Top pcd/franchise companies in Pharmaceutical/ayurvedic/herbal, newly launched, Multinational (mnc) companies pharma pcd/franchise companies, marketing/trading ayurvedic/pharma companies, manufacturing companies are present in list. You can find best possible partner for you.
For convince of our reader we have prepared list companies those provide facility and opportunities to professionals to start pcd/franchise marketing. You can find more 500 pcd/franchise companies in this list. Or you can mail us your query related to Franchise/Pcd at with complete information for best partner. If you want to add or remove any company name from this list you can mail us at with complete information.
Ayurvedic/Herbal PCD franchise Company: Elzac Herbals
V.P.O. Gheer, Distt Karnal-132023(Haryana)
Contact: 8059478187
Vatson Remedies
Plot no. 781, hsiidc, Rai, Sonipat ( Haryana)
Contact: 8059478187
Osadh Ayurveda
Phoosgarh Road, Main Market
Karnal (Haryana)
Ayurvedic PCD/Franchise Companies:
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Pharmaceutical PCD/Franchise Company:
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Alphabetical List of Pharma Pcd/Franchise Companies

Aver pharma
Ayusearch drugs and laboratories
Aztec healthcare
Aztec life sciences
Adiza Healthcare
Aeston Lifesciences
Alvid Biocare
Aplomb Pharma
Auringa labs
Alaric Healthcare
Aaryan life sciences
A.S. Life Sciences
Abia Pharmaceuticals
ABL lifecare
Active Healthcare
Adum healthcare
Affy group of companies
Agron remedies
Alaina Pharma
Alaric healthcare
Alcare Laboratories Pvt ltd
Alde Medi impex ltd
Alexin biosciences
Alish Life Saving impex pvt ltd
Allen Dale Biosciences
Allenge India
All-O-Path pvt. Ltd.
Alpic biotech
Ambience pharma
American Biocare
Ancalima Lifesciences
Angiolife healthcare
Anikem Laboratories
APS Biotech
Astemax Biotech
Astrum Genetica
Athlon mediventures
Auriga Herbals
Auriga Vet.
Autus life sciences
Axyzen Life sciences
Azillian healthcare pvt ltd
7 biosciences
Aadi healthcare
Accilex Nutricorp
Adhya pharmaceuticals
AGS biotech
Aislin formulations
Alcure pharmaceuticals
Alice healthcare
Alive healthcare
Alka pharmaceuticals
Altar pharmaceuticals
Ambic aayurchem
Ambit bio medix
Ankom laboratories
Anvik biotech
Arunabh pharma
Arvin care
Aster Medipharma
Astolon pharma
Atishya biotech
Bajaj Neutraceuticals
Baxil Pharma
BeeKay pharmaceuticals
Beulah biomedics
Bhavi healthcare
BHC lab
Biocell pharmaceuticals
Biochemix healthcare
Biocin genetic & pharma
Biologics Inc.
Biomiicron pharma
Bionet India Pvt. Ltd.
Biophar life sciences
Biorome Dermacare
Biosync pharmaceuticals
Biowin healthcare
BonDane Pharma
Bayberry pharmaceuticals
Best biotech
Bioswiss pharma
Blubell pharma
BMW pharmaco India
Boyeger biotech
BRD health sciences
BRD medilabs
Briskon laboratories
Bioscience Healthcare
Caledor Healthcare
Canbro healthcare
Capri pharmaceuticals
Cartel laboratories
C-biotech pharma
Chemo Biological
Chemo derma
Chemo healthcare
Chemo Remedies
Con Cave
Concord Psychocare
Corvin Pharmaceuticals
Cosmed Derma remedies
Cronus Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Custodian life sciences
Cyno-Sure life care
Cheminnova life sciences
Combitic global Caplet
Consern pharma
Cooper pharma
Cu card
Cure quick pharmaceuticals
Cyril pharmaceuticals
Chelsea biotech
Diya Healthcare
Dr. Alson Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Drukst Biotech
Dynamed pharmaceuticals
Dynamic laboratories
D.M. pharma
D.R. johns lab
Disnil biotech
Divine Savior
Dolvis bio pharma
Dr. Kumar's pharmaceuticals
Elzac Herbal India
East African (I) overseas
Eclipser pharmaceuticals
Elkos healthcare
Elnova Pharma
Epitome life sciences
Eternia Life sciences
Evans Pharma
Event pharmaceuticals
E.G. pharma
Eco life care
Edison organics
Elis pharmaceuticals
Elvon healthcare
Estrellas life sciences
Eucrasia pharma india
Euro organics
Exmed healthcare
Exper biotech
Events pharmaceuticals
F.C. remedies
Fedley healthcare
Fine Cure pharmaceuticals
Fix derma India pvt. Ltd
Forrit life care
Fantabulous pharma
Fines healthcare
Forein life sciences
Fossil remedied
Forgo Pharmaceuticals
Galaxi drugs (P) ltd.
Geneka healthcare
Genetic Pharma
Genx medica
GMS biomax medicare pvt ltd
Gnosis pharmaceuticals
Gnova biotech
Grentek healthcare
Gynae chem
Gary Pharmaceuticals
Geneva biocare
Getwell biocare
Glacia Life care
GMH organics
Gracia Life sciences
Grampus laboratories
Green lab healthcare
Gurnex biotech
Heal All pharmaceuticals
Health biomed pharma
Herbal cure healthcare
Hauz pharma
Hecures biotech
Help lab healthcare
Herbo Cruze
Hiral labs
Hitech pharma
Hi-Cure Biotech
Impact Pharma
Indian drug vision
Indoss Life Sciences
Influx healthcare
Integra life sciences
Intra Labs
Invision medi sciences pvt. Ltd
Iscon life sciences
I.M. healthcare
Iifa healthcare
Indo-german pharmacia
Indosurge biotech
Indu drugs
Integral life sciences
Ipsen remedies
Ikvan's Pharma
Jainik life sciences
Jaiwik Biotech
Jantec Pharma
Jaqson healthcare pvt ltd
Jeen Healthcare
Junifer Pharmaceuticals
