Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Pharma Franchise Business

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What is Pharma Franchise? How it works?
Pharma Franchise is a term use to define authorization granted by pharmaceutical companies to pharma marketing professional or distributor or group of people to do marketing on behalf of company, use of company name, brand names, trade marks and other commercial activities for particular area or entire state or entire company read more

What is Pharma Franchise Help Blog ?
Pharma franchise business is emerging as new marketing professions are starting their own pharmaceutical company or starting pharma franchise marketing. We, at pharma franchise help provides free of knowledge and information for starting their own marketing or company read more

How to Start Pharmaceutical (Marketing/Trading) Company in India?
Owning pharma marketing company is not difficult, if you have good experience in pharmaceutical industry and having strong network. Want to start own pharmaceutical company and finding it difficult, read here how to start pharma marketing company

Why pharma marketing is a slow process?
As it is profitable work, but pharma marketing is slow process and takes long time to build it as brand. Instead of slow process, daily new companies are coming in the sector read more

Types of Pharma franchise marketing..
Mostly two types of franchise distributors work in pharmaceutical sector. One is Single party distributor and second is Multi party distributors. Single party distributors work at small scale whereas multi party distributors work at large level Read More

How much investment is required to start pharma marketing company ?
Investment for pharmaceutical marketing company depends upon many factors like number of products, type of products, cost of products, molecules, batch size etc. If you want to start your own pharma marketing company, you can start it from as low as fifty thousand to any amount read inventory here

What is third party/contract manufacturing in pharmaceutical sector? Inventory, Process, requirement!
Third party manufacturing may strange word for few pharma professionals but it common to all pharma professional who are working for marketing or manufacturing firms or companies, or persons who want to start own marketing company. Read more for definition, procedure, inventory, requirement

How to calculate price to retailer, price to stockist with any MRP?
When a new person start own franchise marketing or own marketing company. He needs to calculate all thing related to account and market like his own profit, retailer margin, stockist margin, free goods and all other expenses. Worrying about how to calculate, read here

How to search for marketing persons as commission basis ?
In new business when it becomes difficult to cash out own salary, one can’t recruit a salary employee for marketing and sales. To outcome this problem, start-ups look for commission agents for increase in their sale. read more

What are the drawbacks/advantages of generic/ethical/pcd/Franchise marketing ?
If you are pharma profession, you must know about generic and ethical marketing. but PCD/franchise marketing may be strange word for you. Every type of marketing has its own pro and cons. Read here about pro and cons of all marketing models in pharma world.

Either private limited company or one person company will be beneficial for the pharmaceutical marketing
Thinking about starting a new pharma company and confused which type of company will be best for you. One person firm or pharma private limited company. Here we will try to give you brief description which is good for you. Read More

Which Pharma Franchise Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association?
Choosing best possible pharma franchise company it very difficult task for every new comer in pharma franchise marketing. Your choice is your future. So, be careful about company, you are going to choose. read more about it here

How do Pharma franchisee or PCD Companies in India and their franchisee calculate net prices, Trade Rates and MRP’s?
Fixing MRP and trade rate is very important part for pharma franchise companies. Net rates can’t be high as compare to market rates and can’t be low as you cost you shut down. read more

What can Pharma Franchisee Companies do to build themself as a brand?
Making brand a toughest task in market. Brand has its own picture. It sells products its self. To build brand it may take years but one mistake can destroy it in seconds. Brand means Trust. Read here how to be pharma franchise brand.

How to proceed to do business at franchise base in pharmaceutical sector ?

What type of mode of operation of Pharmaceutical Marketing Companies ?

Is it necessary to get onces product (Brand Name) registered?

I want to start own ayurvedic marketing company.

How can i find out history about PCD company

Will it be advisable for me that I appoint a stockist here and start working ?

Which Advertisement type is best suitable for Pharma Franchise Companies ?

Is it right to go with PCD companies?

How to start-up Pharma Franchise and what is needed ?

I have started my own pcd a few months ago. I want some advice and tips from you.

What should I do after completing my B. Pharma ? Job or Business ! Suggest Me.

How to select pharma franchise company ?

Which type of help you provide in respect of pharma franchise and what is your charges?

Why I want to promote Herbal and Pharma franchise business?

i want to work with you. What is the process of it?

Why are Pharma Franchisee Companies — backbone of Indian Pharmaceutical Market?

Why Franchise concept (PCD) in Pharma industry is so popular ? Reason and Future !

Example Product List for Pharma Franchise Companies

How to develop strong distribution network ?

I need your valuable guidance for opening pharma company

I want to open a pharma marketing company and i want to know that what are the legal documents, procedure and process?

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