Toll Free number for Drug Adverse Reaction and Side effects

Toll Free number for Drug Adverse Reaction and Side effects

Drug’s adverse reactions and side effects are very common problem with medicines. Everyone once in their life has faced drugs reactions and complication. but now Health Ministry and Drug Department has issued toll free number for all patients so they can complain any time, from anywhere about reactions they faced after taking medicine. Just Dial 1800-180-3024 and register your complain…

Ministry is also planning to make it compulsory for all Government hospitals, Chemists and Private hospitals to display Toll free number at their premises. This toll free number will help to monitor drug adverse reactions. This information will be sent to Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center and center will investigate drug according to the norms of WHO. Then information will be forwarded to National Coordinating Center which is responsible for collecting drug’s adverse reactions data.

Government will share database with WHO and other international agencies responsible for World Pharmacovigilance Database. Toll free number will provide power to customers to record directly their complain to drug department and provide reports of drug adverse reactions from all over India. This will also help drug department to make necessary step for particular molecule if it is causing serious side effects.

Database also will help to stop and find out sale of sub standard drugs and take necessary action against concern persons.
Health department is also trying to increase Pharmacovigilance cell in Hospitals. At present only 150 hospitals have cell to monitor adverse drug reactions all over India.


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