Ethics Code: Revolution or Just a start

In IndianPharmaceutical marketing, providing freebies and gift are important part of marketing strategy. From last two to three decade, it is part of nearly all marketing strategy that helped many companies to become big cats in Pharmaceutical sector.
But what were the reasons that – this wrong practice has become important part to sell pharmaceutical products and medicines. Whatever were the reasons but one thing is for sure, that was responsible for increasing pharmaceutical products and medicine’s rate.
Ethic code for medical practitioners has been implemented from January 1, 2015. It is voluntary for one month and will be examine after this for further implementation. But can only implementing this ethic code be solution for eliminating this unethical practice?
After doing some research and discussion with our marketing professional friends, it looks like a very difficult task. It may be revolution in pharmaceutical marketing approach but question is – what will be further strategy toward this. All pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals are habitual to this practice. Even in few regions, freebies or gifts are only responsible for prescribing medicines. Some firms provide cash facilities also to increase their sales.
With this ethic code, we have to implement few other rules and regulations, so over commercialization of medicine could be prevented. Our pharmaceutical market is filled up with non pharmacy and medical professionals. Here and there, we can find these unqualified professionals, whose come in this field only to make money. Mainly they are responsible for this unethical practice. They don’t have technical knowledge and when come to generate business, they try to practice unethical procedures.
In pharmaceutical marketing, we should promote science or pharmacy graduate professionals. They have proper technical knowledge and can provide proper communication to Doctor in respect of their products and medicines, and can impress doctor with their technical approach. That will also beneficial for doctors because they can update them with new molecules and happening in industry.
Mostly medical pharmacies are occupied with non pharmacist professionals. They work without any technical knowledge. They concentrate only with business aspect of pharmacy, not with their social aspect.
Pharmacies with in hospital also play major role in involving unethical practice. All pharmacies should be independent and outside from hospital.
Other main reason for this unethical practice may be cut throat competition and lack of new & innovative products. Mostly pharma companies come with same product lines and selling their products, they have to provide lucrative policies. Innovated and updated products can also beneficial for stopping this practice.

Main aim for ethic code is to provide cheap and effective medicine to patients. Time will tell, whether this motive will fulfill or not but one thing is for sure, we are facing a major changes in pharmaceutical field.

Author: Ajay Kumar, A pharmaceutical graduate working with a well known pharmaceutical company. You can also find Ajay Kumar at LinkedIn @ Ajay Kamboj

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