How to write a Blog?


I am planning to write down my experience in Pharma either blog or website.
Please suggest.


Blog will be better option as compare to website…

First think and choose a topic about which you want to write by keeping in mind about your target community or audience. Start your first post with best experience and knowledge base topic.

Share valuable information at your blog that are not available to other blogs or website. Share knowledge and experience is best way to start a blog. People search their queries at internet and they want to find answer of these. A blogger fulfill it and in return he gets business and income through business queries or advertisements.

In single post write about only one topic, don’t discuss many topics in single post. Rather discuss in compete detail about a single topic in that post. Write in detail but point to point, so it doesn’t become boring and lengthy. Average post word should be more than 350 words but it could be less or more depend at information, you want to provide to your readers.

Write in full confidence. Don’t hesitate to write any thing what you know. Before writing think like this a person who is seeking knowledge, know less than you and you are a mentor and teacher of him who is going to teach and advice every thing what he is looking for.

What our experiences teach us, no book, blog or website can’t teach us. That’s the power of a blogger. Blogging is a work of learning new things and sharing it with his readers. At daily basis, we get new queries. From these queries, some queries are of like, we don’t know any thing to reply. We study, research and collect data for their queries and reply. That give us double benefits. One it satisfy readers query and second it add knowledge of that subject in our mind and blog. So, leave a mail id at end of every article you write at your blog. That will give you new topic to write about.

If you don’t know how to write or start, read our article: How to start Pharma Blogging?

Hope above information is useful to you…

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