How to start Pharmacy/Retail/Chemist Business in India? How much Investment is required to Start?


I want to start my own pharmacy business. How much capital is requires in it?


Read Documentation and License required for pharmacy business here.
We are considering Pharmacy Business as Retail Shop. Retail shop investment for your start-up depend at location and size of pharmacy. You will need a premises i.e. Owned Shop or Rented Shop in area where you think demand of medicines. We will consider a rented shop for investment calculation. Many factors will impact investment required i.e. shop location, documentation, pharmacist salary (if you are not pharmacist) etc.

Monthly Expenses:
Suppose monthly rent is 6500-10000/-. Required space for premises is 10 square meter. Fully cemented floor and walls.
Pharmacist Salary ( In case you are not pharmacist) is 7000-12000 per month.

One Time Expenses;

Furniture: 30000/-
Refrigerator: 10000/-
Computer and other Accessories: 25000/-
License Fees and Documentation etc.: 6000-7500/-

Other than these you will require investment for purchase of medicines and drugs. This calculation is only for informational purpose. You can calculate your own by getting costing of all things required.

Your investment will be approximately 13500 to 17000/-per month at monthly basis.
One time expenses may be approximately 75000 to 90000 /- month.
Add medicine purchase cost in this.

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