How to Advertise Over the Counter (OTC) products?


Directions for OTC products marketing and advertisement procedure…


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You can advertise OTC as general products. OTC products can be sold without prescription. You can directly promote it to chemists/Pharmacy and general public. You can advertise your OTC drug brands through electronic, paper, digital and social media channels.

OTC drugs are defined as the drugs which are safe and effective for the use of common public without consultant or prescription of medical practitioner. But you have to be careful in few aspects. You OTC marketing and advertisement should be cautions about some following things:

  • It should not be Prescription drug
  • Your advertisement should not be misleading
  • It should not promote misuse of that drug

For doing effective OTC marketing, you have prepare a business plan. OTC is best way to build brand or we can say it is one of most efficient way for brand building. OTC drugs marketing is time and money consuming process. OTC market is also competitive one. You have to work hard to beat your competitors along with better quality and approach to customers.

OTC marketing and advertisement approach depend at your budget. If you have budget issue, start with cheaper tool of marketing. Door to door marketing is most cheaper and efficient way to market your product. Promote your product by visiting chemist & retailers regularly and convince them to sell your products. Slowly increase marketing budget and way of advertisement.

If you don’t have budget problem, you can also use advertisement tools like news paper, T.V. etc.

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