Top most Business Opportunities in Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Sector

Top most Business Opportunities in Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Sector
If you are worrying about what are the pharma business opportunities available in India?

What business can you start in growing Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic sector?
Here we are providing few quick businesses in these areas:

Pharmaceutical Business is one of most profitable business throughout world. Main problem that is faced by most of person are from where to start, not matter whether they are from pharma background or from any other background. Here we are going to prepare a list of businesses that you can start in pharmaceuticals sector. Only marketing company or manufacturing company is not a single option in pharmaceutical sector. You have number of business opportunities available. Click at option name to read in detail about mention opportunity.

1. Pharmaceutical Marketing/Trading Company:

Most profitable and easy to start if you have sales and marketing experience but don’t worry if you don’t have. You can also start after developing few qualities in you. How many types you can sell your products in marketing companies are:

  • Branded/Ethical Marketing 
  • Generic Marketing 
  • Pcd/Franchise Distribution ship
  • OTC marketing
  • Institutional Sales 
  • Export 
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2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company:

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is base of all pharmaceutical marketing companies. It requires some what more formalities and documentations to start manufacturing company but it is also one of the best option to make profit and establish pharma business. You can sell your manufactured products as per below marketing types:

  • Direct Marketing ( Marketing type mentioned for marketing/trading company) 
  • Third Party/Contract Manufacturing
  • Loan License Manufacturing

Manufacturing types you can choose from:

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3. Carrying and Forwarding Agents (C&F):

Carrying and Forwarding agents are those who receive products from company godown and after repacking, they distribute it to stockists or distributors. They get their fixed percentage margin. Every type of marketing, there is need of C&F. C&F could be appointed at area, state, region basis depend at sale of company. Read in detail

4. Wholesaler/Stockist/Distributors:

Pharmaceutical products distribution is also good way to start own pharma business. Wholesaling/Distribution is good margin able and profitable business. There are different types of distributors present:

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5. Retail/Chemist/Pharmacy:

Opening a chemist shop could be one of the best option for doing pharma business. It needs less investment and more margin as compare to above mentioned pharma businesses. You have to consider only location of chemist shop. Retailers/Pharmacies/Chemists are placed at ground level in pharma distribution chain. One has to make sure about availability of all running products. Online pharmacy concept is also getting popularity day by day. It could be leading business opportunities in coming future in pharmaceutical sector as use of internet & online sale is increasing. Read in detail

6. Pharma PCD/Franchise Marketing:

For marketing and sales professionals in pharmaceutical sector, pcd pharma franchise is one of the best suitable work with minimum investment and maximum profit. If some one has good hold in market and number of doctors in his circle who can prescribe his products, then pcd franchise marketing is best option. You can associates with any Pharma or Ayurvedic Pcd Franchise Company for starting pharma business with low investment. Main advantages are:

  • Minimum investment as it can be started with less than ten thousand. 
  • Easy availability of pcd/franchise companies
  • Number of options in company selection and product list selection 
  • Highly profitable etc 

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7. Pharmaceutical Raw Material Supplier:

As number of pharma manufacturer is increasing, there is also increasing the demand of Raw material suppliers. Most of pharma raw material suppliers in India is trading or marketing nature. They depend at import or few big raw material manufacturers for procurement of raw material. Big pharma companies deal directly with manufacturers for raw material procurement or involve in direct importing of raw material whereas small manufacturers have less demand and can’t indulge in getting direct supply from manufacturer or importer. They are dependent at Raw material suppliers. It could be great of option for pharmaceutical business to start with.

8. Food and Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical) Marketing Company:

Food and Dietary supplements has huge demand in healthcare and pharma sector. Most commonly used dietary supplements are protein powders, vitamins like B-complex/D/D3/A/E/C, minerals like iron supplements/calcium supplements, lycopene preparations, DHA, Methylcobalamine preparations etc. Every doctor’s prescription has one or more food and dietary supplements in it. Due to high demand, it could be highly profitable business. One can market these products for Human purpose or Veterinary purpose or both. Veterinary supplements has also huge demand. One has to register under FSSAI to start marketing of Nutraceuticals. Read procedure in detail

