What should a pharma student do just after graduation? Job or Business!

What should a pharma student do just after graduation? Job or Business!


I am pursuing B.pharma (3rd yr) looking for a business or job . I have knowledge of medicines and marketing . I know it needs large amount of money to start business in pharmacy profession . If you have any idea for small scale business or any job.
Please tell me .I will be very thankful to you

Its pleasure to see, you are very passionate about your career and looking for business or job in your 3rd year of graduation. First of all, I want to clarify one thing- pharma business doesn’t always require large amount of money to start. Pharma business requires knowledge and networking for success. For pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you can supposed to invest huge amount but you can start your pharma business from other ways also like pharma marketing company, chemist, wholesaler shop, consultancy firm etc. Read more business opportunities in pharma here
But before start, you should have adequate experience, knowledge and strong networking, so it becomes easy for you to be successful in your business. Don’t think that you will require huge money, only concentrate to build your inner qualities that will help you in your journey. Chemist or retail shop can be started with below 50000 investment and much of products, you can get at credit from wholesaler. Wholesaler business also doesn’t need much investment. But your initial investment depends at your experience and networking in pharma market.
We can see many persons in the market who start their business with minimum investment and also persons who start with above 5 crore initial investment. That depends upon you, which track you follow and what have you learned during your professional career. Start with job in pharma sector where you would like to go and in which section you have much interest. Marketing, sales, production, quality control, research, pharmacovegilence, BPO etc are the few options, you can think to start. Other than these, you can also join other best possible jobs you are interested in.
If you have family pharma background then you can directly start pharma business but if anyone don’t know about pharma then do job for 3-5 year first and get exposure to market, learn, research possibilities, build network, understand how others are working, then start with small investment and make it large. Doing job is great idea to start. Even corporate icons throw their children in job before hand over big emperor’s responsibilities to them. Only one thing you should remember, don’t let upturned any stone in your learning.
After entering into pharma market, you will find number of ways to start your own business with minimum investment. Only one condition apply, you must be master in your field. If you want to know about our advice then we recommend you to start with job. In today time, marketing and sales professionals have easy opportunities to start their own business through establishing marketing company, having franchise of pharma companies etc. These require small investments and lot of experience and knowledge.But before entering in pharma market and job options, you should consult your teachers, parents, seniors, friends or any mentor whoever provide you best guidance. We provide above guidance on the basis of our experience in pharmaceutical sector. May be these are useful to you or may not be. But you should do whatever you find interesting and enjoyable.Read more realted about career after B. Pharmacy:
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Hope for your best and fruitful future

Hope above information was useful to you. If you find mistakes and correction in above article, you can write us
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