Types of Pharma franchise/pcd distributors and marketing persons

Pharmaceutical franchise distributors or marketing professionals are backbone for franchise companies. They are the actual sale generator and key player in market. They are primary customers for pharma pcd franchise companies. With respect of their method of work, we can divide these distributors in two categories.

Commonly Pharma pcd/Franchise distributors are of two types.
Single Party Pcd/Franchise Distributors
Multiple Party Pcd/Franchise Distributors

Single Party Pcd Franchise distributors:

When distributors directly purchase medicines from company and make primary and secondary sale on own basis. Single Pharma Franchisee Distributors are mainly Pharmaceutical marketing professionals and small pharmaceutical distributors. They cover small area and work at small level e.g. district, territory etc. These distributors give less sale but high margin. Single franchise distributor may have own whole sale drug license number or not.

Multiple Party Pcd franchise Distributors: When distributors purchase from company and appoint their own franchise/Pcd parties/distributors and distribute products to them. These franchisees are responsible for sale and promotion in market. Multiple Pharma Pcd Franchise Distributors are mainly big pharmaceutical distributors and C&F’s. They must have their own whole sale drug license. They cover large area and work at large level e.g. state, zone etc.

Mainly these two type of pcd Pharma Franchise Distributors work throughout India. Both types of distributors have their pro and cons. If we talk about which type of distributor is good for Pharmaceutical Companies, then, it will be difficult to say because both have their own benefits and losses.

Single franchise Pharmaceutical Distributors give more margin and they work at mutual agreed conditions, but in case of Multi Franchise Distributors – Pharmaceuticals companies provide most facilities to them but they give only little margin. If You are thinking first one is better, then think again. Second one gives huge sale while first one gives more margins.

If second one is back bone for any Pharmaceutical franchise company, then, first one give boast to company margin, make them more financially liberal. We can’t under-estimate one from other. Franchise Pharmaceutical companies have to maintain both types of distributors to establish in highly competitive market.

With number of advantages, both have number of disadvantages also.
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