How to Prepare Dispatch Register for A Company?

How to Prepare Dispatch Register for A Company?
Dispatch Register:
Dispatch Register is an important documents in any company. In Dispatch Register, all details regarding documents sent, parcel sent or other material sent through courier, post or transport is noted down for future aspect and proper follow-up. Dispatch Register is as important as stock register.
Dispatch register can be maintained by following ways. 
  • In Hand written Book/Register
  • In Microsoft Excel
  • In Software
Here we are going to provide you in detail about Dispatch register in Excel. Excel is free and easy tool for maintaining Dispatch Register. A brief discussion about dispatch register in Book and Software.
Hand Written Book:
Hand written book are easily available at book stores nearby you. You can note down all dispatch details manually in it. Written in these books was boring for us. To outcome from this we chose to prepare a excel format for dispatch register that we are sharing with you. Software is costlier one, we couldn’t afford this that time.
One single software can fulfill all your need from purchase to dispatch. But it may be costlier for many new comer entrepreneurs. There are many software available that can fulfill your all needs. These works can be done as online and offline both. Check list of Software for preparing dispatch register
Dispatch Register in Excel Format:
Dispatch register in excel can work as free software for you. You can maintain Order, Purchase, sale, attendance and many other things other than Dispatch in Excel. One more advantage is that you can easily customized it as per your need. Generally products or documentation are sent through courier, post or transport/logistic. Few other means for delivery may be Railway, Air, Cargo etc.
We have divided Dispatch Register in Two Parts. You can make two sheet in single excel file for easy navigation. We can divide dispatch register as follow:
  • Courier Dispatch Detail
  • Transport Dispatch Detail 
Courier Dispatch Register:
Courier Dispatch Detail may contain following Parts:
  • Serial Number (Sr. No.)
  • Date
  • Party Name
  • Destination
  • Docket number ( Doc. No.)
  • Courier Name
  • Weight
  • Charges
  • Remark
Example of Courier Dispatch Register:
Sr. No.
Party Name
DOC. No.

Courier Dispatch Detail
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Transport Dispatch Details:
Transport Dispatch detail may contain following details:
  • Serial Number(Sr. No.)
  • Dispatch Date
  • Party Name
  • Case
  • Gr. No.
  • Gr. Date
  • Destination
  • Transport Name
  • Gr. Charges
  • Remark 
You can also customize this section as per your requirement.
Example of Transport Dispatch Detail: 

Sr. No.
Dispatch date
Party Name
Gr. No.
Gr. Date
Transport Name
Gr. Charges

Transport Dispatch Register

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1. Serial Number:
This will indicate number of courier/transport sent in a particular time period i.e. Week, month, quarter or year. Give a serial name as weekly or monthly or as required basis.
2. Date:
Date section will necessary to find out at which date you send courier/transport to which sender. It will help you to remind date of material/document sent.
3. Party Name:
This will help you to remind at which receiver you have sent courier/transport at which date. 
4. Destination: 
At destination column, you can add place where you sent your courier/transport.

5. Docket Number/Bility Number/Gr. Number:
Every transport or courier will provide a unique number against goods he received. This number is used to locate the position of goods/document you send to that courier/transport. Same this number for any future reference or till goods/document is received at destination.
6. Courier/Transport Name:
There are number of courier/transports present to deliver the goods. At different locations, different transport/courier has better service. Send to the courier/transport which has better service at that destination. Note down courier/transport name for your reference.
Few Good Couriers Name are: DTDC , Trackon, Overnite, First Flight, Blue Dart etc.
Few Good Transports Name are: Safe Express, TCI, XPS, Gati, Nitco, VRL, Om logistic etc.
7. Number of Cases:
In case you have sent more than one case to transport/courier, you will need to note down the number of case present in consignment. 
8. Weight:
You will pay to courier or transport at basis of weight of that material or as per discussed. Note down weight to calculate total due of courier or transport at end of week/month. 
9. Remark:
At remark section, you can note down any other information you need to note down.

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