JVS pharmaceuticals
Jabs biotech
Jasco labs
JP vet
Kaithy pharma
Katlantik remedies
Keep well kare
Keshav Healthcare
Kindcare pharmaceuticals
Klokter Life Sciences
Keona healthcare
Knox life sciences
Kosmica dermacare
Kymex healthcare
LA Chemico pvt ltd
Laksun life sciences
Lanark Laboratories ltd
Lancer Pharmaceuticals
Leo formulation pvt ltd
Lexus Organics
Life- Care heritage formulations
Life kyor pharmaceuticals
Lincoln pharma
La'ferme Life care
La'serena formulations
Lee Pharma ltd
Legen healthcare
Life Style biosciences
Linnet life sciences
Logos pharma
Lyra laboratories
Lee-Med pharmaceuticals
Madhav Biotech
Magnifur Life Sciences
Mak Pharmaceuticals
Man Serve Pharma
MARC laboratories
Mas Pharmachem
Mausdi Pharmaceuticals
Max Life sciences
Max Pharma
Maya biotech
MDC pharmaceuticals
Meddox formulations
Medi Bruck
Medi Concept
Medi Health life sciences
Mediez Pharma
Medilife genetics
M------ laboratories
Medoz pharmaceutical
Mefro pharmaceuticals
Merion Care
Merrybell bioceuticals
Midas biotek pvt ltd
Minova life Sciences
Moral pharmaceuticals
Maestrod technologies
Magbro healthcare
Maksun biotech
Mars biotech
Max live pharmaceuticals
Maxchem pharmaceuticals
Mcclary biotech
Medichi bio care
Medivolks pharma
Mepfarma India
Merril pharma
Mesckon life sciences
Millimax healthcare
Millimax vision
Misha bitech
MLS healthcare
Monark Biocare
Monatt biotech
Nimbles biotech
Nexure lifesciences
Nidus Pharma
Nikvin Healthcare
Nirix Derma
North India Life sciences
Nova kind healthcare
Nucleo remedies
Numera Life Sciences
NBD healthcare
Nee See healthcare
Nelon pharmaceuticals
Neuron pharma
Nex Pharma
Nextwa India
Nexus life sciences
NG healthcare
Nova scotia healthcare
N-shelter pharmaceuticals
Nimbles biotech
Om Biotec
Om Healthcare
Onco chem
Optimus healthcare
Oreva dermacare
Organic labs
Oscar remedies pvt ltd
Osco Derma
Parex Pharmaceuticals
Park pharmaceuticals
Parkinson pharmaceuticals
Pharma Drugs & chemicals
Pharmatak Ophthalmic (I) pvt ltd.
Pleasant pharmaceuticals
Plus India
Pride healthcare
Paragon pharmaceuticals
Petal life sciences
Pifer pharmaceuticals
Polard healthcare
Precept pharma
Prime Meditek
Progessive Life care
Pelzar Healthcare
Quest pharmaceuticals
Quick heal life sciences
Radisun Life Sciences
Raniz International
Ravian life sciences
Regalia healthcare
Regress life sciences
Reliance formulations
Relivo formulations
Remark pharma
Respi chem
Reze pharma
Rhombus pharma
Rowan bioceuticals
Royal labs
RSM healthcare
Radiance biomed
Radico remedies
Rads biomed
Raulette formulations
Renova nutrition
Ritac healthcare
Rouzel Pharma
Rowlinges life sciences
Ruchi Soya industries
Sag health Sciences
Sain medicaments
Saint pharmaceuticals
Sanko Biotech
Sansill formulations
Sarian Healthcare
Scala pharmaceuticals
Scoria pharmaceuticals
Scortis Healthcare
Scoshia remedy inc.
Seer Biotech
Semsun pharma
Serene life sciences
Shalman Pharmaceuticals
Shilar Pharmaceuticals
Shivon life Sciences
Sifam Healthcare (P) ltd
Solemn Biotech
Sovia Altis
Spanker Biotech
Sristi pharmaceuticals
Sriven nutrition
Stellar life sciences
Stride healthcare
Sun divine life sciences
Super max laboratories
Sygnus biotech
Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Pvt ltd
Systemic Healthcare
Sac Pharmaceuticals
Safetech formulations
Sai tech healthcare
Sai tech medicare
Sai tech pharmaceuticals
Salvador visiontech
Samed laboratories
San Boston life sciences
Sanative remedies
Sanify healthcare
Sarthi life sciences
Sarwal laboratories
Sarwal pharma
Scigene life sciences
Shakun pharma
Silicon Pharma
Silver biotech
SPA healthcare
Stadchem life sciences
Stadia Biotech
Stan mark pharmaceuticals
Star Biomed
Success pharmaceuticals
SVR healthcare
Swiss biolabs
Swiss biotech
Sympar Life sciences
Syntonic life sciences
Syston biotech
Tanpal Nutraceuticals
Taurus Life Sciences
Tavis Life Care
Technica lab & Pharma pvt ltd
Texas Pharmaceuticals
Texas Therapeutics
Ticoma Pharmacia
TNT life sciences
Tri Medix Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Troikk cardiac care
Techyon biotech
Terrace pharmaceuticals
Total Care
Total healthcare
Total Vision
Trans life sciences
Trio remedies
Try bird healthcare
Tyrant healthcare
Tyrant Pharma
Ultra Chiron pharmaceuticals
Uniroyal herbals
United biotech
U.S. biotech
Vagya Pharmaceuticals
Valcret life sciences
Vensat bio
Vision Medi link
Volpo healthcare
VON remedies
Voush pharmaceuticals
Vatican Life sciences
Veltech pharma
Venberry healthcare
Venberry herbal healthcare
Versatile Pharma
Vintech formulations
Waltz pharmaceuticals
Wel n Drugs
Welbe life sciences
Welkind pharma
West Coast pharmaceuticals
Winsome Laboratories Ltd
Wintech pharmaceuticals
Wonder Asrox
Wonder renox healthcare
Woodrock healthcare private ltd
Xieon Life sciences
Yew life sciences
Zytras Life Sciences
Zee Laboratories
Zenstar life sciences
Zither pharmaceutical
Zoic Life Sciences
Zota Healthcare
Zanon life sciences
Zenova therapeutics
Zicad Life care
Zylig life sciences
Zestica pharma
Zodley Pharmaceuticals
Zuno pharmaceuticals

