Ayurvedic classical products manufacturing at own brand name

Ayurvedic classical products manufacturing at own brand name

We are the manufacturer of all ayurvedic patent and classical products. For distribution, franchise and third party manufacturing of all ayurvedic, herbal and natural products, you contact us. One query we have received from our reader. We are presenting for your help how can you start your ayurvedic marketing company with classical products. Few parts of discussion is:

Contact us at 8059478187 or mail at contact@elzac.in for third party manufacturing, distribution and franchise of ayurvedic/herbal products.

Can Ayurvedic companies prepare medicine with classical reference for our company with our brand name on third party basis?


Sure sir,
All general and patent products you can get in your brand name at third party basis. All products could be manufactured in your brand name except classical. In classical products you have to mention classical name like arjunaristha, pancharistha etc. You can mention your company name above classical name as you see in products of big Ayurvedic companies. For example your company name + pancharistha, damularistha etc.

Shown in Image Below for Elzac Herbals Product Label:

Asava, Aristha, Bhasma and Vati Manufacturer in India
Classical Ayurvedic Preparation Label

All products are prepared with classical references. (Read How to start Ayurvedic company?)


Sir if i want sutshekhar or kamdudha then should i get it with my brand name ? And what should be the presentation ?

It will be like
Your company name or name you want
Below it
Sutshekhar rasa or kamdudh

And marketed by address of your company
all products will like your brand, only manufacturd by name and address will mention at any place and size as you want.
As in case of big ayurvedic company sutshekhar rasa. please find the image for your reference. All companies have to mention classical product name in label.

Classical Product Label Sample


Other than these classical products, we are manufacturer of proprietary and patented ayurvedic products. List of products, we are providing below:


