How to sell Nutraceutical Products at Pcd Basis?


We are manufacture of Nutraceutical Products,
we also work as contact manufacturer,
Want to sell our products with our brand name & base of PCD,
Please suggest, better idea,


Nutraceutical products are main part of any pharma company product list and margin able too. You have one easy option to prepare a list of high selling products that are manufactured by you for others.

Select at least fifty to sixty products. Choose brand names. Prepare a list of products that you want to sell at pcd basis. After preparation of list and choosing brand names, you can promote it for finding pcd distributors.You can add more products in list to make it impressive. As you are manufacturer, you have advantage in preparing your product list.

You have many options to start marketing for pcd parties. Read here: How can you find pcd distributors?

You have to sell your products at net rate basis after fixing your margin. Your rates should be competitive and packaging should be good.

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