Patient’s factors To be consider before any Antibiotic or antimicrobial therapy...

While selecting an antibiotic few factors that should be considered for safety and best results. Patient’s immune system, liver and kidneys health of patient, age, blood circulation, and breast feeding & pregnancy are few factors that must be considered before start of antimicrobial therapy.

Immune System:  Antibiotics are the agents which kill or inhibit the growth of microbes. But our immune system which are responsible for elimination of microbes from our body. Doses or duration of treatment depends upon, how strong or weak our immune system is. For strong immune system, lesser dose would be required with shorten period of time with compare to person with weak immune system.

Liver Functioning:  Liver health is also major aspects when it comes to choose an antibiotic and its doses. Most of the medicines are metabolized by liver. Functioning of liver affects the concentration of antibiotic dose within body by influencing its metabolism.

Kidney Health: Main work that is performed by kidneys is elimination of waste products. Same in case of Antibiotics. Poor kidney functions causes accumulation of antibiotics in body that are eliminated in ordinary case. That increases side effects and chances of overdose.

Age:  New born and young child’s drug elimination and metabolism system is poorly developed so
dose is to be considered while prescribing for children. Increase in age may also affect antibiotic elimination from body.

Pregnancy: All antibiotics cross the placenta. Antibiotics should be avoided because these can cause adverse effect to fetus. Special caution to amino glycosides antibiotics because of their ototoxic
effect on the fetus.

Lactation: Antibiotic excretes from body, through sweat, milk, stool and urine. If a lactating mother take antibiotic drug. This antibiotic may enter the nursing infant via the breast milk and cause problems.

Few other factors should also be considered while prescribing antibiotics like drug perfusion, race, gender, severity of infection etc.

Antibiotic is life saving but it can be dangerous if not uses properly and accurately. All pharmaceutical companies should take initiative to educate public about use of antibiotic and self-medication.

Be safe, be happy…

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