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I am planing to start work in PCD pharma Franchise. Please suggest me is it good in future or face in problem in future?


PCD pharma franchise is good option for sales and marketing professionals. If you are one of them , it is great option for starting pcd franchise marketing.
About Future of pcd marketing you can read in our article: Future of Pcd Franchise Marketing
Problems that you can face during franchise marketing as like:
Appointment of Distributors: It is an important aspect. If you have own wholesale drug license number and GST number then it’s not for you. But if you don’t have this necessities, then you have to appoint distributor for sale purchase and stocking of medicines. Appointing distributor will be an easy process if you are in sales or marketing and have good contacts with pharmaceutical distributors.


Building Good supply Chain: Read in detail at our article: How to develop a strong distribution network?

Prescription Generation: Most important foundation of pharmaceutical business. Most of Franchise marketing sale comes from prescription. This is the reason why most of franchise/pcd companies search for experienced sales professionals as their franchise/pcd partners. Read more at our article: How to sell through prescription?

Availability of products at essential counters: Here essential counter means chemist shops where a doctor’s prescription can possibly reach. Your all efforts will be useless if you can’t make availability of medicines at essential counters.

Regular Supply: You place order in company and they send you stock. You have stock for some times. But when your stock is about to finish, you have to re order the products. You have to consider transportation time and minimum re-order quantity to avoid out of stock situation. For regular supply, you also need company support because if out of stock problem occur from company hand then you situation automatically will become bad.

Corporation from Company Hand: Company matter the most. Company selection can make difference in your success and failure. Choose company with care. Read more about Which Pharma Franchise Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association?

Payment collection: Business is money and money is business. A transaction doesn’t consider complete until payment is received. In Indian pharmaceutical market, payment collection from chemist is difficult process. Many chemists don’t give payment at time. So, you have to be careful while collection of payment.

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