What is Stock Register? How to Prepare Stock Register in Excel for A Company?

What is Stock Register? How to Prepare Stock Register in Excel for A Company?

Stock Register:Definition of Stock Register:

Stock Register may be define as document/file/software record which is used for maintaining company’s stock. It is based upon live updated of addition of incoming stock (Purchase) and subtraction of issuing stock (Sale). It is an important aspect for any business for Inventory management, preventing shortage problem and maintaining regular supply of products.

Stock Management:

Managing Stock could be an integral part of managing a company. For small companies or in new start-ups, its a big challenge due to shortage of staff specially in pharma field where huge number of products present. Stock management involves receiving, stocking and dispatching etc. There are many types of stock management but few methods are commonly used. Commonly used methods are:

  • Manually Stock Register Book
  • Software
  • Stock Management in Excel
Automatic Software is best possible way to maintain stock in pharmaceutical or any other sector which has large number of products. Manual hand written stock book is also managed by many small and macro sized pharmaceutical companies. It is time consuming process and one person is required to maintain only stock which may be costly for start-ups. Stock management in excel is tricky work but up to a certain level of products, you can manage it easily and freely.

We are committed to provide free tools for your company management system, so we are providing you a quick and easy way to maintain your stock in Microsoft excel. Basic parts are same in all form for maintaining stock. These parts are as follow or you can fix it as per your need.

  • Date
  • Product Name/Particulars
  • Bill/Invoice Number
  • Supplier/Receiver Name
  • Issue
  • Receipt
  • Remark
Manual Stock Register

Here we are embed excel sheet for your reference. We have mentioned Products as Product 1, Product 2, Product 3 to Product 10 and Link it to worksheet that contains detail of that product. You can create your own Stock Management Register in Excel by Following Formula’s and ways. First Check our Example here:

Step by Step Demo:

  • Open Microsoft Excel Sheet
  • Create Work sheet of Each Product as we have mentioned like Product 1, Product 2, Product 3 etc. Create according to number of products available to you as indicated in Snap shoot below:
  • Make a Index in above cells of your Sheet. Make it in first work sheet and prevent time by copy/pasting to all worksheets. Check Snap shot below:
  • Make a title bar containing all details like Date, product name, bill number, issue, receive etc column wise as shown in snap shoot below:
  • Create hyperlink to each product name with its work sheet of that product. Click at column of that Product Name. Press Ctrl + K. Choose Place in this Document and Select work sheet of name as shown in snap shot below:


Hope above information is useful to you. If you have better and simple idea for stock management, you can share it with us. You can comment or mail at below mail id.
Importance of Stock Register:
Stock register means a record or database of  goods purchased, stored and sold out. Which is helpful in most of aspects of business. Few importance of stock register is as follow:
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance of regular supply
  • Evaluation of total stock in Hand
  • Calculation of reordered quantity, reordered time, minimum and maximum stock availability etc


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