Liquid Dosage Section
Ayurvedic Propreitory Medicines
Sno. Product Uses
1 Anti-Cough Ayurvedic Cough Syrup with strong Formula useful in cold, dry cough, whooping cough, productive cough & cough due to tonsilitis etc
2 Cough Care Ayurvedic Cough Syrup with strong Formula
3 ElBas Ayurvedic Alkaliser Syrup (Sugar Free) useful in Stone Disorders, Dysuria, Burning Micturition, Crystalluria, Renal Calcui etc.
4 Elz-Kuf Ayurvedic Cough Syrup with strong Formula
5 Elz-Pure Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Syrup useful in Pimples, Boil abscess, itching, and allied skin complaints due to blood impurity etc.
6 Elzym Enzyme and Digestive Syrup useful in Indigestion, Loss of appetite, Flatulence, Dyspepsia etc.
7 Elzym-L Liver tonic plus Enzyme Syrup useful in approving apetite and metabolism, useful in all type of infective hepatitis, provides protection against hepatotoxicity etc.
8 Elcid Antacid and Antiflatulent Syrup useful in heartburn, Dyspepsia, Anorexia & Flatulence etc
9 Heptoliv Plus Ayurvedic  Liver Tonic useful in loss of appetite, Jaundice, Enlarged liver, Heptotoxicity & Malabsorption, Cirrhosis of Liver & Alcoholism etc
10 Udramrit Antacid Syrup Useful in Anorexia, Dyspepsia and Flatulence
11 UtiZac An Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic useful in Menstrual cycle regulation, Dysmenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal Syndroms etc
12 Uvi-Tone An Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic useful in Menstrual cycle regulation, Dysmenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal Syndroms etc
Sno. Product Uses
1 Abhayarishta Supportive remedy for piles and fistula-in-ano
2 Amritarishta Immunostimulant in recurrent liver, spleen and pyrexic dysfunctions
3 Arjunarishta Cardioprotective, hypocholesterolemic
4 Arvindasava useful in child digestive power etc.
5 Ashokarishta Menstrual cycle regulator
6 Ashwagandharishta Anti-stress and nervine tonic
7 Babbulyadharistha Useful in all cough etc.
8 Balaristha Complete body tonic and increases power and strength etc.
9 Bharingrajasava Useful in treating mucus cough and asthma etc.
10 Chandasava Useful in stone and burning sensation in Urine
11 Dashmularishta Female reproductive health normaliser after delivery, general tonic for females
12 Drakshasava Anabolic tonic
13 Jeerakaghristha Useful in weakness and fever after delivery in women etc.
14 Kanakasava useful in old cough and asthma etc.
15 Khadirarishta Anti-dermatophytosis
16 Kumariyasava useful in anaemia, blood loss etc.
17 Kutjaristha useful in diarrhea etc
18 Lodhrasava Useful in Gynaecological Disorder
19 Lohasava Useful in anaemia
20 Maha Mjishtha Dharishta Useful in itching, ring worm and other skin diseases
21 Maharasnadi Kwath Anti-rheumatic, Anti-inflammatory
22 Mustakaristha Increase digestive power and helpful in increasing hungerness etc.
23 pantragasava Weakness remover specially helpful in women etc.
24 Punarnavasava Useful in stomach, liver diseases
25 rohitakaristha Useful in liver problems and jaundice etc.
26 sarivaghasava Blood purifier and useful in all skin diseases etc.
27 sarshvtaristha Increase memory power and treats mental problems etc.
28 ushirasava Useful in raktpit and ajirnh etc.
29 Vasakasava useful in asthma and respiration diseases etc.
30 Vidangaristha Useful in removing worms and treating all stomach problems etc.
Kada and Kwaths
Sno. Product Uses
1 DiabaZac Best Ayurvedic Preparation for Diabetic Patients
2 Datu Poshtik Helpful in Balya, Increasing Sperm Count, Rasayana & Sexual Desire etc
3 Shahi Aloevera Kwath Immunity Boaster, useful in ageing, high blood pressure, mental stress, liver weakness, eye sights, gas, constipation, acidity etc
4 Shahi Amla Plus Kwath Useful in high blood pressure, mental stress, liver weakness, acidity, chronic fevers, immunity boaster, increasing digestion, provides strenght etc
5 Shahi Noni Plus Kwath Useful in providing strenght, relieves mental stress, liver weakness, acidity, chronic fevers, immunity boaster, increasing digestion etc
6 Shahi Triphala Kwath Useful in Diabetes, Bronchitis, Joint pains, Pimples, Cancer, Asthma, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Eczema, Sun Burn, Body Pain, cervical, hair loss, Graying of hair, Heart problems, Cholesterol, Digestive System, stamina, immunity, skin problems, bleeding gum, Toxins, stress, liver and kidney problems etc
7 Giloy Plus Useful in viral infections ( like Dengue, Maleria, Chickengunea), gouts, vomiting, cardiac debility, skin diseases, anemia, cough, jaundice, seminal weakness  etc
8 Jamun Shrika Useful in Diabetes, Stomach disorders and anemia etc
Solid Dosage Form Section
Tablet/Capsule Section
Sno. Product Uses
1 Arogya Vardhani Vati Useful in Constipation, Pimples, Diabetes, Joint pain and Fat
2 ArshKuthar Ras Useful in all types of Piles
3 Chandra Prabha Vati Useful in Leucorrea, irregular menstrution, weakness, urine infeaction etc
4 Elz-Plate UP Useful in chronic fevers like dengue, malaria etc, Enhance Platelets Count
5 Heptoliv Plus Hepato-Protective Capsules
6 Livin Hepato-Protective Tablets
7 Livol Hepato-Protective Capsules
8 Praval Pishti Natural Calcium Source
9 Plat Pill Increases Platelets counts, increases body immunity, stimulates body enzymatic system, increases red blood cells, Cleanse body organs and gastrointestinal system from debris etc
10 OrthoZac  Analgesic/Pain Killer Capsules
11 OrthoZac Gold Analgesic/Pain Killer Tablets
12 Rejuvenator (Blister Pack) Sexual Enhancer Capsules
13 Seven Power Cap Sexual Enhancer Capsules
14 Shilajit Capsule Herbal Stamina Enhancer Capsules
15 Sipzyme Enzyme Tablets
16 Maha Yograj Guggul Vati Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
Churna/Powder Section
Sno. Product Uses
1 Avipattikar Churna Supportive remedy for hyperacidity and constipation
2 Dant Prabhakar Manjan Useful for sensitive teeths, Bad breath, Pyrrhea etc
3 Elz-Fibe Ispaghula Husk etc, Useful in Constipation
4 Hingwastak Churna Digestive and anti-flatulent
5 Lavan Bhaskar Churna Digestive, carminative
6 No Gas Churna Gas, Constipation, acidity, Heart burn etc
7 Panchasakar Churna Useful in increasing digestive power and hunger
8 Praval Pishti Natural Calcium Source
9 Sitopaladi Churna Bronchial antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant, with honey
10 Supari Pak General tonic for reproductive health in females
11 Triphala Churna Mild laxative, antibacterial
Miscellaneous Section
Oil/Spray Section
Sno. Product Uses
1 OrthoZac Gold Ayurvedic Analgesic Joint Pain Relief Oil
2 OrthoZac Gold Ayurvedic Analgesic Joint Pain Relief Spray
3 Maha Narayana Oil Ayurvedic Analgesic Joint Pain Killer Oil
4 Nenel Hair Oil
Avela Section
Sno. Product Uses
1 Chyawanprash All-in-One’ rejuvenating, age-sustaining and immunostimulant tonic
2 Vasavleha Useful in Respiratory diseases like Cough and Troat, stomach Diseaese
Bhasma and Pishti
Sno. Type Product
1 Bhasma Abhrak Bhasam, Kasis Bhasam, Godanti Bhasam, Mandur Bhasam, Loh Bhasam, Shank Bhasam, Swarn Makshik Bhasam, Kukkuthandhtvk Bhasam, Vang Bhasam, Tankan bhasam, Ras sindhur Bhasam etc
2 Pishti/Vati Mukta Pishti, Jaharmohra Khatai Pishti, Maha Laxmi Vilas Ras Vati, Praval Pishti, Mahayograj guggul vati, Giloy Gan Vati, Balbadha Ras Vati etc




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