How to proceed for setting-up Carrying and Forwarding (C&F) Agent

How to proceed for setting-up Carrying and Forwarding (C&F) Agent
Hello, firstly whom to approach and how to proceed for setting up of C&F …….I am from Hyderabad and I have minimal to nil knowledge about C&f. Do guide me with the various steps involved in setting up of C&F.


First you have finalize company, you want to start c&f. Finalizing vendor is most important aspect of any business.

Complete all documentations and formalities. For pharma carrying and forwarding agent read complete detail about documentation here

After that you will need of setting up your distribution network. Carry and Forwarding’s work is to supply to stockist or distributors. For proper and smooth business, you should have strong distribution network. Read in detail about How to develop strong delivery, distribution and supply network?

Concentrate at building your network to become successful in c&f business.

Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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