How to start a Pharma marketing Company for Domestic and Export?

I am a doctorate holder in Neuroscience and currently planning to start a company in INDIA with my brother. My brother has already registered company in Bangalore and it allows to export of import foreign products and to have collaborations internationally. We don’t have restrictions in finance. We are planning to setup a pharma company or the marketing company where we can get a franchisee rights of a particular product or drug and sell them in India or same thing from India to other countries. we don’t know where to start and whom to approach. i was wondering is this is the right place to ask for help and suggestion regarding this. please let us know if you could help us or please direct us to the person who can help us. Thanks very much for your help and time.


If you want to start pharma marketing company, you will need to complete all documents related to it.

For starting pharma marketing company, you don’t need to take franchise rights. You need to select products you want to launch into market and a manufacturer who can manufacture your product. Manufacturer that you will choose should complete all requirements as per country which you want to export medicine. Read here how to export pharma products?

For Drug license Number:

  • You first need a premises which having space more than 10 square meter.
  • Complete all documents for applying to drug license number. Documents you can read by clicking above link at wholesale drug license.
  • Visit to Drug Inspector Office
  • Submit file there or they will instruct you how to apply?
  • Drug department officer will inspect your premises personally
  • After inspection, drug department will issue drug license to you.

For GST Number:

Company Registration:

  • You can register your company before taking drug license number. Read procedure and documents for company registration here

After all documents completion, you are ready to start your own pharma marketing company and can get manufactured your products at Third Party Manufacturing/Contract Manufacturing Basis

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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