How to start Chemist Shop?


I want to open a chemist shop. Please give some ideas for it. Please suggest where should i open it ,there are many chemist shops near me and also they provide upto 10% discounts on medicines. suggest few ideas to increase business.
also what should i do if the medicine which doctor has prescribed to the patient is not available with me at that time ,if i dont have it at that time then the patient might go to some other store what to do if that happens.
Also can you suggest what else can i do along with my chemist shop as a side business. 

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How to start Chemist Shop?

Opening shop doesn’t depend at number of shops available in your locality. It depends at sale and market potential of that area. If there is good number of doctors and sales potential is available then you can start medical shop there.

If market is saturated and already opened chemists are not working good then don’t need to open shop there. 10% discount is not a big issue, you could also provide when you will start.

If a doctor prescribe medicines and you don’t have at that time. In that condition, your relationships with nearby chemists matter most. Most of chemist behave corporative in that conditions and make availability from nearby chemists and fulfill patients requirement.

Chemist shop is full time work. Along with chemist shop you can’t do any thing in your licenses shop premises but outside shop you can do any other business as you have knowledge…

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