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I am regular reader of pharma franchisee help, and found all your articles very useful.
I am working in a Pharma company in Gujarat , we mainly run franchise business and we have parties from major states.
I would like to know that how I could get more parties from other state. Also I would like your suggestion in order to increase business from existing franchisee.
Awaiting for your reply


No matter how many persons, you contact in franchise and pcd marketing for association, only persons those will have need could be associated with you. Collecting data from here and there, and follow-up them is wastage of time in most of cases. When we started to work with franchise company, we always try to find contact of other companies. We applied this technique many time. Sent mail to them, sms about company or call them or send sample to them etc.

From 100, only 5 will revert and from five only one will start to work with you. We may be wrong here and anyone could have better experience regarding this. But that’s our personnel experience. From our point of view if you get one or two percentage output from any method, you should leave it. It is wastage of time. In franchise/pcd marketing, generating or receiving queries from parties is most important thing. Out of ten, three to four would be your conversion ratio.

Getting queries from market should be your first priority. As more as you will receive queries, as much as there is chances of fulfillment of vacant area. You can try following technique to concentrate and get more queries for vacant areas.

  • Prepare a chart of Whole Indian Territories
  • Prepare a chart of All covering Territories
  • Prepare a chart of all vacant Area. Separate uncovered area.
  • Make an excel sheet of all uncovered area having area, queries address, contact number, status, remark etc column. Search old queries from these areas and add in list.
  • Contact them and try to find out their response but don’t waste time if not responding.
  • Add new queries from these area in this sheet. ( generation of New distributors queries we have discussed in article link we given below).
  • Call all queries, mail them and follow-up at regular basis.
  • Continue positive one and delete negative response queries. Add more queries in list.
  • You should contact at least 4-5 distributors from a single area at single time.
Here we not providing tools and methods or marketing for pcd/franchise companies. We have discussed it before in article: Modren and Powerful methods/tools/technique of marketing for pharma pcd franchise and third party manufacturing

Read there all marketing tools. Other than these tools, you may also know few more tools also. Apply those also. Hope above link will be useful to you for generation queries from vacant areas from your company.

Now come to old parties. Finding new customers are not important always but providing best services and responses is also sale booster. For increasing sale from existing customers, you have to think like them. Main problem that is faced by 95% companies is shortage of products. If your company has regular stock then your company come under best 5% pcd/franchise companies. Regular availability of stock could increase ten to twenty percent of your sale. With sale it also increase distributors faith in company and will try to sell more products of yours.

Secondly promotional material insufficiency stop sale expansion. Companies generally provide free of cost promotional materials and gift articles in starting but after some time they stop to send promotional inputs. When we talk to parties about promotional material effect, they give positive response. Even parties prefer companies who send sufficient amount of promotional inputs. One major advantage of promotion material is that it makes brand image of company in market. Promotional input is not company’s expenses, marketing/promotional inputs are necessary for boosting sale.

Monthly, quarterly, yearly incentive plan, tours, lucrative offers and targets provide great support in increasing sale from existing parties. Professional supports like making availability or recruitment of medical representative or area managers etc also provide help in increasing sale. Provide support to your pcd distributors like ethical companies provide to their sales team. One company representative should be in touch by personnel meeting with your distributor once in a months or two or quarter wise. Push them to increase sale but don’t pressurize unnecessary. Pressurizing unnecessary may cause opposite results. Push them to increase sale by providing support to them or removing their problems.

Launching latest molecules is best way to generate sale from existing parties. If sale of any old molecules is falling or has been stopped, you can replace it with latest or running molecule. Every distributor has few products that he can sell in bulk. Talk to your distributor about his need. Fulfill his need. Provide that molecules at very economical rates. Your sale will be definitely increased. If you add any new molecule on basis of that distributor and he provide you big sale of this. You will be sure your new launched product will not flop or expire. Your products list will have one more molecule and other distributors will also purchase it from you. Your sale will surely increase.

You don’t need to go into deep. Just simple technique to increase sale from existing parties- Provide them, what they need. Everyone want to expand his business, your distributors too. If you will help them to expand their business, your business will automatically expand.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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