Secrets behind selling by Appointing Franchise Distributors


I am a regular reader of blog and I am highly thankful for the valuable information you put over there. We have started a small franchise/PCD company. Now we are having 15 products. We are already working in 5 districts. We now plan to expand in other areas also. We will be adding more products accordingly as per demand. Can your team help us in getting more customers/franchise?
We will be happy to work with you and will also pay for your services on share/fees basis as per your comfort level.
Looking for a positive response.


We can help you to provide you best possible ways to get more franchise customers for your company. We are explaining in brief in this mail. Complete details you can read at our article: How to get Franchise/Pcd Distributors for your Pharma Company?
Read also similar article to your query: How to find Pharma Franchise Distributors?
Above linked articles will provide you basis things to search for Franchise queries.

For adding more franchise customers in your company, you need to generate franchise queries. For generating franchise queries either you can take promotional package of any online promotion agency or promote your company through building your own website…
Other than website promotion, you can use common marketing tools like as below:

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  1. Dear sir
    First of all I would appreciate your approach for any new comer who want to start pcd business. I’m stockist of known pharma companies in U.P. I want to start pcd business to earn extra money.Please guide me for good companies and things that to consider to start with. Tell me the difference which way is profitable i.e giving free quantity or discount.
    Amit Singh

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