywords search of particular keyword by google adword. Sign in google adword acount with your gmail id. Go to keyword planner. With keyword planner, you can check monthly quantity of search for a keyword at google. You don’t require any expertise for it, only you should have a gmail account.

Out of twenty thousand if there will be atleast two thousands queries who want to start pharma franchise marketing. And from these if you get hundred queries then it can change your company marketing strategy for life.

How does SEO work?
To under SEO works, first you need to understand the term- how does google work?

Answer is what that we can’t expect. No one knows how does google work. Even experts who say they know everything about SEO and google, don’t know, how it works.

Google doesn’t disclose anything about what logarithm it uses for searches. It leaves everyone in doubt about its working. If no one knows about how does google work. Then how can anyone say about how does SEO work? Big business portals, advertisement agencies, even flipcart, snapdeal, amazone like e-commerce sites don’t know about how does google works. SEO is changable process. It changes with time. What was working in year 2006, will not work in year 2016.

Now question arises – how can one’s website come to google first page?
Instead of google don’t disclose about its logarithm , experts of online businesses always try to find out pattern in google searches. They try to find out why are these particular webpage at first page. They implement different techniques to get google first page rank. At some time when they get close to find out exact pattern- how does google works? Google has been updated its logarithm. In other words, google also wants that no one should know about its working.

Wonder why ?
Google is a business. Its income depend at its searches. Other businesses pay google for its Ad Words to get position at first page. If it will disclose its search pattern then no one will pay for ad to google. But some long tested things at which google first page ranking may depend. Here we will give you few ideas at which basis you may find increase in your website rank.

Before this, we will try to find out- is it good to pay for google first page ranking to SEO companies?
I don’t know the answer for this question. But one thing is certain, if no one knows, then how can they know about how to get first page rank at google? What they will do, you can do yourself. But if you don’t have time then you can pay to them for SEO of your website. This is time consuming process and possibilties there that it couldn’t work for you. Your all work goes to nil. But SEO for your website is must now.

Here are few things that may work for you:
Content is king:
Content is best way to get google first page ranking. Write your website or blog with unique articles and post. Your website should have unique and knowledgable content. Google penalize for copied and similar content But content is not every thing. You have to do many things to get better google ranking.

Link building:
Links from other sites to your site is very useful for search engine ranking. But paid links and links at low quality sites can damage your page ranking. Link building should be natural and should appear natural to google and google bots. Excessive link building can damage your all SEO work.

Instead of many SEO experts say, keywords has lost their value in search results. Keywords still affact search engine rank. Keywords shouldn’t be overwriten or shouldn’t be less in quantity. You should use proper keyword in your post or page at which you want ranking at google. Remember don’t spam your page or post with excessive use of a keyword. Google also penalize for excessive use of keyword.

Site appearance:
Site should be pleasant and eye catching. Site appearance also effect your site ranking. Google’s main motive is to provide best user experience to its reader and its the power of google. Google wants your website should have all things for which reader searched for.

Easy navigation:
All pages of your website should be link to your home page and can be navigated easily manually and by google bots. It is considered that google experts also visit site manually.

Frequently updated sites get higher ranking as compare to the sites which are not updated from while. One more benefit of updation to your site is that google robots will crawl website frequently. This will send signal to google more frequently by your site keywords.

Mobile friendly site:
Last year google updated its new update mobilegeddon which eliminates mobile unfriendly websites from its mobile searches. But these were available for destop version of google. Mobile has dominated destop in searches, so it become necessary to build a mobile friendly website. If you don’t have mobile friendly site, there is chances, you recieve poor ranking at google.

Knowledgeable site:
Your website or blog should provide knowledge to reader. Your website should provide exact thing what he is searching for.

Popularity of website also matter to some context. Website who has high number of visiters can easily get good rank for any particular keywords. Just try it at google, you will find business portals at first page regardless of good content or not.

Meta tags and description:
With time meta rag and description lost its value for search results but some experts think it has still good effect at ranking. Put all your keywords in meta tags for which you want google ranking. In meta description, describe about your website in accurate manner. These are not visible to readers, only search robots can see these.

Blog is very useful tool for increasing popularity and search ranking. Blog increases your website keyword density and also provide regular updation for your website. Your website should have a blog version also. It also build your expertise in field and people will ask you about their queries.

Social media:
Google also consider signals that it recieve from social media. Your popularity at social media can increase your ranking at google. Social media is also very good tool to get visiters at your site. Through this you can also increase popularity of your website. Few social media sites are twitter, facebook, pinerest, slideshare, linkedin, quora etc.

PPC (Pay per click):

Some experts think pay per click may also help your website ranking. One it increase visits and popularity and second it provide particular keyword click.

Page view and duration of visit:
Last but not the least, Some experts think duration spend by visiter and number of page view per visitor also effect website ranking. In google analytic tool, google check for bounce rate, returning users, new visitors, their activities at site etc. These may also be used by google for its search ranking.

Conclusion: With some changes in your website, you can get good ranking at google. But it is difficult to predict, what should you do to get higher rank in searches.

Hope this article is useful and helpful to you. For any information, query and suggestion, you can mail us at or you can comment or fill contact box.

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