9. Food and Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical) Manufacturing Company:

Due to less regulation and easy to start, we recommend start with food and dietary supplements manufacturing company if you want to enter into manufacturing sector. As we have discussed, there is huge demand and every pharma company has a large portion of its product list as food & dietary supplements products. One can get number of third party or contract manufacturing orders or start own marketing of food and dietary supplements. One has to take license of manufacturing from FSSAI to manufacture Nutraceuticals. Read procedure in detail

10. Cosmetic Manufacturing Company:

Cosmetic and Beauty products manufacturing is also popular among pharmaceutical professionals. For starting manufacturing of cosmetic products, one need diploma in pharmacy or equivalent education and should be registered under state pharmacy council. Or you can appoint person with above qualification. It requires less investment and less requirements to start cosmetic and beauty products manufacturing company. Read in detail

11. Consultancy and Legal Firms:

You don’t know about manufacturing and marketing/sales. You also don’t want to go into distribution channel. But you have experience of administration, regularity affairs and setting up plants, launching of new company divisions, brands, export etc. You can start your consultancy firms to provide all documentation and services support to new pharma set-ups or existing pharma set-ups. Even persons having sale, marketing or manufacturing experience can provide consultancy to specific firms on basis of their experience in sales, brand promotion, formulation developments etc. and help them grow & get paid for your knowledge and experience.

12. Pharma Printing Material Production:

It may be out of matter but it is most demand able business type in present time. In pharma production, procurement of printing material takes most of time. Every company faces delay in printing material problem. Every pharma printing material supplier has more work as compare to its capacity. It requires less documentation and formalities and it is margin able too. Main printing material supplied to pharma companies are:

  • Box 
  • Label 
  • Foil 
  • Catch covers 
  • Visual aids 
  • Promotional inputs e.g. leaf lets, reminders, pads etc. 

13. Pharmaceutical Machinery Business (Manufacturing/Marketing):

With growth of pharmaceutical sector and increase in pharmaceutical units, there is huge demand of machinery that are used in manufacturing plant. There may be three way of supplying machinery to units:

  • Own Manufacturing Units of Machinery and its parts 
  • Trading/Marketing of Machinery 
  • Import/Export of Pharmaceutical Machinery 

Main machinery used in pharmaceutical units Tablet punching rotary, capsule filling machine, blister, grinder, mixers, liquid filling machine, cap sealers, alu-alu machine, analytic instruments etc.

14. Pharmaceutical Blogging and News Website:

Blogging is one of the business that could be started without any investment and infrastructure. You can start blogging or website related to pharma, ayurvedic, health, pharmacy etc. Only one condition is required, you should have good knowledge of subjects, you are writing for. Write good content. After six months of blogging, you can apply for Google adsense. Adsense is google advertising business. If Google approves your account. You can show google ads at your blog. Google pays at PPC (Pay Per Clict) Basis. Provide information to your user & Readers and google will start to show your blog page at good rank. Many SEO agencies will tell you many lies about how to take your blog page at google first page but google hasn’t disclose its way for search to any one. Read here: How to start Blogging?
Read Here about few tips for Google Page rank for your blog?
If you are not confidence about pharma blogging, see our Blog Pharma Franchise Help

Others opportunities are:

  • Pet bottle manufacturing 
  • Cap manufacturers 
  • Electrician/Maintenance service provider 

These are few business opportunities in pharmaceutical sector. We will try to update it with more to provide you more opportunities.

Hope above information was useful to you…

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  1. I want to business set up in pharma sector give me suggestion

  2. There are lot of opportunities available in pharmaceutical sector. You can choose any of above as per your experience and exposer in pharmaceutical sector.

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    I want to business set up in Tablet marketing give me suggestion ragistration and start marketing in pharma comp.

  4. For setting up tablet marketing business, read requirement by clicking at
    Pharma Marketing Company

    1. I want to start Pharma OTC Marketing Company.Is it a good option to start?

  5. What about pharma printing material
    How could start this business kindly suggest me how to start

  6. Pharma Printing material requires printing skill and machineries. Technically it is different from pharma businesses but here we mention because pharma companies give prime focus at packaging material so, it become great opportunities for anyone to start with.

    For Pharma Printing material business, you need to set-up printing press.

  7. Can you please tell me that which is the most profitable sector in pharmaceutical business from above all of these

  8. Every sector from above is good profitable. The most profitable sector is what in which you have experience and knowledge…

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