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Sir I have 10 year exp. in Pharma sector . I want to start own Ayurvedic Marketing company. I have also GST Number. What is the process to start marketed by com. In Utter Pradesh And where I registered to our product.
Please give the full detail with cost. Thank you


For starting Ayurvedic marketing company, you need sale tax GST number only. For marketing of Ayurvedic products, you don’t need of D.L. number. You mentioned that you have GST so you can start trading of Ayurvedic products. You want to get manufactured Ayurvedic products as a marketed by company. You need to get manufactured your product at third party basis. Ayurvedic Manufacturing companies will manufacture your products at third party basis.

  • First choose company name under which you want to get manufactured your products if you haven’t chosen yet.
  • Register your company. 
  • Prepare your list of products, you want to get manufactured at third party basis or you want to market. 
  • Choose brand names that doesn’t resembles to other brand names available in market. 
  • Choose your manufacturer. 
  • Place order.
  • Get manufactured your brand name products
  • And Start market your products

For third party, manufacturers require batch size. You have to get manufactured whole batch or depend upon manufacturer. Normally batch size for 200 ml liquid is considered to 2400 pcs per batch or depend on manufacturer. Few manufacturer can manufacture small quantity as per your need. Packing material is main issue in small batch size. If you can pay remaining packing material cost then small batch size doesn’t be a problem. Packing material cost doesn’t bear any volume. You can also provide your packing material then cost of packing material will be reduced from costing or manufacturer can arrange packing material for you. Finalized brand names and packing design only.

If you want to registered your products under Trade Mark then apply for company name and your brand names at office of the Registrar of Trade Marks. You can apply in Uttar Pradesh or outside any where in India to Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks. Registration of trade mark is different procedure and can take one and half to two years for complete process depends upon other factors also like objection etc.

For any query and suggestion, mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp@gmail.com


  2. We are a Herbal Medicines & Oils manufacturing company established in 2012 and situated in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

    We accept third-party manufacturing or Job-works of the following items :-

    1 Hair-Oils > Herbal hair-oil & Amla hair-oil.

    2 Hair-beautification powder > Pack contains powder which can be applied like “Mehendi”. Its highly effective for improving hair strength & hair shining.

    3 Syrups > Syrups to cure Kidney-stones of upto 30mm. Syrups for skin-improvement & blood purification. Syrups for ladies-menstrual cycles relief. Syrups for Flu disease. Syrups to cure common-cold. Syrups to cure Liver related issues.

    4 Balms & Ointments > Balms for treating head-ache, pain. We also have ointments for treating Piles or “bawaseer”

    5 Spherical tablets (Golia) > For improving digestion related issues.

    6 Sexual Medicines > Highly effective oils for penis-strength. We also have a Chawanparash-type edible paste for increasing body-strength & sexual power.

    Delivery in 30 days or depending upon the order quantity. Interested parties can contact us to discuss their requirements.

    Unani Laboratories Pvt Ltd
    GMP Certified Company

  3. Sir I have join an ayurvedic company its products are very powerful. I also used in my home. Rates are also reasonable. Sugar, heart problem,liver problem, kidney stones etc products are very powerful. please contact me any supplier, customer, buisnessaman and needy person.

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