How to start Pharma Generic Shop?


I am a D. Pharma. I wish to know How to start a pharma generic shop with  a single company initially? How to contact distributor or company for this? I have searched various big companies though failed. Also how much capital is required to invest in generic medicines let alone other investments.


Generic medicine distribution is credit base work. Start with small generic company which will provide you facilities along with credit. Most of big companies will already has distributors at most of locations and second they look for already established and good networked distributors. Investment for starting with any generic company could be as less as 1 lac and as more as of any numbers. You can find generic distributors locally by asking to chemists about particular company distributor or search online about generic manufacturers. Meet local distributors personally and companies which are far away, talk to them at phone first and then fix meeting if gets positive response….

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