How to start Export Oriented Pharmaceutical Company?

Query:I am having good marketing experiences of formulation precisely in exports market . Now I wish to start my own manufacturing T setup on small – medium size set up export oriented.
Please give me small outlines requirements , budget , investments require to start up etc


Before going into manufacturing, we will recommend you to first start marketing set-up for exporting formulations. You can start a marketing company and start exporting medicines from your own firm name. You will require a manufacturer having all certification that are required to export to particular country. It will require less investment and time to set-up export oriented manufacturing unit. You can read documentation for starting pharma marketing company here.If you want to start-up manufacturing unit, you can read general requirements here: Documentations and licences to start pharma manufacturing unit.
Other then mentioned in above linked article, you have to take certification and fulfill compliance according to exporting country.

Machinery and Area required, you can read in our article: Business Plan for Pharmaceutical Plant, machinery, area required and equipment.

  • Plant Cost owned: Depend at current rates
  • Plant Cost Rented Premises: Minimum of 35000 to 40000 per month
  • Semi Automatic capsule filling machine along with parts: Minimum of 12 lakhs
  • Tablet compression rotary: Approx. 5 lakh
  • Packaging: Alu-Alu -12 lakh /Blister- 4-6 lakh
  • Complete liquid plant: Approximately 10-11 lakh
  • Other requirements: 10-15 lakhs

You can start only one section or all sections together as per budget.
For particular certifications for export orientated manufacturing unit may be extra.

Read here: Documentations and Procedure for exporting Pharmaceutical Products/Medicines/Drugs

Hope above information was useful to you…

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