Can I manufacture a product at third party basis where in product packing only manufacturer name will be mentioned?

I have gone through your articles. Which I found very much useful. Sir, I am doing Pharma PCD business and having wholesale licence. Can I manufacture a product in third party using my licence, where in product packing only manufacturer name will be mentioned not my pharma name.Because in coming future I am planning to start my own registered company with different name. So to fulfill present need can I manufacture product in above mentioned manner.

You can get manufactured any product at third party basis by using your firm whole sale drug license in manner you are willing. But in one thing we are not cleared. What will be benefit for you by manufacturing a product with only manufacturer name. Its just like using manufacturer’s product, not your’s. Brand name will not belong to you at that condition, it will be of manufacturer’s product.

Any manufacturer will manufacture product for you at your wholesale drug license. Even with only manufacturer name, not your pharma firm name. But it will not be your product. It will be considered as manufacturer’s product. One thing you can do for securing brand name by applying for trade mark before going in manufacturing process. But in case of objection at brand name, you will have to provide proof of advertisement and ownership of brand name. At that time, you will not have any thing for proof of brand name ownership.

Instead of getting manufactured product at third party basis, you can take any manufacturing brand at quantity near to third party quantity. Your printing material expenses will be prevented and rate would of third party manufacturing. If you want product at third party basis, then you should mention your own company marketed by address. Otherwise you should purchase any manufacturing company’s product at third party rates. This is our recommendation.

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