Good news for Indian Cancer Patients.....

In a decision, Supreme court on Friday upheld his 2012 order granting compulsory licence to an Indian Pharmaceutical firm to manufacture cheaper versions of costly branded Anticancer drugs.

This decision will effect all cancer patients who were taking costly anti cancer drug treatments. Now cheaper generic will also available in market that may reduce cost of costly cancer treatment. At present cancer treatment cost  is estimated 1.24 to 3 lakh per month. That will be reduced to 6000/- to 8000/- per month for cancer patient.

It cannot imagine a patient asking for the costly medicine on his own if its cheaper version is available. This cannot happen without the connivance of some in the doctor community. Drugs are pure compounds and must be effective whether it is manufactured by MNC’s or an Indian manufacturer.

India’s generic industry is a major supplier of cheap and life saving drugs to treat diabetes, cancer and other diseases afflicting people locally and globally who can not afford expensive branded versions.
According to World Bank, India is home of 1/3rd of poorest population in the world.Present cost is not affordable for most of Indian people. Decision will effect millions of people in India and throughout world.

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