Why a healthy person doesn’t need any Protein supplement?

Why a healthy person doesn’t need any Protein supplement?
Why a healthy person doesn’t need any Protein supplement?

First we need to understand about protein, protein source and protein structure. What is protein and why it is important for us. Proteins are the bio-molecules or macro-molecules that are necessary for essential functions of body and synthesis of important enzymes, blood cells, muscles, hormones etc, and also require for repairing, growth & building of body tissue. Proteins are primarily the structural chains of amino acids. Protein is synthesized into body by these amino acids.

Our body has very unique biochemistry to fulfill it requirements. Our metabolism system has capacity to converts proteins into carbohydrates, carbohydrates into proteins, carbohydrate into fat, fat into carbohydrates etc. Very complex biochemical reactions complete these processes. If our body feels, there is deficiency of any essential molecule; it will try to recover with another molecule’s degradation. If we have continued deficiency of these molecules, then only our body shows symptoms related to any molecule deficiency.

A healthy person who is taking diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and other essential components; doesn’t need to take any health supplement. Few biological components are only things that our body can’t manufacture but most of components like carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc could be manufactured by our body through biochemical processes. Health supplements are chemicals or processed in chemicals. Chemical can’t act like natural. These chemically processed proteins are different from proteins that are present in our body. These can interfere in these biochemical processes and may lead to serious complications as compare to its benefits.

What are the reasons why a healthy person shouldn’t take protein supplements?

Reason 1Acidity;
Irrespective of its origin, a protein supplement will be chemically processed. It will also contain many additives and excipients that are chemical in nature. Chemically processed protein is not easily digestible and metabolized into body. Everything we eat is gone through many processed into body. Protein supplements are considered as unknown and foreign particles by our digestive system. Our body has to work more to digest it. Protein obtained from natural products is easily digestible and body doesn’t need much effort to digest it. If you feel acidity problem at regular basis, protein supplements may be reason behind it.

Reason 2 Liver and Kidney Damage; Our body biochemical system identifies every molecule from its biological structure. Everything we consume is metabolized by our liver and excreted through our kidneys. Natural products are easily metabolized and excreted from body and liver & kidneys don’t need to work more. But in case of chemically processed protein supplements, liver & kidneys has to work more. These chemical may react with components of liver or kidney and initiate any biochemical process; that may be dangerous for liver or kidneys. It may cause of liver and kidneys failure in long run.

Reason 3 Alteration in DNA structure: Our DNA consists transcriptions of different types of protein and perform synthesis of many proteins from amino acids on the basis of these transcriptions. Foreign protein transcriptions may cause alteration in already available transcriptions and can alter structure of our body proteins and may be possible it alter our DNA structure. Alteration of DNA structure may lead to many complications.

Reason 4 Allergic Reactions: Proteins Supplements are not easily acceptable by our body. It may consider by our immune system as foreign particles and release antibodies to eliminate it from body. It may cause allergic reactions.

Reason 5 Impotence(Sex Hormones Deficiency): Proteins obtained from soya protein and whey protein may cause loss of sex power if used regularly for some times.

Misconceptions about Protein Supplements:

Main misconception about protein supplements is that it builds muscles and strong body after gym & workout: Protein supplements doesn’t help in building body and muscles if taken with workout & gym whereas increase in our metabolism and muscles activities due to body movements are helpful in building strong body & muscles. As we have discussed, protein supplements are chemicals. Protein present in these supplements can fill requirement of protein caused by workout for some time only but in long term our body doesn’t accept foreign proteins and will proceed to degrade them and will eliminate it from body. When we leave to eat these supplements, our body becomes same again as it were before joining gym.

What to take then after Gym or Workout:

Only natural sources of protein should use for healthy life and brighter future. These natural protein diets are same effective as protein supplements. Few natural sources of proteins are:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Cereals
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bean
  • Wheat Germs
  • Chickpeas

Purpose of this article is to aware youngsters about healthy diet habits and wouldn’t misguide by fake advertisements and trainers.

What should be the Protein intake per day?

In this matter, dieticians have different opinions about daily protein intake. Generally 0.7-0.09 gm per kilogram of body weight is recommended by dieticians.

Why does a company launch Protein Supplements and how do they promote it?

Protein supplements market is one of the fastest growing markets. Launching protein supplement is not related to your health but only to making profit. A Protein supplement is sold from 2000/- to 4500/- rupees but actual cost of that supplement is only 100/-. Advertisements and awareness campaigns are conducted only to make huge profit.

Company promotes their health supplements by showing body builder personalities. Showing reference of researches about proteins benefits at body and try to convince us that our diet is not fulfilling our daily protein intake but no one is showing that our body biochemical system is capable of generating remaining requirement of our body. We all have right to look smart but is there any short cut in term of dietary supplements. A guanine trainer would guide you to take any health supplements. He will guide you to eat germinated grams in morning, number of eggs without yellow part, chicken (If you are non-veg), cheese, Daliya (Traditional Indian Diet), milk and many more natural sources of protein. Body building is a long term process like other successes in life. Persons, we see in advertisements, have spent many years to build that type of body shapes. They have chosen it as their profession. If anyone wants that type of shape, he have to spend same time period too.

Have you thought?

Our ancestors were more powerful and healthy than us. How? Had they used to take protein supplements? No, Never! Even they didn’t know about these. They were healthier because they took healthier diet, not chemicals like us.

We need to understand the basic concepts of our body functions. We have to understand how researches are to be conducted. Europeans have different physical structure then Africans and Africans are different physical structure than Asians. A research that is conducted at Europeans can’t be applicable to Africans. Same in case, a study which is conducted at Africans can’t be applicable to Asians. But Companies present same data irrespective to our physical structure.

Everyone has different requirements of carbohydrates, fats, protein based upon his daily routine and working conditions. A person with physical work will need more energy than a person who has sitting work. Then how can we show in advertisement of a protein supplement that our body requires that much of protein at daily bases but we do. Because we want to create demand of that product and that is possible in one condition, we have to show, you are lacking what we are selling.

There is need of research at uric acid problem in India. From last few years, hyper uric acid problem is common among persons in 30’s and 40’s. High protein intake diet is one of the main reasons for this problem.

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