Which type of help, you provide us to promote our business and what is your charges?


We are in Pharma Business having own brand names. We are marketed by company wanted to find distributors all over India. Which type of help you provide us to promote our business and what is your charges.


Sir, In Pharma franchise Help, we provide free of help in all aspects related to pharma franchise business like below FAQ: (except catalog at our blog or our services).

Free Help:
Our Paid Services are

Read below FAQ, these may be interesting to you…..

You are in marketing of your own brands and wants pharma distributors all over India. But it is not clear from your mail that Whether you want to promote your products as franchise basis or ethical or generic basis.
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Few Marketing aspects and different types of Marketing techniques of Pharmaceutical sector ?

For finding distributors all over India, you have to advertise your company in business portals like pharma mart, trade india, india mart, exporter india etc and medical books like CIMS, drug today, IDR etc, medical news papers like pharma view, medical times etc. For more details you can read below article
Which Advertisement type is best suitable for Pharma Franchise Companies ?

These advertisements will be helpful for you to finding franchise distributors as well as generic distributors.

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