How to Calculate Margins at proteins imported from India?


Sir I used to import protein powder and several other multivitamin from India.
Previously i used to import from local party of —— (India) . Now i am including few item from Delhi buddy.
My question is I have imported goods in IC 30 and MRP is IC 250. Please sir let me know how can I manage margin in distribution of goods . In nepal stockist margin is 10% and retail Margin is 16% plus I am planning to give 10% bonus.. Please let me know how can I manage distribution margin.
Thank you.


MRP is 250/-
Retailer margin: 16%
Stckiest Margin: 10%
Bonus: 10%
IC is 30/-

You didn’t mention tax structure so we are mentioning including of Tax price here.
First we have to calculate from retailer margin because retailer sell it at MRP.

Read: How to calculate Price to Retailer and Price to Stockist?

Retail Price: MRP*100/(100+margin)

250*100 25000
———– = ———– = 215.52/-
100+16 116

Whole Sale Price : Retail Price*100/(100+margin)

215.52*100 21552
———– = ———– = 185.79/-
100+10 116

10% Bonus that you will provide; will be added in your costing.

30*10%= 3
Your costing will be 30+3=33/-

your margin will be: 185.79-33= 152.79 IC.

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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