State wise Pharma Franchise/PCD companies:

Pharmaceutical Franchise and Pcd is a type of sales and marketing in pharmaceutical Industry. This is something like business partnership with two parties; one having products and second having sale and marketing experience. Both do business at mutual agreed term and conditions. Medical representatives, Area sales Managers, Regional sales managers and other sales and marketing persons are eligible to start own franchise and pcd marketing. Pharmaceutical distributors, chemists, Doctors and other pharmaceutical professionals may also start own pcd/franchise marketing. Ayurvedic Franchise and Pcd marketing is also of same kind.

Pharma Franchise Help team members have more than 6 years experience in pharmaceutical marketing and administration. We have helped in providing best franchises/pcd partner to hundreds of Pharma professionals. We also provide all help to franchisee related to marketing, sale, distribution, calculation etc.
For being a pharma franchisee/pcd partner, one should have sales and marketing knowledge. Franchise/pcd provides unique opportunity to start own business with own marketing at negligible investment. Pharma companies provide marketing inputs i.e. visual aids, sample catch covers, literature, product cards, bag, gift articles, incentives, tours etc for doing work at ethical basis. It is less investment business and best career opportunity for all sales and marketing professionals.
India's pharmaceutical market is emerging at high speed. Daily number of new pharmaceutical companies launches their products. Every person couldnít afford to start own company because it is highly investing business thatís way Pharma PCD Franchise Concept is getting popularity day by day.
Above list of Pharma companies that are doing business in India at franchise basis and provide best opportunities to pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals, medical representatives and distributors or group to start their own marketing business. It helps to increase competition in pharmaceutical market that is beneficial for customers. Pharmaceutical PCD franchise also removes the monopoly of MNC's and big Pharma companies and makes room for small/macro companies to grow in pharmaceutical market. Our purpose is to provide you free of cost information about pharma franchise/pcd, companies, how to work, how to calculate your profit and margin etc. Name and address of companies are taken from their advertisement & their websites. For more information you can directly contact at given detail and contact number. For any help regarding how to start franchise business, you can mail us at or fill the contact form.

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